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Q-Rich sucks too much to be booed


God… we tried to boo this douche.  We tried to get chants going.  We really, truly, made an attempt.

But when you suck as much as Quentin Richardson does, the opportunity just isn't there. 

It's not like the Bibby thing where he had the ball all the time and we had a ton of opportunities to get on him.

Nope, Q-Rich might has well not have been on the floor last night.  Guess we should thank him for galvanizing our team and crowd a little.  And I didn't lose my voice like I thought I might. 

Whatever.  This guy is not worth our time. 

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  • Danno

    Q-rich sucks for being a crybaby, but honestly – the guy who sucks the most on this Heat team, the biggest bust – is Jermaine O’Neal. Holy shit this guy just plain sucks. He’s like Mark Blount in cornrows.

  • Alex

    Can you guys try to get some enemy chatter up today. I’m really curious to see what the bloggers are saying after that abomination last night, and if Q Rich had any sound bites.

  • thetitleisours

    Just glad “San Quentin” is not on our team

  • Jermaine got his money, and quit.
    Hes absolutely pathetic

  • The entire Miami team sucks man, terrible. excluding Wade of course, and on top of that, most of em just dont care.
    How wade got this team to the 5th seed is beyond me

  • NineSevenEight

    The effort was there…Richardson just never held the ball for more than 2 second…every 10 minutes….

  • NineSevenEight

    Challenging to boo such an insignificant player.

  • Alex

    That’s what I’ve been waiting for, haha.

  • greenbeand

    this is a good tune up for the cavs- can’t wait to stomp on bron’s dick

  • BigMck

    I’m on it, Alex.
    Look for something after lunch.

  • Tollbooth Willie

    Not worth the powder to blow him up.

  • It’s incredible how much he underachieves. Pathetic is spot on.
    Keeping in line with the post title, ‘the player’ is not even worth commenting about anymore. What a nobody.

  • 11rings

    The Heat should trade Q-Rich for Q*bert. Q*bert is past his prime but has more hops than Q-Rich, can probably shoot better, and is a character guy:

  • kevin

    Lol dis series is far from over ….its goin 2 be a rude awaken 2 yall cetics fans watch n c….d heat will whin 4 str8 (promise)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikey

    ummmmmm. no actually.
    not really.
    nice try though,
    maybe next time.