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Doc: We’re not up in this series

That's what she said.

"Game 3's are Game 3's — Miami has yet to have a home game," said
Rivers. "We’ve had two. We’ve done our job. But I don’t consider
ourselves up in the series. I consider that we won our two home game.s
Now we have to come to play. If the two games [Thursday] didn't prove
that, nothing will."

Doc's talking about the Cavs and Lakers… who both lost last night in their Game 3's (or is it Games 3? Hmmm).  We were saying on last night's show that if there's a game Miami can grab here, its this one. 

BUT… if the C's go out tonight and win… then forget it.  Break out the brooms. 

I hope the boys get the message.  The Bulls did us a favor.  If the Celtics go out and sweep this series, they get a little extra rest while they wait for the Cleveland to finish up.

KG also spoke at shoot-around today.  It's also in that link.  He's been saying he's ready to be the bad guy.  Good thing, KG, cuz I already made you one of 'em.  And you're the cool one that destroys things by being very loud.  Fitting, I think.

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  • greenbeand

    Doc’s PC crap is getting old

  • Perry

    All we have to do is look at the previous two years of first round match ups and last night’s results to understand Doc’s point. If this series extends past 5 games it’s a reflection of the Celts inability to put away a lesser opponent.
    Two weeks ago they were embarrassed by the Wizards. Suddenly the regular season seems like a distant memory. Tonight is an opportunity to make a loud statement. Lakers couldn’t get it done. Neither did Cleveland. Win tonight and the benefit of extra rest going into Cleveland could be the reward.