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Your Morning Dump… Where KG doesn’t get it

Chuck - Red's Army April 10, 2010 Uncategorized 46 Comments


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“Then don’t come to the (expletive) games,” said Kevin Garnett in a
relatively low tone as he headed from the court.

“It doesn’t help when the boos happen, but we’re a group of veterans and
we are a team – a real team. You know, we’re not fair-weather. So when
that occurs we all sort of just get together and say we’ve just got to
grind this out. Through any type of adversity, you grip up and come
together. I think that’s where your bond comes and is very much needed
at that point.”

Herald – Boo birds get Green's attention

During last night's debacle, one of my friends texted me the following: "Is this the most hatable Celtics team in the last 10 20, or 30 years?"

I wasn't ready to go that far, until I stumbled across KG's F-U quote in the morning papers.

This team is lazy, brash, arrogant and worst of all – overconfident. Most of the fans recognize it and are justifiably voicing their displeasure.

Those clinging to the "they will just flip-the-switch in the playoffs" are delusional. Teams with .500 records since December don't suddenly win championships. 'Flip-the-switch' teams build momentum late in the season and carry it over into the playoffs.

This Celtics team has acquired too many bad habits and come the playoffs, we'll all realize you can't easily shed those bad habits. And stop with the 'playing out the string' crap. Have you noticed the Celtics are playing now, the same way they played 2 and 3 months ago?

As for the booing, Paul Pierce gets it:

“So I think it’s all about the effort. Regardless if you win or lose,
the fans want that effort. When you see the other team beating us to all
the loose balls and we’re turning the ball over, I think that’s the
things they see and they start to boo about. I don’t think it’s about
missed shots and stuff like that.

Thank you Paul for understanding us Celtics fans. Perhaps KG needs to return to Minnesota where he can play half-ass in front of 9 thousand people.

On Page 2, how Nate and Quis nearly won this game.

Despite trailing by 21 entering the final frame, Boston rallied within
six late thanks to an offensive spark by two players that previously
could barely get off the bench.

erupted for a trio of 3-pointers over a 17-second span
while scoring 13 points over 3 minutes, 28 seconds of action in the
fourth quarter, while Marquis
chipped in 8 points over that same span as the Celtics
closed to within two possessions before an ill-advised foul helped
Washington hang on for the win.

"Well, it wasn’t a surprise, I mean it’s their job — it’s what they
should do," Rivers said of the spark provided by Daniels and Robinson.
"I was more surprised that they could be that effective after sitting
that long and then come in and make shots. That’s always nice to see."

ESPN Boston – Robinson is silver lining

If the Celtics are going to do anything in the playoffs, they will need Nate and Quis. Doc needs to find a way to motivate them, and maybe the recent stretch of DNPs worked.

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  • Perry

    @Reds Army
    Unfortunately we have arrived at another teachable moment where Kevin is concerned.
    Last year I gave him a pass when he disappeared from the Celtics bench. Okay you’re hurt you don’t play. You don’t travel with the team…fine. But for god sake put on a suit and tie and support your teammates at home. It took a lot of criticizing, and eventually he did come out of the shadows.
    Kevin has made hundreds of millions of dollars from the NBA to endorsements.
    His tone last night struck me as elitist whereas Pierce’s comments were more measured.
    Is it really that much of a surprise when you consider Kevin played in Minnesota, and not in the bright lights of the most successful sports town of the past ten years?
    This organization coddled him from the get go. No one doubts his commitment to them. We as the faithful fanbase love the effort he puts into his game. But that’s precisely the point. His performance last night was void of effort and he and the rest of them deserved to be booed.
    Maybe Kevin needs to look himself in the mirror before he trivializes ticket holders who boo another disgraceful home loss. A loss which should squarely sit on his shoulders of the spiritual and emotional leader of this team.

