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KG Suspended for game 2

Kevin Garnett has been suspended for game 2 for elbowing Quentin Richardson. Q was hit with a $25k fine.

Ok Sheed…. here’s your first chance to atone for your, ummmm “subpar” regular season.

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  • D

    Chuck or John, I am curious to know if either of you agree with this decision?

  • Perry

    NBA went by the book here. Didn’t take into account the ancillary components, which caused the melee.
    Won’t matter anyway. Celts will use this as extra motivation and have more than enough firepower to win game 2.

  • yeah…. considering what the NBA’s stance has been on similar plays. They probably should have hit Jermaine Oneal with a fine too.

  • greenbeand

    celts will still piss out the heats fire

  • DRJ

    1) League office is populated with assholes.
    2) It’s kind of amazing that KG – after all these years in the league – is still capable of getting himself into this kind of trouble. Howard is a relative kid. KG should have known better.
    3) This could end up being a lot of fun, if the Cs win anyway. 🙂

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Now this is annoying

  • Nick

    Fucking pure B.S…Stern would never have suspended Kobe, Lebron, OR wade…what a stupid cocksucker Stern is. We better start sheed and not Baby and fore-feed sheed the ball to shove it down Mike Beaslys fucking throat. After Tuesday that kid should have a reason to start drinking again.

  • what a load of crap. Q’s fat head got in the way of KGs trying to clear a little space for his fallen comrade.. Clearly there was no intent on Garnett’s part unlike O’Neal.

    Start Big Baby. I mean, its either start Glen Davis who plays harder than anyone in the league. Or start Rasheed Wallace who plays less hard than any other big man in the league and doesn’t show that he cares.
    If Glen rebounds as he did in the 2nd half yesterday, he’s our best bet.

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    If that ass hole Richardson did not go up to KG this would of never happened. But of course Stu and Sperm did not think about that. This may be a blessing for the C’s, KG rests, the game is in Boston and a fire is lit under the Celtics ass. I think this is what we may of needed.

  • mikey

    Poor NBA. Poor bunch of little babies.
    Everybody’s butt hurts now.
    Quentin’s butt hurts, Jermaine’s butt hurts, and now Joakim’s butt hurts.
    Who’s next?
    Is poor little baby LeBron going to have his butt hurt too? What about little Shaq, and big mouth Jon Barry, is Hubie going to have his butt hurt? Is espn going to get their butt hurt now? How about Stern is his butt hurt now too? I know it hurts from giving his puppets a lap dance that is for sure.
    Awww. Poor little tiny babies. Everybody is so hurt, they are such good guys. Such stand up guys. Jermaine O’Neal never punched a fan in the face on the court what a class act gentlemen. Is Big Ron Ron going to speak up next against the great injustice? What about Kobe? Is it his turn now. Being that Mike Bibby still has a piece of Kobe’s elbow implanted in his face, I think Kobe should speak up about being you know “the good guy” “the guy we root for”.
    Awww!! the NBA is so cuuuuuute what a bunch of class act gentlemen. The Good Guys.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I wish this was facebook so I could “like” this comment cause it’s hilarious

  • who da guy

    i said it before, and ill say it again, its about pride! Watch the fuck out nba, the celtics just got angry, and u never want to make something this green angry. There not gonna like us when were angry!

  • D

    Crowd needs to be a huge 6th man and get on Q whenever he touches the ball..what can we chant? This will ingnite this team I can feel it!

  • Chris

    If Q dind’t go over. none of this would have started.
    just sayin’

  • Yes sir. I agree.
    I’ll do my best to be part of that 6th man.

  • DRJ

    Doc will probably feel he has to play to Sheed’s pride. I think he’ll start Sheed, but take him out quickly in favor of Baby if Sheed doesn’t step up big time. He’s gotta walk the line with Sheed right now (and then get rid of him in the summer, if possible).

  • SydneyCeltic

    This suspension is utter bullshit. End of story.
    Now watch the Celts come out hard and angry in the next game. Bring that shit on.

  • mikey

    Hey Q “Does your butt hurt?”

  • mikey

    I had to comment again.
    I couldn’t resist.
    I feel bad for the NBA. I really do. I’m going to write them a letter.
    Dear little miss baby Stern, does your butt hurt?
    How about Kobe & Lebron go over and wipe it for you.
    And then Hubie Brown can whisper sweet nothings into your ear, “Plenty of time for the Lakers to catch the Celtics in titles, plenty of time baby Stern”
    And did you hear what Joakim did after he saw Kevin Garnett’s vicious bone charring elbow? Noah retired to join the peace corps!! He’s going to be a good guy now!
    And did you hear what LeBron did? Last night he immediately went to the ATM and took out all his money and gave every last penny away to people in Cleveland and all over the world! He doesn’t even worship satan anymore!
    And did you hear what Kobe did? He retired and is now going to be a teacher and help people! What a good guy!
    And to you of course Q, do you want to borrow my ipod? No problem. I know all you have on yours is a little chin music, so you can borrow mine.
    2009-10 The year everybody got their butt hurt.
    Hey Wade I want to introduce you to somebody….
    Hey LeBron please to meet you, now let me introduce you to somebody….
    Hey Rashard and Vince what’s up, I want you to meet a friend of “ours” he’s one of us….
    Hey Kobe, how ya doin, butt OK? Now let me introduce you to somebody, his name is Tony Allen, you know the REAL MVP OF THE NBA!!!
    ITS ALL OVER!!!!

  • D

    but what can we chant when Q gets the ball? Who knows some background on him we can use against him?

  • mikey

    I know I want to be there too. I’m kind of far away and don’t have tickets.
    Last night, I would have been the 2nd person ejected from the arena.

  • mikey

    anything but wife beater.
    That doesn’t work and never does.

  • SydneyCeltic

    How ’bout “Brandy”? That’s shameful enough.

  • D

    did Q date the singer Brandy? Haha that’s shameful enough

  • i doc saying something to the affect of when they signed sheed at the beginning of the year they thought he was going to be able to play the 4 or the 5, but that hasnt been the case, him and perk dont really work together on the court
    not an exact quote, but something close to that was said so it will be interesting to see what route doc goes with the lineup
    id start big baby because he seems to play better when he starts games than when he comes off the bench, again i really have no proof of that but i feel he does anyway
    and for the what should celtics fans taunt q with, how bout, who’s quentin richardson?


    I go with starting Sheed too and pulling him for BBD if need be – he looks lit up at the moment – on a mission. Here’s hoping Sheed is too.
    Q Rich is a bum. I’m really looking forward to the C’s smashing that focker now…

  • DRJ

    Yep… I can see it in the reaction of the fans. This thing could be a catalyst that brings the team together, relighting the ubuntu everybody seems to have forgotten this season. The same fans who were mad at KG for saying their booing was unwelcome are now ready to fight the devil in his defense. Attitude was always what this team really needed most, and maybe this little skirmish just provided it. Even Noah helped, with his idiotic input. When it’s us vs. them, the circle of “us” gets very tight.
    I thought KG should have known better. Actually, I KNOW he should have known better than to get involved in a fight on the court. But maybe, just maybe… in some weird deep-dish-psycho sort-of-way… KG gave the team what it needed most.