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T-Mobile Recap: Bulls win gives Celtics 4th seed


Due to the Bulls 101-93 win tonight, the Celtics have secured the 4th seed in the Eastern conference playoffs. Their opponent (Miami or Milwaukee) has yet to be determined.

While I'll give the Celtics credit for not laying down and actually "trying" to win this game, their 4th quarter defense was porous (34 points).

Derrick Rose (career-high 39 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds) and Kirk Hinrich (30 points, 4-7 3FG) were  unstoppable. Whenever the Celtics need a stop, Rose or Hinrich buried a clutch shot. Nate Robinson looked lost out there trying to cover those guys.

Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 28 points. Ray Allen chipped in 25. Rajon Rondo struggled mightily (4 points, 2-10 FG).

KG (14 points, 9 rebounds in 28 minutes) needed three stitches to close a cut over his left eye.

Rasheed Wallace (2 points, 1-7 FG, 6 rebounds) drew mock cheers from the Chicago crowd when he fumbled a rebound and inadvertently tipped the ball into the Bulls basket.

Did anyone else notice the lovely Marisa Miller sitting near the Celtics bench?

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  • AMP

    I liked this game…I guess…I thought there was nice effort. Doc’s discretion lost the game, and I am fine with that. He has a bigger goals. I disagree and thought there were some great moments from Robinson and I hope that is promising for the playoffs. The Bulls are a great team and it is hard to hate their pure talent and pure effort. Rose is Rose, but Hinrich and Noah are always surprising and they deserve this.
    No one cares to win tomorrow, which sucks cause I got tix.

  • I had the same reaction at first, I was impressed with the effort. Then I looked at the box score and realized the Bulls scored 34 freakin points in the 4th quarter. That’s pathetic.

  • AMP

    I can’t deny…I reacted a little emotionally. This is the first game I’ve paid attention to in days. I looked at the stats as well after posting, and some of it was so bad. But, at least we didn’t look like an aged team who gave up or took their skills for granted as we have so often this year. Felt like a playoff game (less Rondo). Still excited for the post season!

  • KY Celts fan

    Was that really Perk’s 16th T? So he’ll sit tomorrow, not that it matters.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I was glad to see Pierce is starting to get into stride again, but it was another loss to weak team. What’s worse is this game had a playoff atmosphere and when it came down to it, the C’s came up short.
    D WADE is one helluva player, he can take over an entire series like he did in the finals 4? years ago. This will not be an easy series for the Green.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ps….AMP, love your enthusiasm but the BULLS are far from great. They’re a 500 team actually fighting for the 8th spot in the EAST. Rose is great but not …”da bulls”

  • Don’t be disappointed that you have tix for tomorrow-it’s Fan Appreciation night. Pierce always gives away stuff to the crowd, and last year, each C’s player gave their autographed, game-worn kicks to a randomly selected fan. It’s usually a great night.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Rondo lost this game for us. If he did half of what Rose did we win. This game was less about the final score and more about Truth getting back to being an assassin and right in time for the play offs.
    Miami has no chance. Wade will not take over the series b/c
    of our depth. Not for four games. Celtics in 5.

  • Rose and Heimlich killed us. Or killed Rondo and Ray maybe I should say. It was encouraging to see Pierce have a great game heading into the postseason though. A little concerned about Perk lately-he has been among the missing scoring-wise. I have faith in him though and think he’ll turn it around.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Should Bucks land in our laps sweep…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Perk had 11 boards. If he gives us double digit rebounds throughout play offs that would be huge.

  • Lets hope the bulls give cleveland some hard time in the first round… i doubt though especially this year they don’t have Ben Gordon and Salmons.

  • DRJ

    15th, I think. Not that it matters.

  • Perry

    @KY Celts fan
    Officially it was Perk’s 15th tech, and even if it does not get rescinded it won’t matter tonight.

  • Perry

    I agree with everyone’s analysis. It was good to see the Celts matching the Bulls intensity. Doc played this one to win, but Chicago needed it more.
    I thought he found the right combination in the 4th quarter despite the 34 points allowed. The small lineup worked to some degree because they didn’t fade down the stretch. You gotta tip your hat to Hinrich and Rose for knocking down the shots when they had to.
    TA was missed tonight. Rondo could not handle Rose this time around. A combination of TA/Quis could have disrupted the Bulls back court domination.
    I would have run Quis at Hinrich and sat Finley. Maybe going small and throwing multiple personnel on D. Wade is something Doc will use more frequently. I just have this funny feeling that Quis will make his presence felt on the defensive end at some point in the Miami series.
    Despite the loss, it’s pretty clear Pierce is rounding back into form. No question he’ll need to put the team on his back, and match D.Wade’s firepower in stretches. Solid outings by Kevin, and Ray. For the first time in a long while I felt good about a loss.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Two considerations:
    – I hope they did’n put much effort in this game, otherwise it just means this team is gonna be badly kicked out at first round.
    – to Red’s Army: congratulations for your 101-96 prediction! Wow, that was just amazing..!
    Anyway: go C’s!

