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No Tommy Points for Quentin RIchardson

While the majority of the NBA world saw the ESPN broadcast of Game 1 between the Celtics and Heat, they missed out on Tommy Heinsohn’s commentary regarding the little scrum between KG and Quentin Richardson.  Here’s a two part video of the classic commentary by Tommy and Mike Gorman.  I think it’s safe to say that QRich was not going to receive the Tommy Award at the end of the game.

Part 1

Part 2:


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  • Shawn-cvd

    This is the best quality you tube video I’ve seen. Keep posting the local feeds? I hate the ESPN announcers!

  • Will do… I would have gone for the full 1080 but the upload time would be weeks! Hopefully I can get the entire games up there.

  • irisheyes9302

    Tommy is a gem. They just don’t make people this awesome anymore.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That shot of Haslem fouling Pierce and then QBitch pushing Truth INTO THE REF is just awful, awful officiating. In the replay Q puts his finger in KG’s face. The letter of the law dictates KG gets suspended and I won’t argue against that. Had the Refs done their job and whistled Haslem’s grab then PP never would have wound up on the floor.
    Shameful that all that will be remembered is the fracas and ensuing KG elbow/suspension when the real lesson to be learned was that the refs didn’t control the game by calling one of those first two fouls.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    “Do we have to wait for Congress to come in and vote? Where is the Supreme Court Justice? Do we have to do a secret ballot?”
    hahaha Tommy!!!

  • fuck Q

    i love how danny is explaining stuff to scal, lol

  • kevin

    Miami heat will win the next four ….celtics tooooooooooo damn old peace!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Yeah- your starting center is How old?
    Nevermind, his prime years were a joke anyway.
    Celtics in 4

  • hahah

    And the Nominee for Pussy of the Year: Kevin Garnett. Best supporting actress goes to Paul pierce for another phenomenal fake injury.

  • pierceisafaker

    how can someone who fakes his injuries so much be called the truth???

  • Ed Teach

    Looks like the trolls have come out to play.

  • DJ Bento Box

    It’s easy. Here’s how…
    The “TRUTH” about Paul Pierce is that he’s a faker.
    See how easy that was?
    My only question is, when he gets fouled again in game 2 and is nearly comatose and writhing around in pain, who’s going to stand over him and “protect” him?
    BBD? No. He might sit and the end of the bench and cry but I don’t see him protecting anyone.
    SHEED? Nope. He’ll be too busy up at the concession stand getting a refill on his Coke and yelling out “Corn Dog Don’t Lie!!”
    Quite the team they have there in Boston.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Please let me know if you can 4 tomorrow’s game I won’t be able to watch it until 930 pacific time . So as long as I’m waiting I’d rather watch the home town feed if u could make it happen. Many Unless.

  • Shawn-cvd

    that is many thanks LOL

  • mikey

    this ain’t acting, go root for your garbage rodeo clowns.

  • mikey

    because you’re the one that’s fake

  • mikey

    “My only question is, when he gets fouled again in game 2 and is nearly comatose and writhing around in pain, who’s going to stand over him and “protect” him?”
    ALL OF US. you stupid moron.

  • mikey

    hey bento and faker go wack yourselves off clowns.

  • DJ Bento Box

    You’re over here too!
    Me too!
    Isn’t this fun?
    P.S. You really should learn the meanings of words and how to properly use them in a sentence. “Wack” is a hip-hop slang term for bad. “Whack” is the word you’re looking for.
    There. Now you know and won’t look so uneducated when you type.
    You’re welcome.

  • Hey Bento, maybe you should win a game before you start talking shit. And maybe you should stick to important subjects, like basketball. You know, that sport your team hasn’t won a playoff series in since you “won” in 2006?.C’mon son. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.
    Someone call me when we get to Cleveland

  • DJ Bento Box

    And another uniformed Celtic fan comes in to run his mouth before he even knows what he’s talking about.
    What team are you incorrectly assuming is mine?
    And by talking about BBD & Sheed, basketball players, who play for the Celtics, who are a basketball team, I AM talking about BASKETBALL.
    What you should really do, before you pop off and make yourself seem dumber than you might actually be, is figure out what’s actually going on in a conversation and address accordingly.
    Nice try though.
    Not really.

