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Your Morning Dump… Glen Davis or Rasheed Wallace?

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Now that the NBA has decided to suspend Kevin Garnett for Game 2 of the Celtics
series with the Heat, Doc Rivers has a decision to make. If form holds
from this season, Rasheed Wallace will get the call to start for

Wallace has started every game that Garnett has missed due to injury
or coach-ordered rest, but now is not the time to play it safe. Rivers
should start Glen Davis instead.

Davis overcame a shaky first half in Game 1 to put together a solid
eight point, eight rebound effort with almost all of that production
coming in a decisive second-half Celtic run. Wallace didn’t play poorly,
but Davis was a difference-maker. Starting Davis would be a reward for
his inspired play and also better utilize Wallace’s versatility to play
both the four and five spots.

WEEI – Time to call on Big Baby

While Paul Flannery makes a solid case for starting Glen Davis, that switch removes a ton of energy from the second unit. Doc should play it safe, start 'Sheed and keep Davis on the bench. Right?

On Page 2, the Heat are looking for more out of Michael Beasley.

While Kevin Garnett was tugging at his wrist, grabbing his shorts,
knocking down his arm while out of the sight of the referees, Beasley
remained unaffected, so calm he almost looked medicated.

He was in a different place, it appeared, and it was commendable
for the second-year forward whose emotions are normally quite evident
and occasionally his downfall.

But it resulted in nothing.

Six points. Eight rebounds. Two assists. Five turnovers. Zero free
throws. Zero blocks. Zero steals. In a physical game, he committed one
foul. In a fourth quarter where Dwyane Wade was practically begging for
assistance, Beasley had one made shot, two missed shots and one

Miami Herald – Beasley must shake blues

With KG out, Beasley does pose a match-up problem for the Celtics. As Sherrod Blakely points out in this column, Beasley is too quick for Rasheed Wallace and too long for Glen Davis. Quite frankly, I'm really not worried about Mike.

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  • Perry

    From the perspective of rest, the suspension gives Kevin a full 6 days away from game action. If the Celts can manage to capture game 2 chances are the series won’t extend past five games. Hence, Garnet will be that much more fresh, and the Celts can keep a conditioning pace with Cleveland who are poised to end their series early.
    As for starting Sheed over Davis, you can make the argument for establishing his post up game early. In game where possessions are at a premium his post up game does make for an attractive option.
    On defense the Celts want a half court game. They want Wade dribbling east to west taking time off the shot clock. If they can limit the Heat to one shot or turn them over as they did in game one it negates their interior defense from getting set; Rondo takes over, Pierce, Ray and TA can fill the lane and Sheed’s trigger happy persona becomes less of a factor on offense.
    One of the biggest keys to the series is how the Celts rotate when they overload on Wade’s side. In the second half the rotations were crisp and Davis was a big part of limiting Miami to one shot. But Miami has an edge with Beasley operating from that high post, so either Davis or Sheed will have to be ready to pop out if Wade delivers the ball off a double team. Let’s just say Davis tries a little harder than Sheed at the defensive end. The Celts can counter at the other end by running Davis off the pick and roll.
    You can make a case for one or the other.
    Has Davis earned the start? Absolutely yes, but this is not about individual rewards. The reward comes when they collectively win the series.

  • You know it will be Sheed because Doc is Doc, but too bad it’s not Glenny Poo.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Rasheed should get the start. Glen comes off the bench and brings tons of energy and hustle. Rasheed still may up his game big time starting in the playoffs, you just have to go with starting Rasheed and bringing Glen and Shelden off the bench.
    and I am not concerned with Beasley at all, O’neal and Haslem get me more nervous than that joke

  • nick

    great analysis. I agree with evrything u said.

  • Nick

    Ya gota start SHEEEED. This is why we got him, to be Garnett insurance so Last year wouldn’t happen all over again. Davis can bring the pain off the bench and counter what Haslem does for them, but u have 2 start Sheed and give him lots of touches. Y does Doc not realize that Beasley can’t cover ANYONE on the C’s in the post and that Carlos Arroyo cannot cover anyone either. Attack those 2 fuckers at WILL and we will dominate. WE WANT CLEVELAND

  • I am anxious to see Rasheed in action tomorrow. It’s the second season now and I am looking for the “Play-off Sheed” everyone’s been talking about to show up. i bet we see a HUGE game from him tomorrow.
    I loved Davis’ energy in game one and we will need more of that off the bench tomorrow night.

  • thetitleisours


  • Lee in Oregon

    Remember when KG went down last year and they were still a good team? Hell, they were better than this year.

  • c

    What about starting small and going with Tony Allen? Having him to guard Wade and Ray’s stroke at the same time could be interesting. And this way they’ll know right away if the line-up doesn’t work and you can yank Tony for Baby or Sheed.
    Just a thought.

  • DRJ

    Doc will probably start Sheed, but on a short leash if he doesn’t perform. There are many considerations, of course. One of them is Sheed’s emotions. Starting Baby would be a slap in Sheed’s face, which he has not earned in the playoffs so far. And there’s no knowing how he would react. So I count that as one more reason to start with Sheed. But depending on how the game goes, we might see Baby get more minutes than Sheed, regardless of who “starts”.
    It’s usually not right to take players’ feelings into account in these decision, but I’d make an exception in Sheed’s case. After his blowup in the last Cavs game, I’m convinced getting him was a mistake and he should be traded if at all possible. But for now, in these playoffs, we absolutely need Sheed to be at his best. So we’re better off not taking chances… start Sheed, pull him out if he doesn’t step up. Btw… I think he will step up.