  • CFH

    I hope that the “Quisy and Nate are out of the rotation” thing was a motivational ploy, and one that worked.
    I have mixed feelings about KG. Certain fans in the Garden HAVE phoned it in as badly as the team… but the time to criticize is not when the C’s are getting beat for the umpteenth time by a much weaker opponent and not playing very hard.
    Part of what allowed the 2008 team to be so good was KG’s extreme emotional responses to everything. I can see how he felt put-upon in the moment and reacted, like always, in the emotional heat of the moment.
    But in the morning after, he better realize that that was tough love, not fair weather. Or get himself a buyout so he can go play for those Minnesota fans he likes so much.
    I now have two things caught in my head: that Boston/KG “I remember finding out about you” ad… and KG winning the title and saying “this is for ‘Sota.”

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01156f60396b970c ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    I hope the Bucks whip their ass in the first round. Maybe then they’ll understand and finally apologize to us fans for refusing to play for one entire reason.

  • rodger

    The song they should have played last night was the show by lenka and the lines I want my money back I want my money back ‘d like to get a refund on my leauge pass wasn’t planing on watching the celtics lose 30 plus games this year.
    And can you get your money back for kevin how many players did we trade for him and how many do you think hes worth now.
    What have you done for me lately kevin.
    Your making how many million a year.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/slalaji13 Sunny

    Its amazing to see the difference in attitude in just a couple years. I remember watching all those specials they used to have about certain Celtics players during nationally televised games at half time. I remember one time hearing KG saying something along the lines of this (the Bill Russell interview) “The tradition that comes with this organization im proud of that. When you come in here and put the green on, responsibility comes with that. Every time I suit up I think about that.” … One thing Kevin knew a couple years ago is that responsibility; it also includes responsibility to the fans, to the faithful that are some of the best fans around. The responsibility of going hard or not going at all. Now just one ring and a couple seasons later that seems very far away. Sometimes I feel as though he exerts more energy jumping up and down and screaming then he does moving his feet. Im a fan of KG don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t hand him a Red Auerbach award anytime soon. You can just see his frustration. It would be a breath of fresh air if either Kevin or Paul simply said after a disaster like the one we saw last night that: if we play like this were done. We played like shit, its pathetic the way we are playing right now. Maybe that would stir it up a little bit who knows. Get some emotions flared up. For me its not even about the championship at this point (obv that would be amazing), but it would still make me feel better to see this team play hard… that’s all im looking for… Just for them to remember the name that’s on the front of their shirts…
    As far as trying to point out what the problem is besides the obvious (Defense, Energy, Passion, Hustle, Rebounding, Turnovers, Execution ext.) I have heard a lot of good points on here as to what our problem could be (which isn’t exactly a good thing). This might sound dumb but from what iv seen our offense is missing a focal point. Plain and simple to me it seems like we have no well to go to when we are dry. Obviously easier said then done, I would love for Paul and Ray to get more shots up per game. Obviously everyone knows Rondo runs the show, but for him he has the ball in his hand majority of the time and when KG is running the floor he will get his looks. As for Rondo he himself knows exactly when to take it to the rim and when not to so those two guys will get theirs. Its not even a knock on Rondo to get them more shots, we are not allowed to have any knocks on Rondo. I simply think Ray and Paul, ESPECIALLY Paul because Ray has been doing it as of late needs to be more aggressive, and I don’t just mean taking it to the hole cause he’s been trying to do that. Paul needs to take more shots. More long 2’s more jumpers. We aren’t the Detroit pistons team that won the title with sheed we are a different team. Its not simply a pie that’s cut 5 ways with everyone having an equal sized piece. Everyone knows we need to reestablish our “go to guy”. That doesn’t mean give him the ball with 20 seconds left and expect him to score when he has only taken 7 shots up until that point in the game. How hard is it going to be for him to score in that situation. I hear people saying that he’s not clutch anymore I don’t believe it. He can’t be clutch when his buzzer beater attempt is his 7th or 8th attempt of the game. I would love for him to simply take more shots. He’s the most dangerous when he is in a rhythm and putting up shots. That’s when he is killer, and I can’t remember the last time I saw that. If he’s in with the second unit I want the offense to run through him not Glen Davis (who has been giving us a lot of energy lately).

