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This is still so much fun to watch

Is there anything more deadly then Ray Allen when he's feeling it?

So awesome.

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  • Jason

    Beautiful. Now let’s keep it going. Time to start thinking about Game 3 and carrying their intensity over. Statement game. “We have indeed flipped the switch. We’ve flexed our muscles and have wounded you, but we don’t ease up anymore. We have the killer instinct back and we’re going to put you away now. You think you are getting a boost from your home crowd? You think you are getting back into this series? No, you are going down and going down hard.”
    Let’s make it happen fellas!

  • Joseph

    More deadly than when Ray Allen is feeling it… hmmm, let me think…
    Oh I know, yea its WAY more deadly when Kobe or Lebron is feeling it.

  • Ray Allen 7 of 9 is very different than Jeri Ryan 7 of 9…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Your an idiot. I want Ray shooting threes before those two. Lebron and Kobe can take over games but no one strokes like Jesus. Learn the game fool.