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Pierce kinda, sorta, but doesn’t really explain the art of the game winner

Paul Pierce has been kinda, sorta blogging for the Globe (he's actually talking to Julian Benbow… who posts what Pierce said) and today he kinda, sorta explained something about the game winning shot in Game 3.

I really can’t explain it. I think you have to have a certain
confidence, when it’s actually on the line and for all the money.
Referees on the floor. Fans in the crowd. You’ve got to believe the
shot’s going in.

The saying is that the player taking the game-winner in the NBA was the
same player that took it in college, in high school, in rec ball.

I don’t know how true that is. I know I didn’t take it in sixth, seventh
grade. I know I didn’t take it in the ninth grade. I made one
game-tying shot in high school. But I never had a chance to take a
game-winner in an actual game until my pro career.

Ummmm… thanks for telling me nothing at all there, Paul.

What was it like?  Did you hear the crowd or was it an odd silence?  What's in your head?  Did it feel good once it left your fingertips?  Does it always feel good?  Did you see the whole floor, or were you just in some kind of tunnel-visioned trance?

My point is… none of us have ever been on that stage.  We want to know what the moment is like.  We want to hear your thoughts as they ran through your head.  As you watched that clock tick down.  After the ball splashed through the net and the crowd sat there stunned.

But now… ummm… that was great too, Paul.  Thanks for the…. insight.

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  • Jason

    I recall a reporter once asking Bonds post-game how he creamed this nasty pitch. “Talent.”
    Asshole-y? Maybe. But, it’s the truth right? He was just more skilled (yes, even before the PEDs) than other hitters.
    So if Pierce says “I just went out and made a play.” well, all the mechanics and decision-making are well-trained, second-nature by now, so there isn’t anything to think about, just go put that talent to work, react and execute.

  • “I saw the clock going down, looked to Doc’s eyes wide open, everyone on the bench clinching towels, the crowd screaming, the camera lights blinking like an ocean at sunset, everyone’s on their feet, Tommy’s yelling at the refs, and I thought……

  • CJR1285

    I agree…She’s hot!!!