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“This is not the breakout playoff series you’re looking for”

Kg kenobi

…when Garnett was asked about Beasley on Friday, he had nothing but

“Beasley’s one of the more difficult matchups in this league,”
Garnett said. “Obviously he’s left-handed but he can go right-handed. He
finishes strong. He’s powerful. He has the youth element on his side
but at the same time he’s aggressive. He believes in his game and his
craft and he’s effective with it.”

Beasley has had confidence issues in his short NBA career and hasn’t
exactly heard to such compliments from Garnett during their intense
battles. So when told that Garnett said just flattering things about
him, Beasley took his each tattooed finger of his right hand and
strummed his chin in confusion.

“He said that, for real?” Beasley asked.

Then disbelieving assistant coach Keith Askins chimed in, “He’s just
trying to psych you out, pull those Jedi Mind Tricks on you.”

Yeah, Beasley said, “that’s what he’s trying to do.”

Globe: Beasley trying to avoid Garnett's head games

No kid… believe the hype.  Believe it.

You're so good, in fact, that you barely even need to try.  You can probably roll out of bed (or a boat) and give zero effort and dominate a game……. if Dwyane Wade would let you.

I'm just sayin… Dwyane Wade is stealing all of your touches.  Who does he think he is, anyway?  Is he SuperCool like you?  no. 

So don't listen to your coach.  Listen to me and KG.  We'll tell you the truth.  Come into game 2 and prove to everyone in the world that you can coast your way to an awesome game… while telling that nobody D-Wade to eff off.  

You can do it, kid.  We believe in you.

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  • Bill

    Just like Ginobili, Beasley never goes right just that somehow everyone forgets that.