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Rajon Rondo – The Takeover

This is an absolutely killer Rajon Rondo mix of highlights from this past season.  Just awesome.  Enjoy!

Thanks Drucci. 

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  • CJR1285

    crazy mix!

  • Awesome!
    In a few years we’ll look back and laugh at the debates we had on whether Rondo is one of the Top 5 point guards in the league.

  • Agreed. But whats your top five? In what order?
    Just curious 🙂

  • 00dc2

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tough with the injury to Paul, but let’s ignore that…
    D Will
    Now if you’re talking re-drafting the PG’s in the league…
    D Will

  • jacob

    You gotta love those first few moments on the clip, just makes me smile.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    this mix shows the lone bright spot of the season. this kid is incredible

  • thebleeptruth

    If only he had killer crossovers, he’d have highlights every game. I’m also happy that he has decreased his use of the behind the back pass fake – not the one where he dribbles it behind his back instead of passing (1:08), which is cool, but the one where he simply fakes the pass (2:34). It really usually isn’t that effective.

  • Drucci

    Thanks for posting the mix on Red’s Army!
    I’m glad most of you liked it, I feared that the unexpected song would kill it but apparently it didn’t.