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Enemy Chatter: Heat fans are delusional

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Miami.


I found this poll in the Miami Herald. As of 7:30am, 53% of Heat fans thought their team was going to win the series in 7 games.

We're all guilty of homerism at times, but this crosses the line into insanity.

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  • Shawn-cvd

    You have to respect the on third of their smart fans though. Celtics in five sound right to me.

  • xkenchy

    they only reason i will agree with them is if doc rivers keep playing that bum rasheed wallace over glen davis and sheldon. this guy never goes to ever and i mean ever go to block a shot, step in front of the guard going into the paint and also going for rebounds. why doc plays this guy is beyond me. every time he is in the game we get outscored.

  • hahahahhahahahahahahaha heat in 7 seriously?! if that happens i’m literally skipping all my college exams this month.

  • That would bring a new meaning to the term “epic fail.”

  • That being said, 55 Celtics fans (give or take a few Heat trolls) think the Heat will win the series according to the poll just to poll on this site.

  • Which comes out to roughly 10% of voters. I find that to be an oddly high number.

  • what, are we getting overconfident now? making fun of heat fans for having faith in their team? who cares.
    And its really not out of the question that this series could get extended.
    It the same dwyane wade that singlehandedly overcame an 0-2 start in the finals and ended up winning that series in 6.
    Lets win first before we act like world beaters

  • DRJ

    You’re right. We haven’t won yet.
    But if any team were going to be the first to come back from 0-3, it’s not gonna be this Heat team. Not against the Celtics, who have dominated them for the past 2-3 years. That’s about as long as long shots get.

  • d$$

    Similar poll on NBA.com
    As of 5:00pm, 4/26
    Celtics in 5 – 53%
    Celtics in 6 – 17%
    Celtics in 7 – 4%
    Heat in 7 – 26%

  • DRJ

    So 1/4 of humanity believes the Heat… the HEAT… are going to be the first team in history to come back from 0-3, versus the Celtics, who have dominated them for about 3 years now?
    Well….. takes all kinds.

  • This poll must have been posted prior to the start of the series.

  • and again, dont think the heat win the series, but That Mavericks team that was up 2-0 and had a 10 pt lead in the 4th in game 3 had dominated the heat in the regular season…dwyane wade became impossible to guard for 4 games straight and bam….heat in 6. Wade can be that kinda nightmare