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Glen Davis running with starters

Via Chris Forsberg:

Glen Davis running with 1st team. Suspended
Garnett practicing with 2nd unit. Funny to see.

If Davis is practicing with the starters, it's a safe bet he will be starting in lieu of KG on Tuesday night.

In a poll we posted this morning, 52% of you think Glen Davis should start over Rasheed Wallace.

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  • Can’t remember where I read it, but I believe some reporter said there were 4 or 5 different guys playing with the first team.

  • I dunno. I like bringing Baby off the bench, great burst. He can still get plenty of minutes. Start ‘Sheed, give him a shot. If he stinks up the joint you got Baby. If ‘Sheed brings his A-Game it’s a hell of a story and you still got Baby to bring in.
    Or they’re worried that ‘Sheed could escalate the friction, which may make sense.