  • Lee in Oregon

    An Open Letter to Kevin Garnett:
    Dear Kevin…those people in the stands actually have real jobs. Some of them even went to something called COLLEGE. That’s a place where you learn big-boy stuff. These people use the money they make at thier jobs to buy tickets and wear your over-priced jersey. They applaud when you play well. They even appalud when you run around before the game, banging your head against the goal-post saying, “HEY, EVERYONE, LOOK AT ME, I’M THE SHIT!!!!!!!”
    Thay also boo when you play like shit. If you don’t like it, just keep making guys like Blatche look like Wilt Chamberlain. Just keep putting forth shitty efforts, holding pressers and blaming refs, getting your weak shit slammed back in your face by guards, and playing like a journeyman about to retire.
    Dude, you’re not a star anymore. On alot of teams, you’re not even a starter. We appreciate the Championship two years ago, we really do, but you’re done. Watching you try to play defense and getting posterized has become a painful chore.
    How about shutting up and giving some effort? That way, DA can find a new place for you to act like a fool, and the C’s can get a late 1st round pick (from a team who needs a 7-footer that can stick 18-foot jumpers and not much else).

  • Kristovar

    At least it appears that Sheldon gets it, as this was on his twitter in reaction to the boos:

  • kdb

    The one thing I’ve noticed, when thinking about this Big 3 and the original Big 3, is the complete and total lack of CELTIC PRIDE. Maybe these guys, and Doc, should go back and watch some of the old games from the ’80’s and try to learn something from Bird, Parish, McKale, and DJ. They were true champions, even during the years they didn’t win it all. KG needs to get over himself! What an overpaid, spoiled, arrogant, egotistical jerk!
    I’m tired of watching the post game shows and hearing them say the same crap over and over after each loss to teams a bunch of high schoolers could beat.

  • Art in L.A

    Time to blow it up.

  • Art in L.A

    Time to blow it up.

  • CFH

    Haven’t KG and Paul admitted to playing like shit several games this year?
    Unfortunately, I think they’re aware of how bad their play has been, but don’t know how to fix it… hence KG being frustrated to the point that he makes dumbass comments in his post game presser.

  • CFH

    KG’s comment was stupid. Of course fans who care should boo a half-assed effort.
    But I don’t think it merits a blanket indictment of Paul/Ray/Doc/etc. as well.

  • DRJ

    Boos don’t help anymore. KG was right (except from a PR perspective, of course).
    When the fans booed the team’s effort in the Memphis game – for the first time this year – it was the right thing to do. And it had the desired effect. The team heard it, was moved by it, and responded to it… at least for a while.
    But now the team is mailing it in for a REASON. A very good reason, as it turns out: these games do not matter at all. In fact, 4th seed might get us a series with the Bucks, which most seem to prefer now. The reality is: (a) there’s no way to know which team we’re better off facing. Miami is a 1-horse outfit whom we beat easily this season. But they’re playing well lately. The Bucks gave us a lot of trouble this season, but they’re missing Bogut, but they’re still playing well. Go figure. Well, you CAN’T figure – that’s the point. Don’t try. IT DOESN’T MATTER who we face, and even if it did, (b) we still don’t know whether we need to be 3rd or 4th seed to face that team.
    So bottom line: there’s no significant reason at all to win these remaining games. Except for the fans. The fans who paid good money and want to see a good show. The fans who boo when you don’t try hard enough. But booing is counterproductive now.
    Now if you boo, they’re gonna think “Get lost.” And: “I’m not gonna play my heart out in this meaningless game, and risk injury days before the playoffs, because these clowns out there don’t get it. The Cavs and Lakers are mailing it in too. I don’t see their fans booing.”
    The saddest of all times has arrived. Lakers’ fans are proving themselves to be much better than the Celtics’ fans. They are not booing. They are less spoiled, less demanding. More understanding. More patient. Less annoyingly self-righteous. Less disgustingly self-centered. LESS STUPID. They get it. Most of us don’t.
    Paul is a MASTER at manipulating the press and the fans. He will ALWAYS tell you what you expect to hear. He plays that game very well.
    KG, on the other hand, wears his heart on his sleeve. Yes, he controls himself pretty well most of the time. But when something bothers him, he’ll usually tell you, even against his better judgment. His heart’s too big to control.
    Cases in point: the OKC ref-theft game, when KG said it and Paul mouthed platitudes. And the 2009 playoffs, when Paul mailed it in most of the time, because KG — the heart — wasn’t there.
    If you are choosing Paul over KG because of the fan booing issue, you are hopelessly out of touch with the realities of this team. And btw – after all that you are writing about KG, you still expect him to play his heart out for you in the playoffs, right? He’s your trained monkey, I suppose, because you fork over a couple of hundred bucks to watch him once in a while. Is that right?
    Pathetic. Yeah, pathetic. Maybe most of Boston, for all I know. But I remain a Celtics fan, DESPITE the nature of so many of their fans. Why? KG is why. And Ray. And Rondo. Yeah, and even Perk. And even Paul – who I know will respond in the playoffs this year, if for no other reason than KG will be there to make sure he does.

