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Bring on the Heat

Chuck - Red's Army April 14, 2010 Uncategorized 12 Comments on Bring on the Heat

The Heat finished off the New Jersey Nets in 2OT propelling them into a 1st round match-up with the Boston Celtics.

How much did the Celtics care about their playoff opponent? According to ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, the players were filing out of the locker room even though the Heat/Nets game was on TV.

The Celtics swept the season series 3-0; winning 92-85 on Nov. 29, 112-106 in OT (remember Rondo's game-tying buzzer beater?) on Jan. 6, and 107-102 on Feb. 3.

The Heat finished the season at 47-35, just three games behind the Celtics. Miami is red hot, winning 12 of 13 and 18 of 22.

Quick prediction: Celtics in 6

PS – The schedule has yet to be released.

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  • Fcking PUMPED

    It’s money time Celtics, time to turn it up several notches and get this ring. The Truth isn’t about to let the Cavs anywhere near the finals. The Truth doesn’t want Mo Williams punk ass winning a ring. Boston, The Truth will set y’all free. Trust in him, he won’t let y’all down. Number 18 is coming.

  • nick

    It is what it is, I’ and alot of others have talked trash about the C’s this year some of it deservedly so.But now is the time to say fuck it all, lets get it. Big 3, Rondo rest of the click LETS GO. I still believe in u guys. Lets get the 3 seed or we have 2 face cavs OO NOOOOO. Im so glad the season is over because if 1 more retard said that i was gona fucking blow a gasket, is Cleveland any better than Orlando? the Magic have Barnes Pietrus Bass and a whole plethora of good bench players and a great 4some of scorers in the starting lineup, so w.e thats a moot point. I want 2 see some heart and determination and u already know Jermaine the hasbeen O’ Neal is going 2 want 2 fight Perk and Sheed and KG, that dude has issues. Quite simply Miami is a 1 man gang, and T.A and Ray will do a great job on him..I’m not concerned at all. I’m just bracing 4 the battle ahead against the Cavs, kuz i really hate those motherfuckers. Im sick of those gay bastards snapping pictures and dancing and Varejaos queer ass hair. Lets fucking pound themmmmm!!!!!!!!! Anyone else impressed with how physical Big Baby has been the last month? I love the ffensive boards and hard fouls.

  • Nick

    Work with me here…Sheed enters the locker room 15 minutes b4 game time and delivers this speech. “Don’t you realize? The next time you see sky, it’ll be over another city. The next time you throwdown an alley-oop, it’ll be in some other uniform. Ainge & Grousbeck, they want the best of stuff for us. But right now, they got to do what’s right for them. Because it’s their time. Their time! Up there!”Pointing to the luxury box where Ainge sits” Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here. The C’s erupt into a frenzy…K.G and Sheed combine for46 points and 25 boards..we blow out Miami by 25.

  • Nick,
    I’d like to see Sheed enter the locker room and have KG backhand him and go, “You tipped it into the Bulls’ basket? You’re f**king kidding me.”
    With Leather nailed it today… the look on Sheed’s face after he tipped it in for the Bulls last night was the look on every Celtics fan’s face after they watched Sheed take a three.
    That said, blowing out Miami by 25 sounds awesome. I hope it happens.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This is going to be a much harder series than you think. The Heat played us REALLY good all season and every game was down to the wire. Wade straight up BRINGS IT in the playoffs and these Celtics better match that intensity and not overlook the heat because they will be out in the first round if they don’t. I’m tired of defending this damn team lets see some fucking play to back it up for once

  • Dude, this is the only time my wife has had any interest in a basketball site. You’ve made her and Chunk proud.

  • Sal

    Seriously? There’s any rational thinker alive that thinks this is going to be easy? Boston in 7…and I don’t even feel great about the “Boston” part of that prediction. Prove me wrong, boys.

  • DRJ

    ‘Nuf said.
    We got what we wanted — a fully healthy team, in the playoffs. Every other major contender, save two, has health problems. The two others that don’t? Orlando, and Miami. Even there, Pietrus and Carter have had their issues lately, as has J O’neal on the Miami team (which also lost Alston).
    To win it all, a team needs 3 things: Talent, Heart, and Luck.
    – The Cs have got the Talent.
    – They’ve also got the Heart. It’s there. The power and rhythm of that heart is one of the open question that will soon be answered.
    And then there’s Luck. Which manifests itself mostly through the refs, and in our continued good health. Not much we can do about either. Therefore…
    ‘Nuf said. Time for action.

  • Lee in Oregon

    The HEATs have been a hot team of late, and of course D WADE is super dangerous, so this won’t be a cake walk.
    I love the C’s as much as anyone on the planet, but as for having heart & talent, turning it up a notch, and all the other playoff cliche’s you can think of…..I just don’t see it. I’ve watched them about 80 times and they’re a 50 win team on the downside. Thet should be able to get by Miami…..but that’s the end of the road. The only way they get by Cleveland is if someone goes Nancy Kerrigan job on Bron-Bron’s knee. Doc knows it…why do u think he’s already pondering his future ? (translation- retiring before the firing)

  • DRJ

    Btw… an interesting little side story about why Perk sat out this game. Doc said it was because he had 15 techs, and they didn’t want him getting his 16th. But — we all know that the tech count RESETS to zero for the playoffs, where the new limit is 6. So it appeared as if Doc was lying about that.
    But the Herald ( explains that — apparently the Cs called the league office, and were told that this situation had NEVER HAPPENED before, and that they did not know what they would do if Perk got his 16th tech in the last game of the regular season. Apparently, it was possible that the league could make him sit for game 1 of the playoffs — even though their own rule is that tech counts reset.
    I.e., either the league office is full of morons, or Doc was lying. Pretty easy choice. (#1 of course!)


    Same Lee – I hope I’m wrong but I’ve never bought into the ‘turning it on’ shit – teams can’t do that. These guys can beat anyone – and I mean anyone – and then lose to anyone. I’ll be cheering my skinny ass off and really hope they do well.
    Miami will be a real litmus test for them. No one has more determination than Dwayne Wade – go watch the AS game this year – he wanted to win more than anyone…I think Miami lack depth and we SHOULD win but the inconsistencies of the C’s mean it’s not a given…

  • Perry

    So who do you trust when it comes to how information is gathered?
    How much did the Celtics care about their playoff opponent? According to ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg, the players were filing out of the locker room even though the Heat/Nets game was on TV.
    There seemed to be more people in the room watching Miami and New Jersey than were in attendance at American Airlines [AMR] Arena during the second overtime. It was essentially meaningless to the Heat fans, but the Celts were watching intently.