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Enemy Chatter: Boston is like the big bullies

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters
and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics.
Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Milwaukee.

“Oh yeah,” Jennings said when asked if this had become a heated
rivalry.  “All I can say is just sit back, get ready for the playoffs,
because this is fitting to be crazy.  We’re up for it and it’s going to
be a crazy series.”

After the March 9 game and his confrontation with Davis, Jennings
said Boston is “known for punking people.”  The rookie point guard has
another way of looking at the Celtics now, too.

“Boston is like the big bullies from school,” Jennings said.  “A lot
of teams don’t like that and a lot of teams aren’t going to back down. 
Jerry (Stackhouse) told me on the court, he said ‘Watch when the
playoffs come, this is shifting to be fun.’” 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

But the Celtics are a great first round opponent for tons of
reasons.  Not just because they appear most beatable, but because the
Bucks can learn lots from their guys.  They can see the intensity
they’ll need.  They can feel the type of defense pressure that wins
games in the playoffs.  They can see a star at work in fourth quarters
in Paul Pierce, watch what he does and how he operates.

But not all the Celtics serve that purpose.  Some of the Celtics are
in need of some learning themselves.  Frankly, on Saturday night, Glen
“Big Baby” Davis
looked like, well, pardon the obvious pun,
but, a Big Baby.  His reaction to a hard foul by Kurt Thomas led
to a technical for his time, an on court talking to by Celtics Coach Doc
and … a flagrant foul on Thomas?  Perhaps Davis did
know what he was doing.  It’s possible he was just working the refs.


Make no mistake, the Celtics love to play the roll of 'bully.' I'm willing to bet those tactics will work against a young team like Milwaukee in the playoffs. When the first round series is over (Celtics in 5), Milwaukee will chalk this up as a learning experience (a la Atlanta in 2008, Chicago in 2009).

Am I wrong in thinking the Kurt Thomas throw-down was an obvious flagrant 1? I'm not sure what this Bucks blogger was watching.

Skiles after the game:

"He didn't have a great stat line, but Rondo has owned us in these games
so far. He just goes wherever he wants to go. We've got to do a much
better job of getting him out of the paint. He causes the defense to
collapse, opens up things up for everyone else. We've really struggled
to contain him… On the ball, and the guys getting in proper help
position, we struggled with that."

Can the Bucks maintain their defensive prowess without Bogut? Jury's

Sans Garnett. At this point, Andrew Bogut means more to the
Bucks than does Kevin Garnett to the Celtics, but the fact is Bogut
won't be back for the potential playoff rematch, and Garnett certainly
will. A 15-point home loss to the Garnett-less version of Boston doesn't
bode well.

Brew Hoop

Hey Skiles, you are not alone. Rondo has been doing that to teams all season long.

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  • the only thing is… it was “Celtics in 7” & “Celtics in 7 with 7 OTs” series vs Atlanta and Chicago… i hope Cs had a learning experience. And this Bucks team is much weaker than Atl or Chi.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Jennings is a good player, nothing more; his game is often overconfident rondo-ish but with less talent. When (as a rookie) he speaks like I never heard real game stars speaking, he reveals himself as an arrogant, cocky kid too.

  • I hate jennings… no rook should talk to KG like he did. A little respect please? not only because KG’s a HOF but he’s also a lot older and experienced… I hope Celtics utterly destroy the bucks in the playoffs and im keeping my fingers crossed that they do meet in teh first round.
    Tyreke Evans deserve the Rookie of teh year award.. he’s a lot more talented and he’s humble. Now that’s a huuuuuge plus if he’s gonna improve over the years. Was MJ or Lebron as cocky as jennings in their rookie year? I don’t think soo… cocky bastard

  • prefuse

    well theres a reason why jenning is like that. celtics act like douches, then hes going to be one . stop being a hypocrite about it

  • Lee in Oregon

    Celts in 5? I love it!
    They might win, especially with Bogy out…but in 5? This team has never done anything in 5 games, it took 7 to beat a worse team (Chicago) last year and the C’s were themselves better last year (even w/o KG). Since Christmas, Milwaukee has been one of the better teams in the east, whereas the C’s…..well, not so much.

  • Lee in Oregon

    This Bucks team is WAY better than Chicago was last year.

  • Joseph

    Milwaukee would win this series…if they had Bogut. The Suckdics are lucky Bogut got hurt and they should send a bouquet of flower to Stoudamire for helping out.

  • DRJ

    Actually, that Thomas foul was NOT a flagrant-1. The definition of a flagrant-1 is unnecessary contact. The definition of a flagrant-2 is “unnecessary and excessive contact. This usually has a wind-up motion,
    hard contact and a follow through.” Thomas’ foul, since it had the wind-up AND follow-through, was a flagrant-2.

  • Really?..w/o Redd and Bogut? с’mon!
    Bulls had Rose, Gordon, Salmons, Thomas, Noah…
    Bucks have… Salmons & Jennings?

  • Jon with no H

    yes, Milwaukee with Bogut was one of the better teams. MIL without Bogut is a feisty 1st round loser-to-be that should be swept by the Celtics.

  • mikey


  • mikey

    The Celtics aren’t bullies at all.
    The rest of the nba sometimes acts like a bunch of immature 2 yr olds.
    They should have respect for the greatest team of all-time.

  • mikey

    Celtics are the greatest team ever.
    They don’t give a crap about meaningless games.

  • Why suckdics? How about something that actually, you know, rhymes? What about smeltics (to say that we stink)? Or maybe meltics (to say we tend to fade down the strech). I guess neither would satisfy what seems to be your pretty obvious phallic obsession.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’ve been saying that for quite a while, but alas Lakers fans simply aren’t creative enough to come up something clever or original. But they live in LA, you have to expect it.

  • Well, I’m from LA (I know it’s weird but I grew up loving the Celtics and hating the Lakers) so I’m hesitant to say it has anything to do with living in LA. Even when we played the Lakers some of their fans came on and made some intelligent comments (even though I may have disagreed). What amuses me about our little troll is that he doesn’t seem to realize why he hasn’t been banned yet from this site that takes pleasure in reporting anything that makes the lakers, their players and their fans look bad. Laker fans must cringe each time they read his comments.