  • DRJ

    I can’t remember a regular NBA season I was happier to be rid of than this one. Our boys got through it and they’re all healthy, which is, I guess, all we ever really wanted anyway. A couple of observations:
    – In the end, only 7 games separate the Cs from the league’s 2nd place team, the Lakers. There were so many close ones, so many they could have easily won but for luck and/or refs… and had they won just 7 more of those games, this season would be considered great.
    – If there is any germ of a new paradigm cooking in the minds of some teams — to coast through any parts of a regular season (because of how little it means) – it seems the league is determined to kill it. We were told during the Bulls game that the NBA once fined the Lakers for tanking games, back in 1990 (specifically, for sitting their best players, just like the Lakers and Cavs have done this season), and that the league intends to discuss that situation again, in detail, at their next governors’ meeting.
    Of course, they’re right to worry… this issue and its various permutations attack the basic financial foundation of their business.
    So even if some lesson will ultimately be learnable from the way this season went down, it may be difficult or impossible to apply it down the road… unless one is prepared for a lot of subterfuge.
    And I wouldn’t be surprised if the league got it into its head that they mustn’t allow any team that experimented in this manner to win the title. I don’t THINK that will affect us, but ya never know… it could end up a big Uh-Oh for the Cs.
    If there’s one thing I want more than anything else going forward it’s for the refs to be fair and square in all our games. Too much to hope for?

  • Perry

    You and I both know the officiating will skew in Wade’s favor. Is there any doubt what would take place if we advance to Cleveland? This is why I deemed the 3 seed important.
    In most cases the calls will go to the more aggressive team, so it’s up to the Celts to set the tone because the officials won’t be helping their cause in either series. No matter what happens Wade and LBJ will pile up a ton of free throws, no doubt off many bad calls.
    Now Orlando may indeed be better than Cleveland, but unlike Wade/LBJ D.Howard can’t shoot free throws. Besides, who is likely to pickup 2 quick fouls at the start of a game, Wade, Lebron or Howard?
    There is a strategy when playing Orlando. We have the personnel to play DH straight up. If he goes off rap him up, and put him to the line. At the opposite end just go at him hard and make him commit. You can get him into foul trouble. Problem is, the Celts have had no asnwer for Gortat.
    I don’t doubt we can make quick work of Miami in spite of the officiating, but with Lebron, the media hype, the air apparent to the NBA throne, I’m not so sure. But you can’t base a series on the officiating or luck. It comes down to making stops, knocking down clutch shots and match ups.
    First things first. we’ve heard all the talking points about this team being built for the post season. The main objective (health) has been achieved. Let’s not make excuses now. As you say, line em’ up and let’s see what happens.
    I see your point about the overall records, and it’s true that on the surface the Celt’s have nothing to be ashamed of.
    Or do they?
    Full disclosure. I was not posting on this blog when the season started, but for years always read each thread. Collectively the Celts were considered the NBA’s version of a locomotive. But along the way issues surfaced. They blew leads; they lost games they had no business losing. They lost more home games this year and than the previous two combined. The lack of focus and hustle were evident. So by most people’s standards it was a disappointing regular season.

  • If Perk gets a tech tonight, does he sit the first game of the play offs or the first regular season game next year?

  • NineSevenEight

    I don’t know how I feel about this loss. The Bulls definitely pulled out all the stops to get the W. Derrick Rose played 46 minutes, Hinrich 42, Noah 46, Deng 44. They were definitely the more desperate team. And rightfully so. It makes you wonder how they’re going to feel waking up. I give the Celtics credit for hanging in there, but like everyone else has basically said, poor fourth quarter. Think it goes back to Chicago being the more desperate of the two.

  • It would-it really would. He was scoring alot more in the first half of the season.

  • NineSevenEight

    Pretty sure the slate is wiped clean for the playoffs.

  • AMP

    OK…maybe a promising team. They got some stuff to work with.

  • AMP

    Oh! I didn’t know. Frankly, I am always excited to have tix. Doesn’t happen often!

  • Cool-I may go too. Have fun!

  • rodger

    whys rondo taking 10 shots and going 2 for 10 i agree rondo lost this one.Glen helped lose too.

  • DRJ

    That’s right. New slate in the playoffs, where SIX is the maximum, and it carries through all series (stupid part of the rule). Once you get a 7th, you’re suspended for the next game.