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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc’s probably leaving… or maybe he’s not

Doc thinking

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"If I had to bet, and again I don't think its been entirely decided yet, but I think it's more likely than not that he decides to take a break from coaching."

Steve Bullpett on The 2 Man Game

Rivers said before signing his extension in 2008 that he did not want to
go into a season as a lame-duck coach, which is exactly what would
happen if he returned for 2010-11 without an extension. My guess is that
the only way Rivers does not return voluntarily is if the Celtics
somehow find a way to win another championship. No one would begrudge
him for taking Cloud Nine Air Lines back to Florida. What else could he
do here?

Short of that, there would be around five million reasons, and lots of
unfinished business, to make him think long and hard about not coming

Peter May on ESPN Boston: Doc at a crossroads.

I actually think both these guys are on the same side of the fence.  No one is going to sit there and guarantee that Doc Rivers is either staying or going next year… and the arguments for either side are good.

Is someone REALLY going to turn down 5 million dollars to do a job?  Doesn't seem very likely, does it?


If Doc and family have been planning for him to take some time off, then they've probably planned for him to lose some income during that hiatus.  AND we know how good Doc is on TV… so I can virtually guarantee that he could go back to central Florida and then jet to Atlanta to join TNT/NBA TV and make a little bit of cash.

I like Bulpett's reasoning for saying what he said.  And I'm going to approach this offseason like he's not going to return.  The CBA is going to expire soon and the NBA is going to stand strong in trying to get what it wants… including locking the players out.  Meanwhile, the possibility of a complete re-shaping of the Celtics roster still exists this offseason.  Here's more from Steve last night:

"if you wanted to rebuild, if you wanted to detonate this thing as best you could, you don't have to resign Ray Allen.  And you can try to make a move with someone else… with some of your more important players."

That last bit sparked some wild speculation out of me and Chuck.

Which "more important players" can be moved? Who else is there?  KG?  Is his contract really moveable?  Or is Paul Pierce the guy that gets shopped this offseason should Danny Ainge say "let's blow it up?"

You can listen to Steve Bulpett's fascinating interview here:

After Bulpett, we were joined by ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, who messed with our heads in the "Forsberg 5."  When it was over, Chuck was crying and I was rocking in the fetal position in a dark corner of my house muttering to myself.

On Page 2, Perk flat out tells it like it is for the playoffs

AP Photo

“I’m anxious to see when the playoffs get here what type of team
we’ll be,” Kendrick Perkins
said. “I think the first round will tell it for us.

“I’m just anxious to see the energy level, to see if guys’ focus is
there. I think the first round for us is going to tell it. We’ll have to
feed off of that.”

Herald: Heat on Celtics to prove worth

If NBA players take classes on how to double-talk and say nothing to the media during their interviews, Kendrick Perkins failed.  He continues to be brutally honest and maybe the only real barometer of what's going on with this team.

"I'm anxious to see the energy level, to see if guys' focus is there" ???

I wonder who he might be talking about there?  Clearly energy and focus has been a problem… and Perk doesn't like it.  Perk is one step away from saying "These guys better wake the hell up or I'm gonna start ripping arms out of their sockets."  He should try it.  It's a tactic that seems to work.

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  • Perry

    @Reds Army
    Good show last night. Bulpet laid down a strong case for Doc’s exit, and I think it has plenty of merit no matter what shakes out in the post season.
    As for the blow up — I do think it’s premature to draw any firm conclusions. All bets are off should they collapse in the first round, but the hard decisions will follow if the Celts lose in the second round, but play well. If Cleveland does advance and win the title, then its fait accompli is it not?
    I disagree with you guys on Perk. Regrettably his contract is a bargaining chip. Davis as well. Kevin and Rondo are not going anywhere. I cannot imagine a scenario where Pierce would be moved in the off season. I can see him opting out because of the impending CBA. Ray could easily be retained because the Celts own his Bird rights. At this stage of his life it’s more about geography than monopoly money. Sheed’s contract could be an obstacle.
    But let’s wait and see. My gut tells me we’ll see a transition similar to how the Spurs executed theirs.

  • CFH

    I would have thought the opposite of Peter May… that Doc was most likely gone with the team on the decline, some of the players tuning him out, and his unique kid situation, BUT that he would have a harder time not returning to coach a defending champ.

  • the-FACTS

    do us the favor doc. please go go go, make sure you take your boy sheed, tony, and scal with you.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Why are people trying to throw Doc out the door? Replace him with who? Give me some good reasons because I don’t see why you want to get rid of Doc so fast, he’s one of the best coaches in the league IMO. Who do you want Stan Van Gundy? Avery Johnson? These guys couldn’t do a thing with talented teams in the playoffs. Doc helped bring out the best in this team in the playoffs over the past two years and that is really all that matters. If this team has another good playoff showing are you really going to want to throw him out the door because he might overplay Ray Allen or Pierce? or that he didn’t give Bill Walker a shot? Who cares all it boils down to is post season performance.