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Doc: Paul’s shoulder might act up

Doc Rivers spoke this morning with Dennis and Callahan on WEEI: 

Rivers said he was told the incident became heated after Richardson
told Paul Pierce to get up off the floor while the players stood over
the injured Celtic. Rivers said everyone should expect to see additional
similar reactions from Pierce. Said Rivers: "I don't know that [Pierce
was embellishing]. I will say this with Paul: The stinger thing is going
to continue to happen, I guess, going by [trainer Ed Lacerte], because
it's a nerve. Once it starts, it's tough to settle down until you rest
it, I don't think that's the last time we'll see that with Paul."

The shoulder shouldn't be a major problem, as long as Paul continues to bounce back quickly and doesn't miss any game or practice time.

Doc still thinks Q-Bitch should have been suspended:

Rivers said he still was disappointed Quentin Richardson was not
suspended along with Garnett following their Game 1 incident. "I do
think the instigator deserves to be suspended just like the retaliator,"
he said. "I just think there's a lot of instigating going on in our
league right now. … If the league is saying they really want to clean
up fights, it's not going to work until you — Kevin should have been
suspended, but so should have Quentin Richardson. I just thought both of
them should have been."

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  • he should be suspended and be fined
    cuz frankly, makes no difference whether or not qbitch’s on the floor he sucks too bad

  • Shawn-cvd

    Q Bitch bumped into KG then STUCK HIS FINGER INTO KG’s FACE. It was only then that KG began yapping and the ensuing fight occurred. That finger to the face should have been interpreted as an attempted poke in the eye or fish hook. An eye gauge should be suspension worthy especially during a dead ball.

  • Sal

    If you punish Quentin Richardson for talking and gamesmanship, you’re setting a dangerous precedent. Of course, the NBA plays fast and loose with its precedents anyway. I had much more of a problem with what Jermaine O’Neal did. But in retrospect, I’m quite happy to see that O’Neal got to play in game 2. He was great.

  • Danno

    He’s been great all series.

  • So true.. Keep him out there!
    Seriously though, he and Haslem drove Baby into the ground. No suspension.
    I agree with Doc. If the precedent is that you can say and do whatever you want to instigate and get away clean we’ll see a lot of crap with people trying to bait good players. I don’t think anyone wants to watch that nor the 10 minute delay in the game while they watch replays.

  • kevin

    Fockin wheel- chair players(celtics) d reason dey won those games is bkiz miami offense went cold dat shyt wont happen again stay tune for a upset celtic fans(promise)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Keep making promises. You’ve been wrong every time. Please guarantee the C’s won’t make it to the finals…

  • Green8Teen

    I feel dumber reading that sentence. That was a sentence, right?

  • kevin

    Man fock d celtics winning games cause r offense been off…plus we had turn overs plus d ref been on yall side…n most of all we gave yall game one stupid focks n yea i said it yall wheel chair team wont make it 2 d finals (promise)bkus either miami taking dem out r d cavs…ill b here 2 post 2morrow after miami stomp d nursing home celtics lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Q-bitch…damn, I love that. Q-bitch bitch-ass bitch.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Miami is NOT advancing…That said I love watching D Wade do his thing and where I a Miami fan I’d enjoy the last 2-3 games of their season, then PRAY he doesn’t go elsewhere this Summer.

  • green8teen

    Or how about the heat only have one good player? That seems like a much better answer for “d celtics winning games” than “r offense been off.”
    Seriously, can’t you just type normal? Or at least completely legible?
    By the way, “d nursing home celtics” that just stomped Miami had 3 starters younger than Wade.

  • Shawn-cvd


  • mikey

    Hey that my baby can read program works well.
    Congrats on your first words.