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KG is in, TA… not so much

Chuck - Red's Army April 13, 2010 Uncategorized 4 Comments on KG is in, TA… not so much

Via the Globe, TA is sick

"He may," Rivers said. "But right now, he's got a 100-and-whatever fever so."

Garnett, who sat out Saturday against the Bucks, will play tonight. How much he'll play is still up in the air.

"I'm just going to watch," Rivers said. "I have no thought going into the game for him. I'd like to play him a lot of minutes actually,because there's a chance he may not play tomorrow. That's something I will know before the game. If we play him short minutes in both games or large minutes in one. We haven't talked about it long enough yet, but by game time I will know."

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  • Walker

    TA’s sickness is pure BS, he just doesn’t want to get shot at while dining @ White Palace Grill once again

  • lol @Walker. I bet Tony Allen is back in Boston-guarranteed. Anyhow, I hope this spells some quality PT for ‘Quis tonight. I’m not sure Doc has made the right choice in not playing him much lately. I think personally he’s a big key to their success in the playoffs. But what the hell do I know…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Your a Hall of Famer that’s what you know!
    Quis and TA are the same kinda player. They won’t spread the floor, good slashers/finishers and they can both D up the wings. Also Doc for some inexplicable reasons wants them to back up Rondo. I think it will be back up PP by committee with these two (a nice luxury to have btw). Our depth is just crazy and as long as we get production from one of them it will help tremendously.

  • Ha ha….thanks man..