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Your Morning Dump… Where the Heat didn’t know what was coming


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"They have so many different late-game situations, if you go through
their [game video] edits, there's no pattern," said Spoelstra. "They
have so many proven 25-point-per-game scorers on their roster, they just
usually go with the hot hand.

"We anticipated it would be a Pierce-[Kevin] Garnett pick-and-roll.
Instead they [isolated] it and gave [Pierce] a shot there at the end.
They are one of the most difficult teams to get a read on. We've spent a
lot of time trying to do that."

The final play also came under scrutiny because the Heat elected not to
commit a foul with one to give. Even Pierce admitted he was a bit
startled when a defender didn't come foul him before the final attempt.

ESPN Boston – Heat burned on final play

I'm willing to bet 99.9% of our readers knew what was coming on the final play last night. Doc calls the Pierce isolation play even when Paul isn't red hot. With the Truth in the groove, it was a lock.

Considering the Heat were burned (remember the Pierce lob to Rondo at the buzzer?) by Doc's play calling wizardry before, I'll give Spoelstra a pass.

What's inexcusable is the lack of a foul when Miami had one foul to give. Dorell Wright should have grabbed Pierce once the clock went under five seconds. It's Coaching 101.

"I was just cramping up the last five minutes of the fourth [quarter],"
said Wade, who Spoelstra said sweat through two jerseys during the game
and could be seen getting his left leg massaged near the bench during
the final frame. "I was trying to hold it off as much as possible. When I
bent down to shoot the shot, it came. It was a bad cramp. I couldn't
even bend my legs. I didn't step on [the defender's] foot. It's nothing
serious, just cramping."

Cramps? Is this high school football? When was the last time you saw a professional basketball player the caliber of Dwayne Wade miss the final moments of a playoff game due to cramps? The entire Heat training staff should be fired.

On Page 2, a Heat fan pours a drink over Sean Grande.

Grande stood for the entire game and a
female fan sitting above Grande claimed she could not see the action on
the east side of the court clearly. The fan complained to security and
arena officials to no avail and screamed repeatedly at Grande to sit
down. Grande refused. Arena officials approached Grande during the
broadcast and he had a conversation with an official while calling the

A companion of the fan
then started screaming expletives at Grande and said he hoped he could
be heard on air. The female fan followed by yelling to Grande, “Who do
you think you are?’’

Pierce hit his winning shot, Grande sat down and the female fan doused
him with a drink. Grande did not respond and remained on the air.
Security did not admonish the fan.

Globe – Celtics notebook

Hey lady, if you can't see because the person in front of you is standing, how about standing up yourself? It's a simple solution to the problem.

How about Grande's unwavering focus? The Celtics radio guy has more mental toughness than some of the Heat players.

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  • I wish the stat geeks kept track of weak high-fives and eye-rolls D-Wade gave his teammates last night.
    If Pat Riley wants to keep this mega-star, he will have to pull some nifty tricks up his sleeve… Like blowing up this entire team.
    Even after Wade’s heroic performances last night couldn’t save the Heat: I hope no one in their locker room even remotely expects to leave this series with their dignity, because they will be sorely disappointed.

  • Perry

    Yes, at one point he was lecturing Chalmers on the court. Although Miami’s bench produced he knew he had to play 1 on 5 for the victory.
    I thought he settled for that 3 instead of going hard to the rim. Seemed like he didn’t want the game to extend beyond regulation because he had cramped up a few minutes before.
    The playoffs are the stage which define who the elite players are. Wade is one for sure, but his teammates play like the polar opposite.

  • I’m a little surprised at the 3 as well… D-Wade played 43 minutes (not to be outdone by Rondo’s 44 and Pierce’s 44)… I’m guessing he just didn’t have much left in the tank.
    After a brilliant performance, it’s too bad he settled… Well, too bad for MIA fans. Great for us.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I remember…I want to say LeBron cramping up against the Magic in game one? At one point he was on all fours at center court waiting for the pain to subside. Couldn’t find a video but there are countless posts about it.

  • Perry

    Not sure why Spoelstra didn’t instruct to foul as Pierce was winding down the clock. But coaching is only one of the mental advantages the Celts had coming into this series.
    Nothing the Heat did or didn’t do should diminish what being accomplished here. Two weeks removed from that embarrassing loss to the Wizards and here we are. This team is locked in and playing championship basketball.

  • JD

    You could see Wade was going to be absolutely dead by the end of the game when at halftime you couldn’t even understand him as he was being interviewed by Lisa Salters because he was breathing so hard. JVG said it right when he was talking about how all three of the Celtics perimeter players (PP, RR, Ray) can create their own shots, and only one can on Miami (obviously Wade). He literally has to make all the plays, and hope his teammates hit some shots, which they did last night. But its clearly exhausting him to do so, and it caught up to him in the waning moments of the game.

  • KY Celts fan

    Not a professional athlete yet, but this year when playing North Carolina, John Wall got cramps and had to sit for a significant period of time. He then came back and hit the game winning shot though.

  • The only thing that was mentioned in Doc’s press conference in regards to Miami’s fouling is that it’s difficult to foul straight on without Pierce flailing his arms up and therefore getting to the line. But, just play him tight and make his old legs go by you.
    But again, not complaining…

  • DRJ

    The confusing thing about Wade’s problem was that it seemed to begin after he landed on Ray’s foot coming down from his last 3. Of course, you don’t get a cramp from stepping on a foot… you get a strain, a tear, or some other acute problem.
    But it’s possible Wade had BOTH — a cramp developing for a while, and then the step on the foot which put him on the floor, with muscles all askew, which could have caused the cramp to worsen at that moment. The way Wade described it, it sounded real.
    But it doesn’t matter, really. Wade’s not really gonna be there… in his mind, this is all over. It seemed that way even before the end of Game 3. It’s certainly that way now.
    If Wade stays in Miami, I imagine it would be in one of two ways: 1) Riley brings in some heavy hitters and rewires the whole ballclub in a major way, or 2) Wade just gives up, decides to play out his remaining years for the money, and the hell with winning.
    Just wanna say, Wade is the ONE guy in the whole NBA I would most want to see on our team.

  • You could actually argue that not fouling was the smart move, doc is a wizard at drawing up inbounds plays, its one of his biggest strengths, so why foul and play into his hands when you know pierce is going to dribble the ball down to one second and take a long contested jumper
    i know he was hot, but would you rather take your chances on a long contested jumper on an iso to pierce, or ray ray coming off a screen wide open, or big baby or kevin with a wide open 15 footer, or a rajon tip in lol
    i think spulstra, like every celtic fan knew exactly what was coming, and decided to take the known over the unknown that he aluded to; which comes when doc gets a chance to draw up an inbound play with little time on the clock
    what do yall think?

  • DRJ

    Good point. When analyzed that way, it was right not to foul, and let Paul take the contested 20-footer. Of all the “plays” the Cs could have chosen, that was one of the worst one for the Cs, and of course the best one for the Heat. (It could have been worse… only if it was a contested 3-pointer.) I put “plays” in quotes because to me, handing the ball to Paul and letting him go iso doesn’t qualify as a “play”. More like a lazy, dangerous non-play.
    Of course, we’re all ecstatic that it worked out. But it wasn’t a good play. Percentage is way too low… regardless of how Paul was feeling at the time. Doesn’t matter who the player is… the contested 20-footer is one of the lowest % plays possible. So were the Heat correct in allowing it to happen? Absolutely. Any coach would say yes to that.