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Your Morning Dump… Where The Truth still likes his team’s chances

Pierce arms raised

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Based on the club’s agida-inducing play, Pierce was given a chance to
reconfigure the target. So just what minimum level of postseason
achievement would it take for the Celts’ season to be considered a
Pierce did not pause long.

“A championship, man,” Pierce said as the Celts took a day off in
Chicago. “I mean, that’s what we were saying in the preseason. We want
to be the champs. That’s the minimum level. I don’t care what our record
is. I don’t care how we’ve played. Our minimum level is winning the
championship. That’s been our goal since we brought the team together,
and that’s not changed.”

But is it realistic?

“Yeah,” Pierce said. “Without question. Look, there’s no way we can
get around the fact that we lost to some bad teams, but we beat some
good teams. And at the end of the day, we just have to beat four teams
to win it all. We have a chance to do that. It’s going to be 0-0 after
Wednesday night. It’s been tough for us. But you can look at everything
in different ways. There’s pros and cons, if you want to really look at
it. We know we’re not going to have homecourt advantage throughout the
playoffs, but at the same time we’ve been one of the best road teams in
all of basketball.”

Herald: Paul Pierce still likes Celtics chances 

The Celtics don't look at this season the same way we do.  The losses aren't signs of the apocalypse.  They're just losses.  They might be frustrating losses, but they're nothing more than that.

And because they're players, they can't sit there and allow any type of fan discussion to enter their brains.  They can't sit there and say "man… I hope we can make it out of the second round."  They have to only think about the title.

So players will say things like this… and they'll say it in a matter-of-fact way that doesn't carry the burden of past frustration.  They won't shrug their shoulders like we might as we say the goal is a championship.  What's done is done to them.  That's how it HAS to be for them. 

Maybe, at least for now, we should think the same way.

On Page 2: Ray Allen believes he can fly

Associated Press photo

“I always, I have this thing in my mind like sometimes when I’m sleeping
I dream that I can fly,” he said. “When I’m playing basketball, it
always tells myself that I’ve still got great legs, like I still have
that lift in my legs. So when I get on the floor, you see a play, you
see something happen, you just feel like you can take it, you can make a
certain play happened based on getting up there to the basket.” […]

“I’ve been having that for a long time,” Allen explained. “That’s why
when I always wake up, it’s like a great feeling. You wake up and you
just know, for me what I do, I get out on the floor and I just feel like
I still have that. For me, it translates into my athleticism.”

Athleticism … and perhaps some competition, too? Being able to fly
also means he can get places faster than those on foot. It’s another
asset to put him ahead of the pack.

“Both. I think it’s more of my competition,” Allen said. “If you
think about the ability to train yourself to go work out or to go do
something that’s going to give you greater stamina or endurance, that’s
what I think it is, is you’ve got to start from somewhere. Like sitting
around, you see some guy on TV bench pressing and he has muscles on
every part of his body. Most people see that and say man I’ve got to go
work out. Like where does your motivation come from? I think that’s
partly the competition factor, like I need to get shots up, I need to go
get on the treadmill."

WEEI: Allen's high-flying dreams

I wish I could fly. Then I wouldn't have to sit in traffic on my way to work.

I don't really know what to say to this.  Whatever you say, Ray.  You're an interesting dude.

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  • Perry

    Look, I hope Pierce is right. If his mid range game is back in form then it is one big step forward. As we all know the Celts post season fortunes boil down to the Big 3 playing at a high level. At some point a critical moment will require Pierce to put the team on his back. So we’ll need him to score the ball in pressure possessions as he did Saturday night.
    True, when Thursday morning comes it’s back to 0-0. But does anyone find solace in his remarks when we have not seen this team play 5 consecutive games of consistent, winning basketball?
    So here’s my test on the road to the final exam. Tonight is huge. If the Heat and Bucks win the 5 seed will be determined Wednesday night. The Heat play NJ in Miami. The pressure is on the Bucks in Boston. Meanwhile, and more important from our point of view, a Buck win tonight puts us back in the 3 spot.
    The Celts would have much to play over these next two games, and I for one would feel a hell of a lot better if they won both games and used it as a momentum builder for the first round.

  • middle finger extended

    seriously i would like to extend a couple of middle fingers to the doubters… please get off the bandwagon and stay off… call us inconsistent if you will but i dont know how you get 50 wins against the best athletes in the world by not doing more good than bad… since the big 3 has been assembled we’ve been extremely competitive but so called “fans” are calling for their heads after a injury riddled year that still brought 50 wins… this very site disrespecting KG, the defensive presence that pushed us over the hump in 08… im with pierce, ainge, doc, rondo and the rest of the fellas I BELIEVE and im proud to say even trough the losses I BELIEVED because i cant see into the future like alot of people on these blogs all i can do is wait and see… but i am hoping to choke some posters on here and on celticsblog with “i told you so you *bleeping bleeps*”

  • Perry

    Sorry, mild error. The Celts control their own destiny for the 3 seed if the Bucks beat Atlanta tonight.

  • Perry

    I really hope your parents didn’t name you middle finger. Horrible way to go through life.

  • DRJ

    Paul said the new season begins after Wednesday. I don’t think he or the team cares much about these last 2 games. I don’t. Bucks are certainly the easier out, but as in 08, sometimes a tough round or two is what’s needed to get the team ready for their ultimate goal. On the other hand, sometimes it sets you up for elimination, as in 09. You never know which is best… so I just don’t care. Let the chips fall wherever they may.

  • KY Celts fan

    Ha… Space Jam.

  • mikey

    Yes. F Celticsblog. Dudes over there are going to have no credibility after we win the title this year. With all their stupid remarks all year long on a team that ended up winning the championship anyway.
    Time for the Big Boys to stick it to the NBA this year. All those stupid power rankings, espn garbage, nbatv crap, its all crap. We’re the champs.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Love your confidence, but please respect who’s not confident as you. After all it was a kind of disappointing regular season, with lots of highs and lows.