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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo is just like Varitek

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It’s that decision-making that has lifted Rondo’s game into the upper
stratosphere of elite point guards.

“He’s light years [ahead of where he was], but a lot of that is just
age, maturity,” Rivers said. “The other part of it is system. He’s been
in the same system his entire career. I thought Game 3 was the best
play-calling game in his career. He was like [Jason] Varitek as far as
calling the right pitch. He was phenomenal. That’s where he’s improved.
He know what I’m thinking. He’ll call a play and you can sit down and
it’s terrific.”

WEEI: Rivers on Rondo: He's our Varitek

I'm excited by the fact that Rajon Rondo is still maturing… still learning.  The more this kid sees, the more he'll store away for the future.  The next time he sees the same situation, he'll know what to do.

And 3 years from now, when the Big 3 are gone and it's only Rondo's team, he can impart his knowledge on the guys around him.  It won't matter who the head coach is… Rondo will be the coach on the floor.

Rondo's progression will obviously help the Celtics in these playoffs… but just wait until this kid REALLY figures it out.

On Page 2, how this Celtics team can do what no other has done.

Now consider this: Boston has swept only four best-of-seven
series. Ever.

The Big Three, both old and new. Hondo and Rondo. Sam Jones and K.C.
Jones. "Mr. Clutch," "Satch" and "Nellie."

Despite all the talent that has passed through the Garden(s), Boston
has completed only four sweeps in 85 best-of-seven series. Three came
during Larry Bird's tenure (1980, 1981 and 1986) and the other in the
1959 NBA Finals against Minnesota.

What's more, Boston has never completed a first-round, best-of-seven
series sweep. It has a chance for a bit of franchise history Sunday
when it tangles with the Miami Heat
in Game 4 (ABC, 1 p.m.) at the American Airlines Arena. 

Chris Forsberg: Sweep Dreams? 

It's just amazing to think that with all of those dominating Celtics teams, only 4 have swept 7 game series. And if Larry Bird never walked through those doors, it probably would only be 1.

I'm feeling the sweep here.  I think these guys understand what that extra rest means for them.

Plus, it's earth day weekend.  The Celtics are an environmentally conscious team.  They don't want another jet flying up and down the eastern seaboard.  Let's think of mother earth for a minute… and keep that Miami plane grounded by knocking Miami out today.  Its the right thing to do.

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Hey… just want to give a quick shout out to Mark, who I met at Atlantic Beer Garden last night.  Thanks for introducing yourself.  I always get a kick out of someone coming up to me and recognizing me from this blog. Thanks for reading.

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  • Danno
  • Mauritz

    Spot on about the climate. It actually is a bit of an obligation for Wade to shoot like 30% today. Gotta do your part for the climate.

    I think today’s game will be a lot more intense than game three if they are fighting for their pride… but good thing is if wade’s not 100% they’ve got absolutely no chance.

  • Thanks for the link-up guys!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Heat are done. They just don’t know it yet. The C’s need to remind them today. It’s not their game to win. It’s the Green’s game and series to take. The only chance the Heat have is should their bigs actually play an average game.
    Also the Refs are not environmentalists so look for them to do everything to get Miami in the sky including fueling the plane.

    missed layup by rondo … three missed freethrows by ray allen. this is jsut not celtics’ day

  • Sweeping really isn’t that big of a deal. If it happens-great. I think fans apprecate a hard fought series-like last year against the Bulls. Great competition is better than watching a team just lay down and die. I could not agree more about Doc’s comments on Rondo. He just gets better with each game. It’s so much fun watching him on the court. He’s quick,smart,and takes risks. He’s really been showing hustle of late too. One thing that isn’t always mentioned is his toughness. He plays pretty much the entire game. Argue with me if you want,but I think he’s the most important guy on the team.