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I Love The Celtics, But . . .

Nate B.'s ode to the 2010 Celtics.

I love the Celtics, but I hate the 2010 version of
the team.

I love Paul Pierce, but I hate watching him turn
the ball
over as he flails his arms up, looking for a whistle that never comes.

I love Ray Allen’s jump shot, but I hate being 90%
it’s not going in every time he takes a critical shot.

I love Kevin Garnett’s intensity, but I hate
watching him
trash talk after he makes a decent play in a game where a nobody like
Blatche is destroying him.

I love the way Big Baby played in last year’s
playoffs, but
I hate the way he threw away his season before it even started by
breaking his
thumb on his friend’s face at 4 a.m.

I love that the Celtics were able to sign Marquis
for a discount, but I hate that I can count on one hand the number of
big plays
he made this season.

I love Rajon Rondo’s talent and creativity, but I
hate his
wandering mind and lack of awareness that playing perimeter defense
occasionally requires you to bend your knees and move laterally.

I love that Tony Allen proved this season that he
can still
play, but I hate that he’s the Celtics’ best bench player.

I love that Rasheed
Wallace has the size, length and skills (unlike Perk, Baby and Shelden
Williams) to be an elite interior player, but I hate that he’s too out
shape, lazy and apathetic to post up or grab 70% of the rebounds that
come near

I love the player that Kendrick Perkins was
becoming in
December, but I hate the player that Perk’s been since January.

I love the way that Nate Robinson played for the
first two
weeks he was with the Celtics, but I hate the way he’s played since

I love Shelden Williams’s hustle and
professionalism, but I
hate that he’s only 6’8” on his tiptoes.

I love that Doc Rivers is the Celtics coach, but I
hate that
he doesn’t have the personality to give this team the kick in the ass
that it

I love that the 2008 and 2009 Celtics never took a
off, but I hate that the 2010 Celtics take off at least part of almost

I love the feeling when the Celtics go into
halftime with a
healthy lead, but I hate the sense of dread I get at the start of the
quarter, knowing that the Celtics are going to piss that lead away.

I love it when the Celtics get a big stop on a
possession, but I hate it when they don’t finish the stop by rebounding
missed shot.

I love the Big Three, but I hate watching Pierce,
and Ray Allen play together in 2010.

I love “ubuntu”, but I hate that I haven’t seen it
during a
Celtics game in four months.

I love that the Celtics are better than the Heat
at every
position except shooting guard, but I hate that there’s still a decent
that they might lose the series.

I love the way the 2010 Celtics match up against
on paper, but I hate the way the 2010 Celtics play against the Cavs when
really counts.

I love that the Celtics locked up Rondo to a
long-term deal, but I hate that none of their other young players will
sniff an All-Star game.

I love that I got the NBA League Pass this season,
but I
hate that I used it to watch the 2010 Celtics.

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  • Robby C


  • Cliff Kensington

    Couldn’t have said it better. This just about sums up all my feelings

  • Joseph

    Well written by a bandwagon Suckdic fan. Then again, you guys are all bandwagon fans.

  • Alex

    When will the RedsArmy bloggers going to block this Lakers idiot?
    If the Lakers sucked ass, you wouldn’t be here Joseph. Every team has its bandwagon fans.
    In the end, the Celtics have kicked the Laker’s asses in the NBA Finals and we still have the most championships, even during our 20 year drought.

  • scott

    way to be positive and stand behind your team nate–come om man

  • Don’t waste your time with that idiot. He’s a coward. He’ll never respond.
    To answer your question about being banned, my only guess is because Joseph fits perfectly on this site which loves to make the lakers, their players and their fans look bad. Laker fans must cringe when they have to read his stupid remarks. But I’m with you. Enough is enough already.

  • ItsaLake

    LOL… They did suck ass, for a long time, and I for one did remain a Lakers fan through the tough years

  • mikey

    I like the Celtics, and that’s it.
    I don’t hate anything about them or anything they ever do.
    This article is stupid.
    Very very very very stupid.

  • Nate

    If I wasn’t watching and supporting the Celtics, I wouldn’t know enough to supply the details about what happened on the court this season. They had some adversity this season, but the bottom line is their physical and mental effort wasn’t enough to live up to their end of the implicit bargain between all teams and their fans. So they deserve to be called out. I hope they leave me and the many, many other disappointed Celtics fans out there with a better lasting impression of this season by playing a lot better in the playoffs than they did for the last 3 1/2 months.

  • Nate

    They’ve barely ever missed the playoffs since Magic came to town. You haven’t suffered as a hoops fan.

  • To be honest, looking back on this, this is what the Boston Celtics are all about. They’re about peaks and valleys, but in the end, the best franchise in the NBA. They put their fans through all of the emotions, just as a great sports team should. They make you question them, they make you feel with them, they make you think with them…but in the end, you’ll still love them. Salute to the best franchise in basketball history. 27 W’s away from 18.

  • Chris

    I love all the fans the Celtics have, but I hate that most of them give up on them when they have a few bad games.
    A true fan doesn’t give up on their team. So what? The Celtics have had a tough season. But that doesn’t mean to give up on them right away. There is still time for them to pull it together. They still have as good a chance of making it to the finals as anyone else.