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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s will just have to adjust

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“It’s funny, you have Kevin out and we have played them one time without
Kevin and we did well. So that gives us a little bit of confidence. But
it’s a whole different game obviously now. It’s played at a higher
level than that game was played, so we have to be ready.’’

“When you take Kevin off the floor,
usually the guy he’s guarding is the guy that’s going to get the ball
more if he’s an offensive player, and Michael Beasley’s a terrific
offensive player,’’ Rivers said.

Losing Garnett, though, presents problems
on both ends. In the 11 regular-season games Garnett missed, the Celtics
allowed an average of 99.7 points.

“The last time Kevin was out, scoring went
up for the other team drastically,’’ Rivers said. “We can’t have that
happen. They’re too good of an offensive team, Miami. If you allow them
to score points with the way they play defense, then we’re in trouble.

“We have to somehow be as good
defensively for one game, just without Kevin.’’

Globe: Celtics have been down this road before

I was talking to the guys of the 8th Seed Podcast (more on that later today) and they were saying that the defense that they saw out of the Celtics to end Game 1 was some of the best they've seen.  And we know that even though KG can't quite move from side to side like he used to… he's quarterbacking that defense. 

The Celtics are going to have adjust to KG not being back there if they're going to really shut this team down.  They can't come out like they did in the 3rd quarter, fall behind double digits, and engineer another big comeback without KG back there. 

On Page 2… This douche


“The only statement I would have on the whole thing is I accept Kevin
being suspended,” Rivers said. “If you’re going to go the letter of the
law, you kind of knew he was going to go. But I think if you really want
to stop fights, you’ve got to suspend the agitators, too. I think right
now, the agitator gets fined, the retaliator is getting suspended in
all of these incidents. Until they stop the agitator and fine them and
suspend them both, you’re going to continue to have these things.”

Richardson was surprised by his penalty.

“I was, but you know, it’s something that’s happened, and it’s over
with,” the Heat guard said. “I’m just moving on, looking forward to Game
2 now.”

Richardson was less surprised by Garnett’s suspension.“That’s how it’s been in the past,” he said.

“(The league has) been
pretty clear-cut about that.”

Herald: Doc Rivers has a 'Q' for league officials

Suggestions for chants so far:




I'll be at the Garden… trying to lead the balcony in the utter destruction of Quentin Richardson.

Thanks Loscy for the photo.

The rest of the links

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  • Alex

    I am hoping to see the C’s fans bashing Fa Q tonight.
    Unfortunately, I can’t make it to tonight’s game at the Garden to help out. 🙁

  • Walker

    HA…the “Brandi dumped you” is pretty funny
    I hope to hear that on TV tonight

  • CFH

    I also like a couple of the ones they came up with on CelticsBlog:
    Paul Pierce owns you (clap, clap, clapclapclap)
    No team wants you (clap, clap, clapclapclap)

  • celticsFan

    Nice…which section will you be in. I’m in 302.

  • Mauritz

    Isn’t “Pierce is better” a bit too obvious? I mean, on one hand we have a guy who was traded for Darko and averages .398 FG% for his career. On the other we have a 7-time all-star. I think “Traded for Darko” CLAP CLAP CLAP-CLAP-CLAP is way better. Or just “.398” CLAP-CLAP CLAPCLAP CLAP.

  • Mauritz

    I mean, doesn’t “Pierce is better” mean that there is room for some kind of doubt about that? Couldn’t it be viewed as kind of an insult to PP?

  • CFH

    I agree with this.
    “Rondo’s better” was perfect because Bibby was a high level player who’d had success and Rondo was a 22-year-old who was just breaking through. It was a moment of student surpassing teacher, and the fans were there to rub it in.
    Meanwhile, Q is a never-was-never-will-be and Pierce is a future hall of famer on whom Q happens to have a fixation. Of course Pierce is better; everyone knows that.
    That’s why I prefer the Paul Pierce Owns You suggestion if you want to tocuh on the connection that only exists in Q’s head.

  • Yeah I definitely agree the “Pierce is better” chant doesn’t have to come into play. I would say we could just stick to a nice slow “Bran-di” chant. I think that might hit home. Or Darko, or something to that effect.
    Also, this was brought up yesterday or the day before, but I think a sign with a list of all of the teams that dumped him (including Brandi on the list) was genius. Someone has to make that sign please.

  • 11rings

    I agree that “Pierce is better” is no good. Richardson doesn’t even belong in the conversation with Pierce unless you’re talking about how Pierce dominates him.
    To go along with “No One Wants You”, “Traded for Darko” and “Point-Three-Nine-Eight”, we should add “Darko’s Better”. Darko’s career shooting percentage is 0.457, way better than .398.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    that will by far get to him hilarious if the crowd is doing that tonight. The players will get it too and im sure hed be pretty embarrassed

  • Timmy G

    I will do the Brandy dumped you …I will be in the last row of section 315, does anyone have a list of all the teams that Q has played for

  • 11rings

    According to his profile on, he’s played for:
    LA Clippers
    Phoenix Suns
    New York Knicks
    Miami Heat
    In that order. But he may have been dumped by more teams than that, since he could have been acquired by some teams and then traded or released before playing for them. I don’t know. Before Saturday, I didn’t know who the guy was. Q-Rich, welcome out of oblivion. Too bad the spotlight will show you getting destroyed the rest of this series.

  • Timmy G

    i am debating whether to make a sign that says
    Dumped By Brandy
    Traded For Darko
    Bostons Public Enemy #1

  • ferdinand

    Q was traded like 4 or 5 times in the offseason. he was passed around like a cheap bottle of whiskey. i would have to vote for brandy dumped you. its so personal and i think it really will hit home. to be reminded of a girl that dumped you is always classic.

  • Boston Man

    Do the 2nd or the 4th one. Or just make both of them and switch every now and then.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Brandy dumped you with claps. 398 repeated quickly no clap needed. Sucks to be Q is awesome with clap OR a “Pierce owns you” answer chant. Strawberry action when at free throw line. Throw in some heavy boos when he enters the game would also be nice.
    This is going to be hostile:)