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Paul Pierce Wallpaper

Pierce wallpaper 800-600

It's the latest in a long career of great moments for Paul Pierce.  We've captured it, stylized it, and turned it into a wallpaper for you.  Click on the links below for the size you need.  Hope you like it.




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  • Celtsfan33

    Great idea. It’s an awesome image. Great work!

  • Chris


  • Heat can’t handle the Truth. Well done, looks awesome. Had it as a background for a demo I gave today and the audience was all chatty about the highs and lows of the playoff weekend.
    Thanks guys.

  • goofball

    lol just funny cuz kobe has done this 7 times in this season alone

  • Shawn-cvd

    … To the detriment of the Fakers. They Wouldn’t have won as many games but the team would have a better understanding of respecting every possession . Instead they learned that Kobe can always bail them out . Only now he can’t. Amazing feat by Mr Bryant . Sad he had to do it so much this year …

  • This is such a perfect example of the inferiority complex of a lot of laker fans, and kobe fans in particular. Kobe wasn’t even mentioned by the author of this thread. Just paying tribute, on a Celtics blog site, to their captain who has hit a lot of clutch shots throughout his career.
    Now run along to espn. I’m pretty sure an article was written about Lebron’s triple double and the author failed to mention that kobe has had triple doubles in his career.

  • lol..I know..fu**ing trolls..

  • This is great guys-thanks.

  • Spiraea

    No 1920×1080? 🙁 I guess I can stretch it lol

  • celtics will lose against the Cavs in 2nd round

    hell pierce hasn’t had too many either, we all kno lebron and durant r the best players in the league 😉