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Beasley: We have to make them feel old


“We have to be more athletic, more energetic, bring the fire,” Beasley
said. “Make them feel old. They’ve got a lot of veterans on their team
and we’ve got a lot of young guys. We just need to run the floor and
just try to tire them out.”

Here's the flaw
with your logic Beasley. The guys leading the Celtics in this series are not old.

Rondo (he's clamping down on Carlos Arroyo and Mario Chalmers), Perk (is destroying Jermaine O'Neal in the post), Glen Davis (beating everyone on the Heat to rebounds and loose balls), and Tony Allen (defending Dwayne Wade) are all under 28 years of age.

Ray Allen may be old, but he's in better shape than half the young guys on the Heat.

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  • Walker

    How happy are the Bulls that they passed on this guy? Its just one dumbass comment after another…dude is a complete waste and is in for a world of pain from KG tonight!

  • Jason

    And to further your points.
    Jermaine is young? Haslem? They’re going to run the Cs out of the building? Even the younger guys Chalmers and Arroyo, are they something to be feared in the open court? Nada.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Beasley is a complete joke. Dude is more of a flop than JJ Reddick. I’ll believe this play when I see it Beasley, you seem to talk a big game but I’ve yet to see you back it up you pussy

  • Cut the kid some slack. He’s trying. It’s a sound tactic to try in the game.
    Sure we’ve won two (Hey two game winning streaks weren’t that plentiful since Xmas) and I don’t think a sweep is out of the question in this series, but there was a reason this season we went 1-9 against ATL, PHO and ORL. They get out and move.
    That said, it’s entirely on the Celtics to continue the beat down and make Beasley wish he was doing this…

  • Beasley has to show-up. He hasnt shown up in one game yet. He talks out his ass. Show-up for the game and then you can start talking about making our guy’s “feel old”….

  • Matt

    And to think this guy demolished the Celtics last year

  • DRJ

    At halftime, it’s clear the Celtics are playing their 5 guys vs. 8. Refs will make every “close” call go Miami’s way in this game. Like when Wade RAN INTO Rondo FROM BEHIND (!!) and Rondo gets the foul. What a joke. With Stern watching from the stands.
    This is why 3rd games are hard to win. The NBA loses money when fewer games are played. It’s not likely to be just coincidence that the refs call those games with a clear bias for the losing team.

  • Couldn’t agree more … even in the second half those offensive fouls!! bull!! in the fourth Ray drained a three off rondo pass but no basket, they call a foul on Perk
    OH well we WON
    THE TRUTH!!!

  • Sal

    Sal’s inner voice, :10 left.
    “Rondo, yes, got it to Rondo. Awesome. Spread the court, take it to the basket. Love it…NO NO NO why give it to Pierce for that same fucking jumper WHY WHY WHY, god this is stupid, why doesn’t his defender just beat him to the spot that you have to know he wants, god I hate this, YESSSSSSSSSS”

  • Sal

    Oh, forgot, while the jumper was in the air I also thought, “OT will be fun without Wade.”

  • ron

    lol Paul had a really difficult shot with the D all over him… but DAMN!!! THAT’S why he’s the EFFIN Captain! and the TRUTH!