  • I’m assuming you’re not a Celtics fan since you seem to use that word in such a derogatory fashion. So I assumed you were a Miami fan since, you know, we’re playing them, and that’s what fans for other teams do for some odd reason. But since you’re somehow neither, you come here under your own free will and try to trash on another team and their fans for no reason, pick on their grammar and then call them uninformed. And for what reason exactly? Frankly I’m flattered.

  • DJ Bento Box

    I’d think you would be, if I’d come here specifically to write you.
    Ironically, you read what I wrote and you came on here to write ME, So I’m flattered.
    You’re really not very good at this, are you?
    And is it “trying” if you’re succeeding?

  • I’m just gonna say I’m sorry to everyone who’s read this. I just read the rest of the articles for the last couple days and saw he was all over them. Totally wouldn’t have entertained this clown if I knew what I was getting myself into. I’ll try to redeem myself in the future.

  • Shawn-cvd

    True that. In time he will be banned.

  • Dear DJ BB
    Ok i give up, DJBB are you Quentin Richardson or Joakim Noah? Its hard to tell with all the players in the NBA today that love to bitch and whine about the Celtics, who knows maybe your Sasha Vujadick, if so, you wearing green yet? or are you still upset at us bro
    Im guessing your Q though because Joakim is busy popping off about how lebron and cleveland suck while getting 20 footers rained in on his eye like nobodys business
    either way it doesnt really matter, keep coming here and making fun of people who you say “hide” behind their computers and type angry things at you; i hate to tell you bud but your kind of the one hiding behind your computer screen and trying to start confrontations
    i already know your gonna come back and say no i love face to face confrontations, but i seriously doubt you walk up to strangers and start popping off at them, let alone whole crowds of people
    the fact that you havent even had the balls to come out and say what team you root for tells me all i need to know about you, your just here getting your kicks off, typing up stupid arguments that just piss people off
    im not saying dont come back, we welcome all here, im just asking you to show a little respect, i know you probly wont, and youll reply making fun of me for asking you to respect a message board…but thats the way we try and do things around here
    The boys at Redsarmy, build there site on respectable analysis, insight, and witty humor, and thats what we as fans around here keep coming back for, if you want to go somewhere to get in stupid arguments, i beg of you please do not come back here, your just wasting space, and time of the people around here who love reading the comments and interacting with other celtic fans, and even fans from other teams who, respect the process
    i laughed at your corn dog dont lie comment, it was quite funny, we’d all be happy to have you around if you stuck to witty and respectful commenting that was at the quality of that level, but once again, please dont just come back here to make 50 more “Boston fans are stupid” comments
    Papa Irish
    Redsarmy HOF

  • whatababy

    Since Glen Davis doesn’t want the nickname “Big Baby,” Paul Pierce can have it. It fits him a lot more. I was really surprised he didn’t call for a stretcher or a wheelchair. Stupid faker.

  • DJ Bento Box

    When you come at me that way, you’ll get respect back.
    And as far as any negative comments I’ve made, you may want to take a minute or two to read through this thread and the Quentin Richardson thread to see who was REALLY calling who names and who was the one who actually made the accusation about hiding behind the anonimity of a computer screen.
    It wasn’t me, my friend. All that vitriol and profanity came squarely from the people on this site that you claim are all about “respectable analysis, insight, and witty humor”. There were some bloggers who were even trash talking the mods and trying to tell them their jobs. If you take off the green colored glasses, you’d see my point.

  • mikey

    you said that already

  • mikey

    like I said try craiglist, couple of trannies just put up some new advertisements so maybe you will find it there.

  • Shawn-
    I can definitely upload the entire local feed for Game 2. The only issue is processing and uploading time. Feel free to watch the TNT version live (I would recommend this) and watch the local version when I have fully completed it. Let me know if this works.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That would be awesome!!
    Will you please post the link here? I’ve set to record the TNT edition but I”m off work late. Not to give you homework or anything but would you know about when it could be ready? Same day? Next day?

  • I was planning on doing it for all of the games. It all depends but the earliest I could have it done wouldn’t be until the next night at the earliest. I could post a medicore quality, but I’d rather upload the HD versions.

  • mikey

    You have the wrong website.
    Go log in there.
    Your membership is fully active.