  • thetitleisours

    Don’t know about “hate”, but the team is not always fun to watch.
    Probably be the first time in years I will not get the new season of NBA Strat-O-Matic and stick to playing the previous years

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01156f6a54c2970c ToTheRuins

    get KG off this team Danny, ASAP…guys a bum, and Ive been calling him out on it a little over a year..hes got nothing left, and deserved every BOO he gets

  • mikey

    dude get a life

  • mikey

    You just don’t get it.
    Do you want a championship?
    Or an impressive game against the Wizards?
    Guess what?
    You are not getting both.
    Blame the NBA for that, don’t blame the Celtics.

  • mikey

    Lee, you are wrong.
    You cannot compare a person with a regular job, to an athelte who makes millions.
    Yes athletes are way overpaid, yes it is ridiculous that they make millions and average people make average salaries. Yes we all know how ridiculous and unfair that is. Blame the NBA for that, blame GM’s, Owners, televsion contracts, the media for that. Even blame the fans who pay big prices for tickets. Don’t blame KG.
    If you work at an office, you aren’t putting your physical health on the line. You can be at work, as soon as the day starts, not a minute late, work all the way through even into overtime. But 1 thing is for sure, you aren’t tearing a ligament in your knee or breaking your ankle or nose by filling out paperwork.
    The same goes for a job as a teacher, or salesmen, or plumber etc. There is nothing that is going to happen at your job where the harder you work the chance of major injury increases. Yes it does happen to people, in the construction business, or with the coal miners as our thoughts and prayers go out to the people in West Virginia. But that isn’t supposed to happen. It really isn’t. The harder you work at a regular job isn’t going to lead to an increase in the chance of injury. That is not what office jobs, business jobs etc. are for. It isn’t supposed to be like that. Yes it can happen, but it should not.
    With NBA players, if they get hurt, the championship season is over. They still get paid, but they don’t win the title.
    1.Play like crap against the Wizards don’t get hurt.
    2.Play great against the Wizards and get hurt.
    3.Play great against the Wizards and don’t get hurt.
    What do you want? 1, 2 or 3? Obviously #3, but if you play that way, #2 can happen, where if you play like #1, it won’t happen.
    That is what we want. We don’t want these guys to get injured.
    We want the freakin title OK? So forget about the Wizards game, it is no more important than preseason.

  • mikey

    That’s stupid.
    You are judging KG by how he plays against the Wizards and not how he does in the playoffs.
    Did they just get a big win against the Cavs? Were they up big, and could have easily won by 30 as they did by 4 points?
    So judge KG by the important games, and forget the Celtic Pride nonsense that you think these guys don’t have. They do have Celtic Pride. But the NBA season is different, now it is all playoffs and meaningless regular season games. And you have to understand that.

  • mikey

    Time for you to get blown.

  • mikey

    Read above if you want to be a Celtics fan.

  • mikey

    get a life.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Mikey, what team have you been watching all year?

