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Your Morning Dump… Where KG knows what’s coming

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“You make your bed, you have to lay in it,” he said. “So if I have to
deal with it, then it is what it is. I’m just smarter than that.
Composure is everything in the playoffs. . . . I have to keep my
composure in a situation like that.”

Herald: Garnett expects tussle to be a costly one

“I just saw Q was standing over him, talking nonsense,’’ Garnett said.
“I just asked him to give him some room. Before you knew it, mayhem
started . . . Before you knew it, it all just broke out. I have to use
my head, the only thing that I saw was Paul hurt, and that was the only
thing that I cared about at that time.’’

… “I don’t even remember elbowing anybody,’’ Garnett said after the
Celtics closed out a Game 1 win. “I just remember people grabbing me.
That’s all I remember. Next thing I know, Doc [Rivers]
is sitting there yelling at me.’’

Globe: Garnett shoved aside at finish

Hey Rahseed Wallace… you're going to have to step up in Game 2… because KG is probably sitting.  Everyone around the team seems to be resigning themselves to that.  We can only hope the league sees Quentin Richardson's move as an escalation and maybe it will mitigate everything.

If the Celtics need any added motivation… just take Quentin Richardson's quote and put it up on the bulletin board:

Explaining how he saw
things unfold, Richardson said, “I was trying to get over there to take
the ball out of bounds and he started to talk to me so I talked back. I
don’t have any business talking to him [Pierce], he was on the ground
crying. I don’t know what was going on, two actresses over there, that’s
what they are.’’

Richardson admitted
that when he walked over “I said to Jermaine [O’Neal],
‘He’s OK,’ because I knew nobody touched him. Is he taking another
break like he does so many times? Sometimes he falls like he’s about to
be out for the season and then he gets right up, that’s all I said.’’

You can eat a fat one, Q.  That's all I gotta say about that.

On Page 2, we give credit where credit is due

"I think for couple minutes there they kind of got in our head," Wade
said when asked if the Celtics bullied their way back from a 14-point,
third-quarter deficit. "We started turning the ball over and taking bad
shots. We can’t get into their game with the, That’s not a successful
game for us because that’s not the way we play. Now we’re not gonna
back down, no question about it. You gotta understand that there gonna
try to rush you, they’re gonna try to get up in you. There gonna try to
do a lot of things. They’re gonna get away with more things than we’re
gonna get away with. It’s simple, it is what it is. They’re respected
in this league for their toughness. So you gotta fight through it and
come out on the other end of it.”

did a spectacular job limiting Wade, holding him without a
point for nearly a quarter's worth of time spanning into the fourth
frame as Boston's defense propelled the comeback.

ESPN Boston: Game 1 leftovers

Tony Allen did work last night.  Plain and simple.  Tony Allen was reason #1 why the Celtics won that game.  29 minutes off the bench, 7-12 shooting, 3 steals, 2 blocks… and NO TURNOVERS.


And let's not overlook the efforts of Glen Davis, who grabbed 8 boards, many of them in the key stretch where the Celtics were cutting Miami's lead down late in the 3rd.  The Celtics needed every one of those boards, too… because Kendrick Perkins had a bad game.  Luckily, Baby picked him up.

There rest of the links:

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  • After further review, Jermaine O’Neal is the only guy that deserved an ejection. Nobody deserves a suspension.

  • BigMck

    I hate to say it, but KG deserves a suspension for that elbow.

  • Damn is that asshole Quintin Richardson serious?
    Hope Pierce sees this and destroys him on Tuesday

  • Perry

    Take a look at the Howard play from last year, which was much worse.
    Clearly the intent coming from Kevin wasn’t as malicious. What he tried to do was to clear space for Lacerte, and the official wearing #4 walked away from Miami’s bench. Indeed the play might have ever not happened if the official would have called the foul on Haslem in the first place. The burden of proof is on the officiating, and I hope Stu Jackson takes this into account.
    But he may not and you may be right. So I will counter by saying it won’t matter. Pierce and Ray won’t be shooting a collective 6 for 21. Rondo steam rolled the Heat in the paint, and he was not 100%.
    Not only will they regain their true form, but the entire team gained a mental advantage in this series as evidence of the diatribe coming from the Heat locker room.

  • Boston Man

    Wow I missed that elbow to the face by KG when I watched this on TV

  • Perry

    Let me just add the melee took place in front of Miami’s bench. We know the NBA suspends players for just leaving the bench, so any do any Heat players count where a suspension is concerned?

  • 11rings

    Richardson is full of it.
    “I was trying to get over there to take the ball out of bounds and he started to talk to me so I talked back.” The referees won’t let you take the ball out of bounds if there’s a player down with an injury. Richardson knows this, and he could see that Pierce was down with an injury, and that Garnett and Davis are standing over him, so obviously nobody’s going to be taking the ball out. Richardson didn’t go over there to take the ball out of bounds. The ref with the ball is over a good eight or ten feet to the right. Richardson ignores the ref and heads straight for Pierce’s face, probably talking trash the whole time, although you can’t see his mouth on the video. But a clear escalation. If Garnett gets suspended, then so should Richardson.

  • Time for a Blockbuster Trade Baby!

    I actually think it could be a good thing to have KG out a game. Whenever our guys get suspended we win the series. I think we can win game 2 without him and he’ll bring some fire in game 3. We’ll need that passion to carry into the next series. I think its great!

  • Lee in Oregon

    KG is an idiot. Yeah you could say Q instigated, but KG is the guy throwing elbows. He deserves it and will be suspended.

  • pierceisafaker

    pierce faked it…again

  • Uncle Leo

    I doubt he’ll be suspended.