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Start thinking Miami

RedsArmyAdmin April 12, 2010 Uncategorized 12 Comments on Start thinking Miami

Ashley miami

No, no, no… not THAT Miami.  Although that's nice.

This Miami:


There are two games left… and it's time to face facts:  The Celtics will probably end up playing the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

We laid it out in yesterday's special edition of The 2 Man Game… which you can listen to here:

But I'll lay it out here, since you're all probably as lazy as I am and you want instant gratification.

The Celtics are playing the Bulls and Bucks next.  That should be 2 wins.  But Atlanta has Milwaukee and the now mailing-it-in Cavaliers… which should probably be 2 wins as well.  And if you're paying attention… the Bucks next two games are against the Celtics and Hawks… and those should be two losses.

So the Hawks and Celtics are probably winning both games… meaning Atlanta is going to be the 3rd seed and the Celtics will settle in 4th.  The Bucks are losing twice… and with Miami playing Philly and New Jersey next… the Heat only need to win one to break their current 5th seed tie. 

Got it?

Milwaukee will slip to 6th and the Heat are jumping to 5.  Our only hope to face the Bogut-less Bucks is for LeBron to come back in the final game of the season and help the Cavs run Atlanta out of the building.  But even then it's no guarantee.  The Cavs clearly don't give a damn about how they finish the season, so I'm not counting on them for anything. 

And honestly, I'm not exactly counting on the Celtics to actually win both games.  I can see them laying an egg in Chicago tomorrow… especially since the Bulls are fighting for their playoff lives.  One team is guaranteed to put forth an effort in that game… and I'm sure you guys can guess which one that is.

The Heat don't scare me… but it'll be a tougher series than the Bucks will be.  And any time Dwyane Wade is in the mix, then you've got a fight on your hands.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Let’s remember that we swept Miami this year. Now that doesn’t guarantee anything, but we know we can definitely beat them. This could end up being another epic first round for the Celtics.

  • DRJ

    We’ll have a lot more information after tonight’s games.
    Remember in 08, the tough first rounds were considered useful in getting the Cs ready for their ultimate victory. In 09, the opposite seemed to happen. There’s really no way to know which is better now – a good, tough 1st-round fight, or a cakewalk. Therefore, might as well not care. Chips – fall wherever you please.

  • Perry

    So guys, if the Bucks win tonight we control our own destiny for the 3 seed. Go all out for the next two games or Que Sera, Sera?

  • I’d rather play the Bucks… so I’m all for whatever scenario plays out to make that happen

  • I don’t think at this point you can say “this team will probably beat that team”… the way things have been going, there is no telling what might happen over these next two games.
    I’m just going to wait and let it play out before thinking about a 1st round opponent.

  • Nateh

    why not rest the big three for the next two games? The C’s really don’t have much to lose if they win the games or not. I know its a bit premature, but if the C’s lose the last two games they’re looking at drafting in the upper teens as opposed to the low-mid twenties. This year, the drop-off in talent is pretty big from 18-23.

  • Perry

    Likely won’t happen if the Bucks lose tonight and Miami beats Philly. Bucks would fall a game behind the Heat who play home to NJ Wednesday. Atlanta winning tonight would all but clinch the 3 seed. Celts would have to win out combined with a Hawk loss Wednesday otherwise it’s D. Wade & Co.
    If Atlanta losses in Mil. Celts control their own destiny. I think it’s a good test for them to capture the 3 seed because it would give them a minor achievement and some tangible momentum.
    So…Bucks would have lose 2 games and drop to 6. Atlanta would need to split, which means lose to Cleveland who has nothing to play for. Celts would have deem the next two games as important and win out to capture the 3 seed. Then it’s the Bucks Saturday night.

  • Sophomore

    I have to think the 3 seed and a matchup with the Bucks would be by far the best outcome for the Cs. Not just because the Bucks are Bogut-less, but for all the other stuff that would follow.
    Atlanta, as the 4, would play Miami at the 5. Miami played Atlanta very well in the regular season – and how great would it be to see Atl scrub out in the first round? Assuming Atl made it through the Heat, they’d get the Cavs in round 2. Buh-bye.
    Meanwhile, if we get past Milwaukee – which we should – we’d get Orlando in round 2. Sad to say we’d be underdogs in that series, but I’d still rather face Orl than Cleveland or Atl in round 2.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Can we trade for Ashley F.? Maybe for Scal?

  • DRJ

    Well… looks like the only way the Cs are gonna see the Bucks again is if ATL loses to the Cavs playing their 2nd stringers (and the Cs win both of their remaining games), or if Miami finds a way to lose to the Nets (and the Bucks beat the Cs in the last game of the season). Miami, here we come.

  • Ohhh…should be fun being in a 7 game playoff series against dwyane wade..
    Oh wait…no…. thats gonna be terrible

  • Shawn-cvd

    Why would a Miami series be terrible? The C’s WILL beat them. And if they can’t then they definitely wouldn’t make it out of the East this year. It’s Banner 18 or bust. I care not who/when we play any opponent from a match up standpoint. For entertainment I love to watch DWade so bring him on.