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T-Mobile Recap: Missed FTs doom Celtics


While most of the media will look to Dwayne Wade's ridiculous 4th quarter (19 of his 46 points), the real reason the Celtics lost to the Heat this afternoon was missed free throws.

With the Celtics trailing 96-92 with 1:50 left in the game, Ray Allen missed consecutive free throws. He made 1-of-2 during a trip to the line 30 seconds earlier.

Down 98-92 with 1:10 left, Kevin Garnett missed two more free throws. Ball game.

Wade's red hot shooting turned a 6 points Celtics lead after 3 into an 11 point Heat lead with 5+ minutes remaining. But the Celtics withstood the barrage, made the proper defensive adjustments and started to claw their way back. The Heat could feel the noose tightening around their collective necks, until the Cs let them off the hook with the missed FTs.

I give the Celtics team a lot of credit. They could have mailed this game in after falling behind by 18 points early in the 2nd quarter. They showed plenty of fight throughout the entire game.

Rondo led the Celtics with 23 points and 9 assists. KG had 18 points and 9 rebounds.

This series ends Tuesday night without a doubt.

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  • greenbeand

    0 points from perk and sheed – 11

  • JD

    It better end Tuesday….. I am very scared of D-Wade. The Celtics cannot seem to take care of business against inferior teams in the first round.

  • jacob

    I’m a little nervous

  • pro8000

    enough with the frontrunning posts and articles from boston writers already. it’s as if y’all are trying to collectively jinx the c’s! let’s take these guys seriously take one game at a time!

  • JD

    Yeah as bad as O’Neil has been, Perk hasn’t been much better. Looks like a rookie out there whenever the ball is in his hands. And Sheeds been nonexistent

  • pro8000

    perk still had 8 rebs, 3 blks and altered countless shots in the lane. and sheed was -20. the c’s didn’t lose because perk didn’t score. the c’s lost because we lost our composure and choked (rondo’s missed bunnies, ray and kg’s missed ft’s and of course, sheed’s inability to do anything positive for this team.

  • The celtics had the heats on ropes at the start of the fourth. Wade’s insanely hot shooting WON’T carry to Boston. I doubt Ray and KG will miss clutch free throws in front of home court, and rondo missing his usual signature reverse lay-ups. With that said, game five may as well be a blow-out.
    Sheed… oh god i’m sick and tired to even rip on him at this point. but i have no more illusions of him playing well for the celtics in the post season. Surprise us, wallace.

  • home crowd***

  • jacob

    When is game 5?

  • C’mon you guys, stop being paranoid. The Celtics nearly won this game despite Wade and Q-Bitch playing out of their minds.
    It’s over.

  • Fcking PUMPED

    Not even mad at this one. Came back from 18 down when all this year they normally would have folded. 18 and 12 from KG, Pierce’s midrange game is looking good, Ray’s old reliable and Rondo is Rondo. Clean up the FT shooting and step up the bench play and end this in five fellas. Wade can’t keep up this pace for too much longer and those d leaguers he plays with won’t show up back in Boston.

  • Sal

    Just wait for Rasheed to flip the switch, folks. He’s going to be the Celtics MVP in July.

  • DRJ

    Making more of their FTs wouldn’t have won this game for the Cs. Wade just played out of his mind, making all those 3s in a row…. out of his mind. That’s why it’s so hard to sweep any NBA team in the playoffs… every team is good, every team has pride.
    It’s ok. Taking it in 5 is still terrific, and losing this one game is probably a good thing in the big picture… because for some strange, strange reason, these guys KEEP FORGETTING how hard it is to win, how you gotta bring your A game EVERY time if you want to get to the mountaintop. A small, painless reminder like this can’t hurt. We’re good. (If you wanna see bad, look at the Lakers… geeez… those guys are really up against it.)

  • jacob

    You quelled my fears

  • Boston Man

    Who swtiched the Celt’s hoop with those oval carnival ones?

  • N0sh

    Spot on, spot on

  • paul

    Bottom line, the way D Wade brought it in the 4th no one could stop him

  • Perk was great on defense. All we need from him.

  • Wade is just amazing. I don’t have any problem with losing to him the way he was hitting shots.
    Missed FT’s didn’t lose this game, and really Wade didn’t win it. The Celtics did themselves in during that puke of a first quarter they had. 9 (10?) turnovers in the first 12 minutes? Miami must have gotten 15+ points off of those alone. If the C’s held on to the ball better they maybe score 6 more points and Miami gets 6 less. 12 point swing right there.
    They lost in the first quarter, tried to win it back but didn’t have enough to close out the game.

  • Ohio Celtic

    It was hard to watch this game at times…but if this was the game where we miss free throws, then I’m cool. A – we don’t usually miss bunnies like Rondo did, and B – we don’t usually miss free throws like that…I wonder how many teams are making at least minor adjustments to their scouting reports on the “Aging Celtics”? One thing NO ONE talks about enough is the basketball smarts of this team…I doubt that any team has the basketball IQ we do…is the NBA rocket science, no, but some teams depend on their own energy (Lakers, Cavs, Hawks) and hang their heads when things aren’t running their way, at least we battle even when we’re behind. Go Celts!

  • I agree, the 1st Q was certainly a factor, but shooting 60% from the line for a team averaging 80% didn’t help. Add to that the missed bunnies, some questionable calls (that was no foul by Ray on that Wade 3 attempt and I think he made all 3 FT) and it still took Wade playing out of his mind for Miami to win.
    I’m with Chuck, this thing ends on Tuesday.

  • KY Celts fan

    haha, I thought the same thing!

  • KY Celts fan

    Exactly. He’s just one of those players that can completely take over a game no matter who he’s playing. Only a handful of players like that in the league – Wade, Lebron, Durant, Kobe if he’s healthy (which if anyone is watching the series, he clearly isn’t) and maybe Melo. That’s it.
    We caught Wade on one of those games, which was bound to happen sooner or later.
    No worries, mates. Series will be over in Boston. Let the home crowd enjoy it!

  • greenbeand

    i am fine with perk. but going deep into the play offs this team to pound it down low. unfortunately wade was sick, some one should have put him on his ass.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Plus 1.
    During the series preview John or Chuck mentioned how D Wade would personally win the Heat a game. This was exhibit A.
    The great news so far is not one stinker by the C’s. You see blow out losses by everyone else except the Magic (I count the Cavs here in game 3 due to their climb out was in the fourth quarter). This Tuesday is gonna be fun…

  • I was disappointed w all the missed f/t’s but I thought over-all they fought hard.
    Cya at game 5 tomorrow!

  • DB

    It took the game of his life from Wade and the Heat still barely won this one (only by 9). C’s will close it out tomorrow at home.