  • mikey

    You people just don’t get it.
    Injuries, injuries, injuries.
    That is what defines an NBA season and its champions.
    Above all, it is injuries who decides that.
    We have 12 men standing right now and every Celtic fan should feel great about that.
    Portland has been decimated all year, Toronto just lost their two best players. Cavs have Shaq who still isn’t back, Jamison just twisted a foot in a MEANINGLESS game, LA has Bynum out and their bench stinks, Bucks just lost Bogut. Denver has KMart out, plus George Karl our thoughts and prayers go out to him. Spurs are just getting Tony Parker back, etc. OK?
    Orlando is HOT and that is about it. So the 4 seed may be better because the Cavs are overrated.
    So realize what is going on and look at the big picture. Kevin Garnett doesn’t want to get hurt, OK?
    Rasheed doesn’t want to dive for a loose ball and get hurt, OK? Paul doesn’t want to get hurt, OK?
    That is why they play half-assed and respect that, because they will go all out for the title and they will get it.
    So if anyone else wants to boo Kevin Garnett Guess what?
    Go home. Do exactly as Garnett said, don’t come to the game. You want the Wizards regular season banner win hanging above? You are not going to break an ankle eating a bag of popcorn. Respect KG and respect the Great Boston Celtics 2009-10 WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

  • mikey

    Exactly Lee, Exactly.
    I haven’t watched ANYTHING ALL YEAR!!!
    Because the playoffs have not even started.
    Maybe you will start to get it now.

  • mikey

    Ray Allen University of Connecticut
    Tony Allen Oklahoma State University
    Marquis Daniels Auburn University
    Glen Davis Louisiana State University
    Michael Finley University of Wisconsin
    Kevin Garnett Farragut Academy HS
    Kendrick Perkins Ozen HS
    Paul Pierce University of Kansas
    Nate Robinson University of Washington
    Rajon Rondo University of Kentucky
    Rasheed Wallace University of North Carolina
    Shelden Williams Duke University
    That is our roster? OK? World Champions 2009-10 18th banner. End of story. OK?
    These guys know what they are doing. Look at the list of 12 players above. Best in the NBA. OK?
    Go look at other 12 man rosters for the other 15 playoff teams. For the teams that have everyone healthy, which is very few, they will have guys on their team, that came out of nowhere, played in weird leagues, or went to small colleges.
    Go check other NBA rosters and tell me which one you think is the best?
    All 12 of our guys are either high school phenoms, KG was the 1st player selected out of high school in 20 YEARS!!! Perkins went 98-0 in high school. Or they are guys who went to Big Name Colleges and have already proved themselves in the NBA AND in college. They know what they are doing.
    These are the guys, this is the team. They are the best. They know how to win. They are going to win the title. This isn’t a bunch of international scrubs and dudes that played in 10 leagues or went to Division 3 schools. That is what makes up almost half of every other NBA roster.
    These are the Big Boys. The players who know how to get it done. OK?
    Support your team. Support your WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS!!!

  • CFH

    A couple of comments:
    1. If the team does have the master plan you claim– and I hope you’re right– why would they expect the fans to be aware of it? They haven’t publicly admitted to doing it. Most teams don’t do it, at least not to this degree. If they have a super-secret plot, shouldn’t they have expected fans (especially casual ones) to be snowed and be upset by the side effect of the plot (losses to garbage teams)? Why would the fans being upset and booing prompt an emotional response when its all part of the plan?
    2. I did have the impression that the Celtics, perhaps subconsciously, didn’t try their hardest in those last games against Orlando rather than be eviscerated by the Cavs. But I do think the comment that Paul in particular didn’t play his hardest because KG wasn’t on the court is a little unfair. And I do love Paul just a little more for learning to work the media the way he has… he’s come a long way from the days when he was wrapping his head in fake bandages and getting lectured by Danny Ainge because he had his hat over his eyes during an interview. I appreciate the drive to improve.

