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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc says go hard or go home

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But Rivers clearly was thinking about the mail-in debacle against the
Wizards when he said of Celts wanting to play, “I don’t mind that with
all of them, as long as you do it hard. We say we want to play, but
we’ve got to do it hard. If you’re not doing it hard or I don’t feel
like you’re doing it hard, I’m choosing rest.

“I don’t worry much about Ray (Allen), because Ray plays the way he
plays. Paul we may (sit) one of the games. We’re not even sure about
(tonight). It’s 50-50 whether he plays.”

As for Garnett, Rivers said, “I don’t know if he goes the last two.
He’ll most likely go (tonight).”

Herald – Cs balance shape, health

I'm with Doc on this one. Don't bother playing guys if they are going to have this infamous "we're saving it for the playoffs mentality."

Look at the bodies that are piling up out there. Andrew Bogut, Chris Bosh, Brandon Roy… The Celtics may not be playing their best, but at least they can enter the playoffs healthy.

On Page 2, an update on how the playoff seedings are shaping up.

The Atlanta
(52-29) would clinch the No. 3 seed (and Boston
No. 4) with a win (Wed. vs. Cavaliers) or a Celtics
loss (Tues. at Bulls, Wed. vs. Bucks). The Celtics (now 50-30) would win
a tie because they are division champions.

The Miami
(46-35) would clinch the No. 5 seed (and Milwaukee
No. 6) with a win (Wed. vs. Nets) or a Bucks loss
(Wed. at Celtics). The Bucks (now 45-36) would win a tie because of a
3-1 head-to-head record.

The Chicago
(39-41) would clinch a playoff berth and the No. 8 seed with a
win (Tues. vs. Celtics, Wed. at Bobcats) and a Toronto
(39-42) loss (Wed. vs. Knicks). The Raptors would win a tie
because of a 2-1 head-to-head record.

Yahoo! Sports

In short, the Celtics need to win out with a Hawks loss (LeBron and Shaq might play in that final game) to capture the 3rd seed. By winning out, the Celtics would drop the Bucks into the 6th seed and make them the first round opponent. Capishe?

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  • Perry

    Milwaukee had no answer for JJ and got pounded on the boards. I never felt they could cut into Atlanta’s 5 to 10 point lead, and they didn’t. Without Bogut they’re one and done.
    If the Celtics lack the playoff intense mind set the Bulls will bring tonight they may get ambushed on national television. Which Celtics team shows up tonight and who plays is anyone’s guess. If they do win then it depends on how Cleveland treats a meaningless game in Atlanta.
    Head to head, the Cavs hold a 3-0 season series edge over the Hawks. Of course if the Celts lose tonight it’s all moot. Then I expect Doc to rest starters in Boston off the back to back. Conversely, a Milwaukee win in Boston and a Heat loss gives the Bucks the 5 seed. So they will be motivated to win, and not go into the playoffs losing four straight.
    My fear is the Celts don’t play to win these two last games for the sake of rest. That in my opinion is a tactical mistake since they haven’t showed they can string together 5+ games of consistent play. I for one have never bought into this ‘flip the switch’ theory.
    So, here we are. Over the past three weeks the Heat have been red hot; the Cavs all season long. You reap what sow. The inexcusable losses will have consequences. The Celts will likely face the NBA’s best one/two punch in succession. Let’s hope by Saturday they’ll feel like playing hard.