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We won that game despite…

What a thrilling Game 1 win.  But when you look at it… there were a lot of things that could have led to a loss.  The Celtics won this game despite….

… Paul Pierce shooting 4-12.

… Ray Allen shooting 2-9, including 0-4 from 3

… Kendrick Perkins unspectacular, 8 point, 3 rebound, 4 turnover performance

… a 4-11 shooting performance from Rajon Rondo

I'll admit the Rondo thing is a bit misleading.  He played 43 minutes and was only a few rebounds shy of a triple double even though he wasn't able to hold down food or fluids the night before. 

But the point remains:  Kendrick Perkins just flat out had a bad game… and Pierce/Ray combined to shoot 6 of 21.  Are we really going to see all of those things continue for the rest of the series? 

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  • SorryMan

    Hm… You are also forgetting about Jermaine having a 3-14 shooting night despite being a 53% shooter and Udonis Haslems 3-8 shooting despite being a 50% shooter so both teams have areas to improve on

  • Shawn-cvd

    uh…no where not. When Truth shoots 11-17 for 27 points that will about match D Wade’s out put for any given game. Those game’s we’ll win easily. The production from PP, Ray, Perk and Rondo (to a lesser extent) was so poor this game SHOULD have been won by Miami.
    Haslem/O’Neal get their shots we can still match their production all over the place.

  • Jon with no H

    I know, Haslem only going 3-8 instead of his usual 4-8 was just too big of a hole for them to climb out of. If only he could’ve hit that one extra shot to get him to his season average . . . oh, what could have been