  • DRJ

    Good stuff, thanks.
    It’s not so much a “secret master plan,” as it is just the reality of the situation. Fans can, or should be able to tell that this team is mailing it in by just watching them play.
    Also, Doc DID actually say it, after the Cavs game, when he said: “I didn’t put an importance on this game (going in) but once we had that lead and lost that lead, the game became very important. I thought: we had to get this win now.” Pretty clear there, wouldn’t you say? If they don’t care about the Cavs, they’re certainly not gonna care about WASH.
    And on top of all that, there’s simple logic. They have nothing to play for. So they’re not going to play very hard for nothing.
    And the truth is, while this team CAN beat anybody — they have to be fully motivated to do it. They’re not good enough to blow over any team without a full effort.
    Your points in #2 are good. Paul has improved, as you described. What I don’t like is COMPARING him favorably to KG — because KG speaks from the heart, and Paul has learned — however admirably — to speak with forked tongue.

  • jared

    My friend was a plumber and burned a good bit of his face and back off in a work accident. So…….
    You make work a white collar job, but remember, some of us actually do more than busy work in a cubicle.

  • Donald

    Thank God for you, and DRJ. It’s seems the 3 of us are the only ones who aren’t overreacting, and actually get what is going on. Sometimes fans mistake passion for knowledge.

  • Donald

    Posted a comment to Mikey’s previous post before reading this and I 100% agree with both of you.

  • Donald

    You had me at hello.

  • CFH

    I don’t like the blanket criticisms being hurled at KG– that he’s a bum with no sense of Celtic pride, doesn’t want to win, didn’t go to college (which is relevant and problematic how?) today.
    But even assuming the fans were wrong to boo, the way he handled the situation, no matter how honest, was unhelpful. Paul’s diplomatic/fork-tongued/conciliatory answer was more practical and useful going forward.
    I’m happy to compare Paul favorably to KG on this. Paul handled the situation better than KG did.
    There are many things KG does better than Paul– emotional leadership on court and in the locker room being a huge one. And there are things that Ray, Rondo, etc., do better than either Paul or KG, just as there are things Ray and Rondo can’t do worth a damn. Luckily it’s a team sport.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I like Mikey’s style. It’s easy to bet the field I still believe in Boston. For ye of little faith let me put it this way. Who do you see beating this loaded , healthy roster 4 games out of 7 ? The Magic have a shot… oh yeah we took them to seven games last year with out KG. The refs love Lebron. But the refs also swallow their whistles in the play offs.
    More food for thought. There WILL be games where Pierce errupts for 30 pts. There WILL be games where KG gives us a double/double on 8 of 11 shooting. There WILL be Sugar Ray with a dagger three. There WILL be games where our bench out scores the opponents by 20 +. How many times will we lose on those nights?
    You want intangibles? Say Rajon nearly averages a triple double for a series ? What if TA plays lock down D for a game or two leading to easy transition baskets? Or perhaps Perk beasts up the opposing star center and owns the paint. On any night Finley, Nate, Sheed, Baby, TA, or Quis can put up starter type numbers. That’s X factors folks! How often will the Green lose when these intangibles occur?
    Last thought : our D and hustle will improve. My lone worry remains scoring droughts, turn overs and rebounds. That’s not a big enough weakness for the C’s to lose 4 in a series though…

  • NorthernGreen

    I don’t know about you, but I work hard for the money that I pay to go to a game. I drive a long way to get to a game. I expect effort from the team, not one or two players. The attendance at these games make it possible for these guys to “Play” for a living. If we don’t go to the games, KG won’t have the chance to play much longer. I only am able to go to one or two games a year (usually not a playoff game) and would appreciate more effort than I have been seeing.

  • mikey

    no duh. but you aren’t supposed to get physically hurt at the job. And working harder shouldn’t give you more of a chance to get injured.

  • mikey

    The Celtics have 3 fans now!!
    ME, DRJ! & DONALD!!! THE BIG 3!!!!

  • mikey

    Then blame the NBA and its scheduling.
    Blame the refs for making us go for the 4 seed, instead of the 1 seed which we would have gotten had they called the games fairly earlier in the season.
    Its not about the Celtics not putting in effort. Its about them not wanting to get hurt before the important games begin.
    Very very very simple. Just reread the 2nd paragraph.

