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The 8th Seed: April Playoffs edition

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Every month (except for March… oops), 8 of us insane NBA bloggers get together to record ourselves swearing at each other… and occasionally mix in some NBA-related talk.  We like to call it the 8th Seed. 

We all got together last night to bang out about an hour's worth of playoffs talk… and a good chunk of it had to do with the KG elbow.  Here's the crew for this month:

Jared Wade of Both Teams
Played Hard
Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom
and Talk Hoops
Glenn Moore of The Dugout
Sports Show

Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass
Jeff Garcia and Michael DeLeon of Project

And special guest blogger this month was Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm, FanHouse, Pro Basketball Talk… and I'm sure some other stuff.

We warn you… the language can get a little salty…. NSFW as it were… but oh.. it's worth it.  So please to enjoy our show, ok?

Or download the show and listen to it later

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  • Shawn-cvd

    Heard the podcast yesterday. Very good. One thing I noticed is someone has to change the 9 volt in their fire detector….