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That was that one game

Only 1 of you

The Celtics could have come out stronger.

They sure as hell could have finished better.

But Dwyane Wade had a transcendent game.  That whole looking at his hand thing after nailing those threes is going to be on his permanent highlight real.  He took the game over in a way that only a few guys ever could and he did what everyone thought he would do… win Miami at least one playoff game.

He's done that.  Congrats on getting out of your system, Dwyane

On Tuesday, Quentin Richardson will still think he's on fire, and Beasley will climb right back into his shell in front of a hostile crowd triple the size that he's used to (aside: really Miami fans? Christ you suck.), and you'll go reaching for your magic pixie dust again.

But it's all gone.  We don't buy that shit in Boston. 

At least you got to put on one last big performance in Miami before running out of town.

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  • The only thought I had about the 4th quarter is I don’t know about you but I sure could have used another 6 or 7 thousand camera shots of Mother Wade.

  • no shit. I felt bad cuz she’s just there to cheer for her son… but shit, ABC, ease up. Stop making me mad at an old woman.

  • paul

    Agreed. Moms can get out of hand, like when LeBron’s mom attacked Paul and Kevin a couple years back. Can comcast sports net at least show reactions from Paul’s fiancee? She’s pretty fine if you ask me.

  • What’s so uncanny to me is how I wanted to hug Durant’s mom after the OKC vs. Lakers game last night because she seemed so nice with her own son and Ibaka. Wade’s mom just annoyed me. I know I shouldn’t be… but the ABC pandering was frustrating as all hell.

  • Something that may have flown under the radar that concerns me: Perkins-0 points in 2 games in a row. Do NOT take this out of context though, as I am NOT criticizing him. I’m more so wondering if that tendinitis in his left knee is bothering him again. His rebounding and defense have been great, but with a team so lacking in big men (O’Neal aside, who’s been horrible himself) I just can’t imagine Perk having no points 2 games in a row. Maybe it’s nothing, but we’ll see.

  • pro8000

    not worried about perk’s scoring. he just needs to continue doing what he’s been doing, shutting down JO and being physical in the paint unlike sheed who’s just killing this team with his matador defense.
    i’m not so worried about game 5 as i am about developing a bad habit because i feel like game 4 was a microcosm of how our regular season went. we were overconfident to start the game, crawled our way back only to choke with the game on the line. pretty much the way our regular season went. at this point, i wouldn’t be surprised if the c’s pulled another no show at home on tuesday. here’s hoping they won’t, but damn, this is the most hot/cold team i’ve seen in awhile.

  • and if the heat win game 5?

  • Then we all smack you in the head gag you and keep you quiet for game 6.
    For now we just scoff at the idea!

  • Sal

    He bought her a church??? And she didn’t even have the courtesy to spell his name right!