  • mikey

    Dudes over at Celticsblog are a bunch of lying hypocrite nutcases.
    Over there, those jerks have so many restrictions and those stupid mods telling people what to do they have a lot of nerve trying to disrespect KG.
    Dudes are a bunch of jerks over there. Plain and simple. F Celticsblog. Its garbage.
    To jerks at Celticsblog:Yeah you want to blame KG right? But the second anyone has something to say about the refs, they are wrong right?? So you can blame the Celtics, but not the refs cause you will get banned on your stupid site. Bunch of lying hypocrites. F Celticsblog. F the refs.

  • mikey

    Here read this stupid Celticsblog.
    OK? I’m going to give you numbers in 15 games and you tell me what the Celtics record will be. OK? Are you ready?
    +36 in FG in 15 games against their opponent, make a guess yet of what their record will be. They made 36 more baskets then their opponent.
    28 in rebounds, not that good, outrebounded by about 2 rbs a game, keep guessing.
    +59 in assists, and that ratio would place them 2nd best in the NBA in assits +/ which they are. +59 is very good in 15 games, its actually great.
    -2 in turnovers so they did commit 2 more turnovers, but out of 15 games that is fairly even with their opponent.
    OK +36 FG, -28 RBS, +59 Assists, -2 Turnovers in 15 games what is your guess??
    OK? Now here are the Cavs 15 games where their opponents got hosed.
    -22 FG so the Cavs opponents made 22 more field goals.
    +38 Rebounds so the Cavs outrebounded their opponent by almost 2 a game, which is good.
    -20 Assits, 20 more assists for their opponents.
    -20 in Turnovers so the Cavs turned the ball over 20 more times.
    OK? -22 FG, +38 Rbs, -20 Ast, -20 Turnovers.
    Guess the record. Not great numbers right? Not terrible numbers look about even right?
    So lets compare now Celtics 15 games and Cavs 15 games.
    Celtics +36 FG, -28 Rbs, +59 Ast, -2 Turnovers.
    Cavs -22 FG, +38 Rbs, -20 Ast, -20 Turnovers.
    OK? Which numbers look better. Well actually the Celtics numbers look better, because when you compare them to the Cavs numbers.
    The Celtics made 36 MORE Field Goals, the Cavs 22 less.
    Celtics +58
    The Cavs grabbed 38 more rebounds, The Celtics 28 less.
    Cavs +66
    The Celtics dished out 59 more assists, the Cavs 20 less.
    Celtics +79
    The Celtics committed 2 more turnovers, the Cavs 20 more.
    Celtics +18.
    So overall it would be +89 for the Celtics vs their opponents compared to the Cavs vs their opponents in 15 games for each team, so in those four categories FG, REB, AST, TOV, the Celtics played better vs their opponents than the Cavs. OK?
    Here is the short short version.
    The Celtics made 36 MORE Field Goals and went 0-15
    The Cavs made 22 LESS Field Goals and went 15-0
    Go look at NBA history, you will never ever ever find numbers like that in the history of the game. Never. Those are 30 complete and total hose jobs.
    Here is why they are hose jobs.
    Celtics -157 FT attempts, +69 fouls in those 15 games.
    Cavs +178 FT attempts, -89 fouls in those 15 games.
    The Cavs vs their opponents were a +345 in FT attempts when compared to the Celtics vs their opponents in those 15 games.
    The Cavs vs their opponents were a -158 in fouls called when compared to the Celtics vs their opponents in those 15 games.
    Hose jobs.
    Here is the short short short short version.
    0-15, 15-0. 30 hose jobs.
    So funny how you are so quick to jump on Garnett, yet the second anyone talks bad about the refs you get banned. Had the stupid refs called the game fairly Celtics would be in the #1 seed this year. So blame th refs you stupid idiots, and stop blaming the realness.
    To CelticsBlog:You are not real fans, you are phonies. And don’t go to the games if you want to boo. