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Worse elbow: KG or Kobe Bryant?

Is there any difference between the elbow thrown by Kobe Bryant in last year's playoffs…

and the elbow thrown by KG vs Miami?

The answer is… No.

Unfortunately for Celtics fans, KG is not protected by the league and coddled by the media like Kobe.

(h/t Celtics Hub)

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  • Alex

    This is why I hate the Lakers.
    They are protected by the NBA.
    They remind me of that evil team in that Shaolin Soccer movie. lol
    They are protected by the league while the other teams have to use raw talent to kick their asses.

  • Alex

    Also, did you notice that shove Bynum pulled on a Thunder player. Dirty overrated player.

  • fatboyslim

    Only one I can think of is that Kobe’s was in the middle of play, and the other wasn’t.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The only reason this was not called a foul and KG’s was is because the NATIONAL MEDIA was up in arms screaming for the league to come down on KG. There were no idiotic talking heads on ESPN who tongue bathe Kobe Bryant that would dare want him to be suspended, especially in a tough 7 game series against the lowly rockets. But KG? No No. Everyone on ESPN was screaming for his head and forced Stern to do this.

  • Walker

    If the team isn’t paying much attention to this, then we shouldn’t pay much attention to is. Like Garnett said, it is what it is…
    His suspension is going to fuel the team. Hopefully we’ll get to see him courtside jawing it up with Q and O’Neal.
    I feel stupid writing this, but I really wouldn’t be shocked if Doc offers a heavy helping of Scal tomorrow. He can “defend” Beasley and will at least bust his balls trying to stay in front of him. Also, he can stretch the court out on offense which should leave Sheed on the block…hopefully

  • Double P Reppin the B

    KG is suspended which means he’s not even allowed in the Garden tomorrow night. So unfortunately we won’t be seeing him courtside

  • WOW! Very similar altercation… hmmmm… no shock there.
    I didn’t really see a problem with KG “elbowing” the Miami players out of the way. He was trying to clear space for Pierce and Lacerte. He had no intention on hurting anyone. I do believe if KG wanted to flatten Richardson, he could have w ease. I won’t even mention what Big Baby could’ve done to the entire Heat bench taking them all on at once.

  • G4L

    If you ask me KG’s Elbow is worse. Kobe’s Elbow with out a doubt was dirty but like some one said it was in the middle of a play trying to get position (still dirty though), while KG’s was in the middle of an altercation.

  • Perry

    The real kicker is they threw Artest out and Doug Collins goes orgasmic at the notion of Kobe repeating his 18 straight points.
    Only in the eyes of the media is Kobe deemed a choir boy.

  • I think that KG really thought he could sneak that in w/out getting caught-period. In the middle of that melee, with all those people, he figured he’d get away w/it. But we are now in the age of the basketcam, the wirecam and every other damn cam, so nothing goes unnoticed. The important thing is that the C’s must not let this distract them. If they let Miami/Q get in their heads and do not focus, they could be in trouble. When all is said and done, nobody cares about who got elbowed, who said what about who’s Mama and who is tougher-all that matters is that trophy. Everything else is nonsense. Perfect example was last year’s situation: Kobe wins another ring, Artest wins another YouTube clip.

  • thetitleisours

    Hey, the dude can rape (allegedly) and get away with it. What’s an elbow? lol

  • wheelchairpierce@hotmail.com

    well i think because kobes elbow was throwin in-game that the refs mightve missed it, although we can clearly see it in the replay. KGs was more revealed. But if were gonna do comparisons, lets compare which pierce “injury” was more bullshit. the 2 we can compare are the one against the miami heat in game 1, or the world famous wheelchair incident in game 1 of the nba finals in 08. HAHAHAHAHA. why does pierce have to constantly do this when the playoffs start?? whats with him? bigmck if you can kindly make a post comparing 2 videos of pierce going down in game 1 of the finals and pierce going down again in game 1 against miami so we can compare the two LOL. thank you.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That’s your email address ?

  • noah-bulls13

    kg is a dirty player.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    or how about we have a two video comparison of Pierce coming back and droppin 3s on the laker clowns until they lost or the video of sasha crying his eyes out after Ray broke his ankles and punked him

  • Joseph

    Yea, there is a difference. Kobe’s elbow was thrown in the middle of play (if all elbows thrown in the middle of the game were grounds for suspension, then the Suckdics wouldn’t even be able to man a team).
    KG’s elbow was thrown, after he helped initiate an altercation, when play was stopped.
    BTW: Paul Pierce continues to demonstrate that he is fact the biggest P*SSY in the NBA. Is he walking around with his should in a sling today?

  • Joseph

    Man, you’re still living in 2008? HAHAHA, I guess you’ll continue living 2008 for the next 22 years (remember 1986 to 2008 = NO TITLES FOR THE SUCKDICS). Enjoy living in the past.

  • KY Celts fan

    I believe that was YOUR laker brethren bringing up the past. Double P only responded to that. Man, you Laker fans are stupid.
    and that’s right. No titles for 22 years, AND WE STILL HAVE MORE THAN YOU!!!!

  • And how many times has this Joseph idiot brought up the “celtic” fans (who strangely enough were wearing laker gear) chanting MVP for kobe a few years back?

  • I remember that play with Kobe and Artest and wondered why it was Kobe wasn’t bounced the following game. In watching the video, it’s hard to tell where that elbow actually his Artest. I don’t think a comparison can be made.
    And while we’re complaining about certain players getting protected, Garnett isn’t one who doesn’t see his fair share of protection. He gets involved in all kinds of sketchy, on-the-court behavior and doesn’t suffer for it.
    The one time he gets nabbed for doing something ridiculous there’s a huge reaction by some. You’d think he was a choir boy his entire career.

  • Joseph

    Get it right son. SUCKDIC fans. You’re bandwagon bretheren have been saying for the entire season that your Suckdics are DONE!! And they are. The Sucdic time is done. Even if they get by Miami, Cleveland is going to sweep you guys.
    I’m glad you Suckdic fans are prepared for the next 22 years of no titles. See, the Laker organization remains competitive and puts out a solid team that can make a run at the championship year after year. The Boston orgarganization was terrible until McHale basically handed you KG on a platter. Times are different now though. Little boy Ainge has no more former teammates to help him out.

  • KY Celts fan

    I love how you Faker fans always mention the KG trade as if it were some favor, and yet the Kwame Brown for Gasol trade was perfectly even.

  • johnny

    Actually there is a difference, kobe’s elbow happened during the GAME battling for a rebound. While Garnetts elbow came as the game was paused and no action was going on causing the whole incident that didn’t need to happen.

  • johnny

    State the facts before you talk. It was Javaris Crittenton, Aaron Mckie, Kwame Brown, draft rights to Marc Gasol and 1st round picks for 2008 and 2010. For Pau and a 2nd round pick in 2011. Quit crying like your boy Pierce.

  • johnny

    “He had no intention on hurting anyone.” Are you kidding me??? Open your eyes Celtic Fans!!!!!

  • johnny

    Why is no one bringing up the incidents last year with Rondo and how he played against the Bulls??? That was multiple occasions where he could have gotten suspended or thrown out, but because last year the Celtics were defending champions had such a struggle with the Bulls they didn’t suspend him.

  • johnny

    Dude honestly?? Kobe could get your mom on her knees for him, be real.

  • GlassHalfFull

    People see what they want. Celtic fans look at this and see a great injustice when compared to things other, more highly esteemed players have done and gotten away with. Laker fans see this and try to justify it by invoking time and space arguments. Hey – it sucks to lose Garnett for a game for something so trite, but they have won ALOT of games without him in the past 2 years. They know how to do this. They are not the Thunder losing Durrant for a game. They are not the mutha lovin’ Jordans of the 90’s losing his Kingship for a game. These are YOUR Boston Celtics (and mine) and they have 2 more HOF’er who can raise their game when needed. I’m not crying in my Anchor Steam. Not for one f*cking second. I will be there in section Way Up There tomorrow celebrating the win led by [fill in the blank] as Q (what ever happened to the fist bumps he gave himself after another meaningless basket?) chokes on his own vomit.

  • Livetowin16th

    LAKERS PROTECTED BY THE NBA? LMAO! But hey, that’s the boston celtic fan base for you! Bitter, whiny, crying. Those are all adjectives that describe you people and this website. And as johnny said, Garnett threw the as the game was paused and no action was going on causing the whole incident that didn’t need to happen. You celtic fans really need to shut the hell up.

  • Livetowin16th

    KY Celts fan, don’t forget nearly half those championships came when the NBA was an 8 team association.

  • prefuse

    LOOLOLO you’re funny ! celtic fans are C STUBIT

  • We’ll be fine. Sure, there may be a few tough years but Ainge is a chess player; he thinks three moves ahead (the Theo Ratilff trade years back being just one example – no Garnett without that expiring contract). Obviously you’re not the brightest kid in your class so I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible (and I’m sorry, this is long and I should have told you to take your ritalin before attempting to read). Yes, the Celtics had many tough years but that was the result of several factors. The Len Bias death, the Reggie Lewis death and the salary cap implications of that event (the league owner’s denying the Celtics cap relief), piss poor management along with even crappier ownership, and finally, just some really bad luck. The current ownership are also fans and are committed to winning. They’re willing to spend the money to assemble a team. We’ve got a few young pieces at which to build around. It might take some time but as a fan you take the good with the bad.
    BTW, you’re so quick to chastise us Celtic fans as “bandwagon” and bring up the 22 year drought, but don’t forget that the lakers had a bit of a championship drought themselves for 13 years. Are there any Vlade Divac jerseys in your collection? Sedale Threatt? Sam Perkins? Doubt it. You were probably wearing a Jordan jersey back then (if you had even been born yet).

  • Agree

  • KY Celts fan

    So were half of yours, genius. And those were all in Minnesota, but I doubt you put an asterix next to those.

  • mikey

    this ain’t brigadoon idiot

  • Shawn-cvd

    You just got served (what should be) a giant piece of humble pie.

  • mikey

    they are open, go tell that to espn

  • mikey

    George Mikan, and 4 white guys under 6 foot vs the team that didn’t have George Mikan and 5 white guys under 6 foot.
    Oh I forgot the 1281 Morocco Lakers & the 893 Egyptian Lakers.
    So actually its all tied up now at 17.
    Until Tony Allen cancels your puppet subscription.