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I wanted to blast Shank… but he’s actually right


My initial instinct is to take whatever Dan Shaughnessy writes nowadays and keep it handy next to the toilet.. and not for reading material.

And that was my initial reaction when I started reading his piece on the Celtics going on to beat the Cavs in round two when it was passed on to me over Twitter.  But he's actually sort of right this time.  Even when it comes to Sheed:

As much as it hurts to say this, the mercurial 'Sheed might be the
difference against the Cavs. He's certainly rested. Wallace started the
season out of shape and was content to launch threes throughout the
regular season. He was the Secretary of Energy Conservation. He's been
claiming he's a big-game playoff guy. We haven't seen much of 'Sheed
during the Miami series, but the Heat have been so bad, it's hard to
notice any Celtics' shortcomings. Maybe 'Sheed will finally shine at the

I actually made a similar point on the last 2 Man Game.  Sheed's more nimble than Shaq and Ilgauskas… two guys that Mike Brown will probably play a lot.  I'm not saying he'll "go off"… but I'm willing to bet he gets a little more action and has a little more success than we expect.  That's enough to be a difference in a series like this.

We'll get into this a little more after the Miami series is over… but for once, I think Shank is on to something.

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  • Ilgauskas is pretty much a non factor in the playoff rotation, fwiw.

  • DRJ

    I gotta say… I LOL’d at “He’s certainly rested.” He sure is.
    Agree… vs. Shaq/Z, Sheed should be most useful. It’s arguable that he’s only here for that purpose… just like Shaq is only there for Dwight.
    Of course, if Brown were clever, he’d sit both his lumbering giants and they’d have the advantage. But he’s not that smart. Not even close.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah Mike Brown has effectively benched JJ Hickson for Z and Shaq who are worthless at this point. Should that be the gameplan in the next series, assuming we both get there, it will work to our favor.

  • Joseph

    Cleveland 4, Boston 0.
    Lebron is on a whole different level right now.
    I know you guys are thinking why are Z and Shaq playing? Because they take up massive amounts of space that will free Lebron up to on a tear.

  • Mikey

    Stop making up stuff.
    Lebron is not on a whole different level, the refs are.
    Did you watch Game 4 Cavs vs Bulls?
    Well I’m going to give you the real recap.
    The Cavs led 47-46 with 2:42 left in the 2nd. Just 11 minutes later the Cavs had an 88-66 lead. Do you know how they got that lead? 100% the refs. And by then the game was out of reach.
    In just 11 minutes the Cavs shot 22 FREE THROWS!!! 22 FREE THROWS IN 11 MINUTES. That works out to a pace of 96 free throws in a 48 minute game. Have you ever seen a team shoot 96 free throws in a game?
    Then how did the Cavs shoot 22 free throws in just 11 minutes?
    Very simple answer, the refs cheated for them, again. AKA Officials: #15 Bennett Salvatore-cheater.
    Here is how it happened.
    The bulls caught 6 whistles in a row, 5 of them were totally bogus, in just 1:47.
    02:18 Johnson Foul : Personal (2 PF) There was no foul here, Mo went up for a jump shot and they made up a foul call.
    02:07 Rose Foul : Personal (1 PF) No foul here either. Lebron was not fouled but because the ball didn’t go in, the refs put him on the line.
    01:33 Johnson Foul : Shooting (3 PF) Jamison got and an 1 here, there was no and 1 there was no foul.
    01:09 Deng Jump Shot: Missed Block: James (1 BLK) Deng got completely knocked down here as Lebron blatantly fouled Deng as he went up for the jumper. No call for the refs so they can cheat.
    00:40.9 Hinrich Foul : Shooting (3 PF) No way was this a foul, should have been out of bounds off of Hickson or Henrich, instead the refs gave Hickson 2 FT.
    00:30.6 Rose Turnover : Bad Pass (2 TO) Steal:James (1 ST) This wasn’t a steal by James, or a turnover by Rose, Lebron knocked over Rose to get the ball, then they call the foul on Warrick and give the Cavs even more free throws.
    That is how they do it. That is how they cheat. They run 5 or 6 whistles in a row on the same team, the team the refs want to lose, and that gives the other team a big momentum run.
    Remember Salvatore? Well guess what in Game 3 Boston vs Miami he did the same exact thing.
    Davis Foul : Loose Ball (2 PF) 07:11 made up foul call.
    Perkins Foul : Offensive (2 PF) 05:55 No such thing, Ray hit a 3 and they took 3 points of the board.
    Perkins Foul : Defense 3 Second (2 PF) 05:46 another made up call to give the Heat 1 point.
    Perkins Foul : Shooting (3 PF) 05:33 made up call.
    Team Turnover : Backcourt Turnover 04:41 Actually Perkins got fouled, but the refs don’t tell you that.
    The refs took a 3 point game with 7:11 left in the 4th and kept it a 3 point game with 4:41 left in the 4th when the Celtics should have had a 10 point lead.
    And by the way, do you know how many times in the last 20 years that the Boston Celtics got called for LESS personal fouls than their opponent over the course of the regular season?
    1, just once, only 1 freakin time. 2002-03. So going all the way back to 1990-91, which includes 2 years of Larry Bird, all the way up to 2009-10, which includes 12 years of Paul Pierce, and one of the greatest teams ever the 2007-08 team, only 1 season OUT OF 20 were the Boston Celtics called for LESS personal fouls over the course of the season than their opponent. Once.
    And did you know how many fouls the Cavs were called for this year? 1591. That is the 22nd lowest total in NBA history.
    In 63 years the Boston Celtics never got called for less than 1646 fouls in a season.
    So stop lying and stop cheating.
    2009-10 the year liars got exposed.

  • Mikey

    Anyways, we finally got a normal article to read by Dan Shaughnessy. A normal person, with a normal article.
    All he has to do is take out this part:”Call me a knucklehead. Call me a fool”
    Becuase people who do not believe the phony lies and fake propaganda made out by the media are not knuckleheads nor fools”
    Good article.

  • lmfao
    but Chicago managed to win a game against cleveland?
    get outta here with the LeBron is on a whole different level right now.
    he was last year too and magic beat his ass in 6.
    get lost

  • Alex

    I think RedsArmy really should make this a Guest Article.
    Good read.