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Caption This: Q looks scared


He's looking like a scared little beeyotch, isn't he?

Tee off in the comments.  Consider it a warm up for tonight.

Photo by Joe Giza/WBZ TV

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  • I know I’m the one that called them actresses, but I’m the one acting like I’m not pissing myself.

  • D

    Lots of hating coming at this kid tonight. Looks like the new Mike Bibby to me. Lots of good chants will be bouncing off the garden walls

  • Jason

    I’m majorly pumped for this game.

  • Amen.. Beeeeyaaatch.
    Rain down the chants!
    Let’s not let O’Neal off the hook either. Hated him as a Pacer and his crap during the scrap went unnoticed. I didn’t realize that when Haslem and O’Neal double drive blocked Baby to the ground that was acceptable, compared to the elbow.

  • Celtsfan33

    I love how tight the Celtics community has become b/c of this. 3 more wins in this series and we’ll all have the last laugh when FA-Q is walking off the court, season over, bound to get traded 8 more times this summer. Haha!!!
    Let’s Go Celtics baby!!!

  • Greg

    Yeah, he looks about as scared as the Magic did in Game 7 of the East Semi-Finals last year…lol get over yourself. Q had every right to ask if that little girl named Paul needed a stretcher again. Heat in 6. Bank on it.

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    I think every time Q touches the ball we need to chant K-GGGGG K-GGGG K-GGGG K-GGGGG

  • bkgreen17

    “I wonder how Brandy is doing… Pierce will let me know.”

  • That was last year dude and we aren’t playing the Magic last I checked.
    * ‘lol’ and ‘get over yourself’ Are YOU a little girl? I think my niece talks like that.

  • Champ

    How come no one is talking about Pierce’s severely injured shoulder? I mean, is he going to play tonight? Is he going to be a warrior like KG and play through the accidentally bumped shoulder?
    ‘Faking away again in actress Pierce land.’
    (Sung to the tune of Margaritaville)

  • johnny

    Q’s imitation of pierces face when he was crying!!

  • What about “KG’s Elbow” clap clap clapclapclap

  • Seriously dude, you sound like a huge tool. You should have stopped yourself after you said “Q has every right..” Q doesn’t have the right to talk shit to anyone in this league, except maybe a rookie. Q hasn’t accomplished jack except that stupid-ass gesture he used to do with Darius Miles. Q is a nobody.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Q-dick should be sending thank you cards to KG and Pierce, he’s had his name mentioned more in the last three days than the balance of his otherwise pedestrian career.
    Caption: I wonder why Brandy was always calling out Paul in bed….
    Celtics in 4

  • JD

    “I have every right to talk shit about Paul and KG, I’ve played in just as many All-Star Gam…. wait, shit. Well I’ve won an NBa championsh….. damn, nevermind. Well I’ve played on more teams than both of em!”

  • larry

    he reminds me of mike’s one thing to hate the c’s..but don’t disrespect your peers.!!back in the old days this creep would have been laid out on the foor.!!i want the greatest fans in the nba to boo the heat from beginning to end tonight.!!it’s gonna have to start with that lockdown defense we saw on saturday.!!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Your ignorant. Pierce on several occasions since the all star break has been getting a nerve pinched in his neck and shoulder. It’s called a stinger and has an immediate pain which subsides once the pressure is released. Each time it happens the trainers want to be sure its not anything more serious.