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Time to Blow Up the Celtics?

There are several playoff preview columns out there in the internet ether.  One of the better pieces was written by J.A. Adande of ESPN.com.  It's always interesting to read what non-Bostonians have to say about the Celtics and he gets right to the point pulling no punches.  It's time to call in the demolition crew and destroy this Celtics team:


The only case for extending their season into the second round of the playoffs is to see them go against the Cavaliers, based on all the vitriol that emanated from their last meeting. Otherwise, they've passed their expiration date. The Celtics took the right approach. In 2007, they threw a group of accomplished but unsatisfied veterans together and hoped they could win a championship. Last summer, they tried to extend the window by bringing in another veteran with championship experience, Rasheed Wallace. They went 1-1. The surprise is how meekly they've gone down. They lost 16 home games this season, four more than the previous two seasons combined. They've lost nine games by double digits, matching their total from 2007-2009.
As disappointing as this season has been, it hasn't been so bad they're going to take down the 2008 banner. The strategy was worth it. I wish more teams would go all-in for a shot at a championship.
But they need to get this over with as quickly as possible because there won't be any gallant last stand. They don't have the same ferocious defense or unmistakable camaraderie. Now there are reports that coach Doc Rivers is ready to leave. Rivers called it "old news." He called it "a non-issue, for me, right now." He didn't call it "untrue."
He should move on. Everyone who can should. Call in the crew that handled the old Boston Garden demolition and let them take this roster apart. The painful part is that Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace still have two years remaining on their contracts, worth almost half the salary cap between them. This won't be enjoyable to watch. Hopefully, there's as little programming as possible.

Keep in mind that he is an "LA guy" but typically he's fair and unbiased.  Those are some sobering thoughts for Celtic fans to think about with the playoffs beginning on Saturday.  Blowing up the team completely would be a huge undertaking for Danny Ainge, but if Doc Rivers does indeed step down as head coach, he might not have any other choice.  It sure seems like he has huge support from his players.  Let the playoffs begin!

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  • JD

    How to blow it up though? Who do we keep? Do we dare trade Paul Pierce (the fan in my doesn’t, but for the team, it might be a good thing)? Do we build around Rondo? Its certainly not going to be an easy transition.
    Best scenario: in about two years, Ray has retired, KG and Paul are about to retire, Danny manages to get a top 15 draft pick, and most importantly, finds another All Star to put alongside Rondo (is Rudy Gay still a free agent after this year).
    Oh and Sheed HAS to be gone after this season. Trade him for a bag of basketballs, ship him off to Siberia, I don’t care… just get rid of him.

  • Did you call JA Adande fair and unbiased?
    He’s an unabashed Kobe ball-washer. I’ve never seen him credit the Celtics for anything.

  • Sal

    Exactly. What’s there to blow up? Their last chance to really shake up this roster over the next few years was to get what they could for Ray Allen at the deadline. They can’t trade Pierce. Garnett is untradeable. Rasheed is virtually untradeable. Perk has to get his new contract, probably with a decent raise. So cap room isn’t an option for at least a few years. Blowing things up would be lovely, but instead we’re going to be watching this roster get older for a while. Learn to love ’em.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Sal is right on. There’s nothing to blow up. They have afew of old guys signed next year (PP, KG, Sheed) and then Baby, Perk & Rondo.
    They have no money and Rondo & Perk are the only real assetts. They cant really trade Pierce, and what is KG really worth these days- a late 1st round pick?
    I’d like to know what they coulda got for Ray before the deadline. Monta Ellis and Rondo would be an awesome backcourt.
    Dark days in Boston- Sox got shut out today.

  • jared

    Its all academic at this point, it seems to me at least. No basketball will be played the year after next, and when they finally do come back, it will be with a small, hard salary cap that will handcuff every team but those with crap rosters. So IMO, lets enjoy the playoffs, enjoy whatever we can get next season (minus Sheed, it really wont be that bad) and then find something else to do for a while.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    I don’t know if its as bad as everyone thinks. Sheed makes everything seem worse, its his gift. Doc’s gonna leave? Really? Who gives a f#ck, the 08 team willed itself to a championship, your coaching or lack thereof had little to do with it. Your a nice guy Doc, but your not much above Mike Brown.
    Get rid of sheed, daniels, Big Baby, TA.
    Re – sign ray to a cheap deal- which he has indicated he’s willing to listen to. Find some mid level talent to patch things through until KG’s contract expires, then we go back to the market to find something to suround Rondo with.
    Stay competative in the mean time. In case you’ve forgotten, the F#CKING PING PONG BALLS ARE NOT AND WILL NEVER BE THE BOSTON CELTICS FRIEND. Sure blow the team (sheed, quis,ta,bbd), but don’t blow it up so hard we begin to suspect ML Carr is calling the shots. Besides, when the lockout occurs, and it will, it won’t matter whats on the roster so there’s on year off our backs.
    Two to three years Danny if f#cking kupchak can do it so can you.

