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Doc plays coy… Rondo blows it for him.

Oh that Doc Rivers… he's a funny guy.  He's trying to pull the "throw off the opponent by not saying who he'll start" routine

In the portion of practice open to the media, the Celtics closed out
their practice session by utilizing Glen
with the gren-clad first unit. But Rivers noted that he
rotated numerous players at that power forward spot during the session
and wouldn't reveal his plan for a Game 2 starter.

"I don't know yet, we used three or four or five guys," said Rivers,
setting up his punchline. "So Oliver [Lafayette] right now might be the

That's great.  Nice one… and as you can tell by the video Chris Forsberg shot… he deadpans that delivery, too.

The only problem with what Doc said… is that Rajon Rondo blew it for him.

But Davis took the majority of first-team reps during the end portion
of practice open to the media and Rajon Rondo let it slip after the
workout that he expects Davis to get the nod.

“We did it last year with Baby in the lineup,” Rondo said of winning
in the playoffs. “I think Baby’s starting.”


You boys need to get on the same page if you're gonna be playing that game.

Whatever… it'll probably be Baby.  Either way is fine.

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  • greenbeand

    GO Bruins!

  • jared

    Im stoked about this choice. He had a good game Saturday night and he brings the hustle. Sheed doesnt. And damn it, win or l*se, I want to see the hustle!

  • Totally agree. He’s been kind of a let down after the playoffs he had last year, but he showed the intensity last night and we know he has it in him to do the damage against the big boys

  • BleedGreenInOrlando

    Rasheed will start, this is just to get Miami confused lol haha genius I tell you genius lol jk

  • Once again i go back to Doc saying “that when they signed him they thought sheed would be able to play the 4 or the 5, but because he apparently aspires to one day beat Big Baby and Scal in a pie eating contest he is too fat to play power forward and he cant have him and perk on the floor together at the same time”
    i believe that is a direct quote from doc
    the only question i have is, if that is indeed the case will sheldon spell bbd at the 4, or will doc go small and have pierce play the 4 when beasly is in?
    either way watching doc handle a rotation is always interesting

  • I’m glad Rondo gave a straight answer! “I don’t know” has become a standard response from Doc this year. I’ve started to wonder what exactly he DOES know. Do you really want a man who knows nothing running a team? Couldn’t the team just run it’s self? Seriously though,I’m glad to see the Ticket Stub will be in there. Baby stepped up last year when the team needed it,looks like he’s ready to answer the call again this year.