  • KY Celts fan


  • Perry

    Adande is another ‘wet behind the ears’ ESPN stooge who presides over his pulpit parroting yesterday’s news. His basketball knowledge can be summed up by the number of animal crackers his mommy carried around in his diaper bag.
    Instead of providing insight as to how the origination would go about re-tooling its roster, he forms a conjecture about the Celts playoff run and its future by summing it up in one word…DOA. This comes from the same twit who predicted Lakers in 6 over Boston.
    The ESPN smart set is so inherently biased towards the Celtics. I don’t why Reds Army, Celtics Blog, Celtics Hub, and others exalt them as Gods. They are not. Here’s what they are. They are Celtic haters. They snicker at the blue collar makeup of Boston. They hate this franchise because Red was incredibly successful. They hated his victory cigars, but they couldn’t wait for the triumphant balloons to fall in Hollywood. Of course Adande wasn’t around during the Russell era, but some his cronies were. No doubt that JJ was fetching them coffee before ESPN became a broadcast monopoly.
    His use of the sub headline leading into his opinion piece is not only disrespectful, but disgusting.
    Euthanize Whom? Three future HOF’s?
    A 14-year veteran who owns an NBA ring?
    37 year old Finley?
    Or maybe abort the young, All-Star PG?
    He gives credence to the ‘dangerous’, older Spurs, but this version of the Celts should already be eulogized?
    Well now.
    FYI for anyone buying into this theory of Danny blowing up the team; it can’t happen. Kevin and Pierce aren’t going anywhere. The organization owns Ray’s Bird rights. The Big 3 could well remain intact for the next two years. We know Rondo won’t be on the market. Sheed’s contract will be tough to move. TA may indeed be resigned for the third time as a Celtic.
    That leaves us with the starting center, and a capable big man off the bench. I would expect Danny to listen to offers for Perk and Davis because their contracts can be moved. But that’s not exactly blowing up the team now is it?

  • Joseph

    Danny Ainge is a sh*t GM. He has no more friends that are going to give him players like McHale.
    You guys are going to have another LONGGGGGGGGG 22 years. HAHA. While the Lakers STILL remain competitive.

  • 00dc2

    There is a lot of negative feeling amongst celtics fans right now and many are getting sucked into the negativity from others like this guy.
    This team is not all washed up.. I am very keen to see how they play in the playoffs, i still think they can win it all. seriously. do you remember how they played against the cavs in the first half? they have it in them, they just need to stay focused. and the playoff intensity and final prize keeps you focused.
    I think RA and PP are still top level players. Ronda too. KG i am still worried about because of his injuries. When we get the real KG back? I hope soon. Maybe in the playoffs.
    Think back to the feelings you had at the start of the season, it was exciting, we were all so up beat about our chances. Dont let injuries, the pre-season and celtics hating journalists get you down. This is not over and we are still in the hunt!
    PP, Ray and KG wont give up without a hell of a fight. Rondo will play his @ss off, remember what it was like last year in the playoffs how they fought without KG! This team has heart, i think we will see it soonn!

  • CFH

    I don’t mind Adande, and much of what he says is true, though hardly news. We all knew this was coming when KG came to town– a few years of championship contention, then a crash when the team got very old very fast.
    But on the eve of the playoffs, I don’t WANT sobering thoughts, no matter how valid.
    Go C’s!

  • greenbeand

    J.A. Adande sux and so does his cut/paste chats

  • who da guy

    keep the pride, fuck everyone else. I don’t think we are going to do it, i know we will, and i bet u that everyone celtic in the locker room feels that way too.

  • Clearly sarcasm fails to translate digitally!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I notice alot of myopic fan’s talking about pride and how this tean can win it all. This isn’t the Bill Russell people. Did you watch this team THIS year? Do you actually think many (if any) of these guys are gonna lose sleep when they eventually get knocked out (hopefully by Cleveland). I wish you people would wake the hell up and stop acting like it’s unpatriotic or some bullshit like that to criticize this team. You sound like the “player formerly known as KG” after a round of boos. Wake the hell up! They played 500 ball for most of the season, and not in a good way.
    The championship in 08 must now be paid for. The trading chips are gone, the former stars with bloated contracts are still here. This can either be a semi-smooth 2 year transition back or they can relive the 90’s and most of the 00’s waiting for the impossible. It’s up to DA, but if he trots out the same starting 5 next year it’s gonna be a long decade. I agree Sheed is a class A jerk and needs to be bought-out, released, whatever, but this debacle is not on him alone.

  • DRJ

    I guess ‘news’ sites have to write something every day. -Sigh- For me, there’s nothing more to say. Not interested in anybody’s predictions, feelings, premonitions, or any damn thing. Nobody knows nuttin. And… we’ll all know it all very soon. I’d like to tell ESPN and every other reporting entity to STFU, ‘cept I know they gotta blow hard just to make a living

  • Perry

    I’m not sure who your directing those comments at, but it seems to me the consensus on this and other blogs have been critical, but also tempered. I for one have addressed the inefficiencies and called out players when they deserved it.
    I come from the perspective that sports is a business first. Second, is management doing enough to field a competitive, winning product? Third, have the players excelled in their system?
    Those are fair assessments to debate, and so is every semantic in between. Some of us do a better job articulating the finer points, others don’t. Most of us want to see this team play the way its capable of playing. The few others are nothing but trolls who posses zero basketball acumen.
    I took issue with Adande because his analysis was vacant of cause and effect. His petty, mini thesis took a blatant, arrogant shot at the franchise.
    You see in one breath he lauds them for transforming itself into a champion in one year — a moment later its core should be euthanized.
    It’s pretty easy to lift, and tweak a few passages from local beat reporters or hide behind a few interns who feed you stats off 82games.com. But that in a nutshell is where journalism is today. Frankly, it’s not a thinking man’s medium anymore. Historical perspective has been phased out in favor of statistical leaders and insiders who charge a few bucks to float innuendos. There are exceptions like Bob Ryan and Jackie M. They are true craftsmen.
    Like the folks who proceeded the ESPN smart set I too was there before blogs, Aztec Gino, and the Bird era. Before Red drafted him as a junior this franchise was about tradition. To this day his legacy lives on. This blog is named after our forefather. Red created the mark of excellence synonymous with the parquet floor. Russell brought it to life.
    Don’t ever forget that.

  • dave cowens

    His name is Kevin Durant…His name is Kevin Durant…His name is Kevin Durant…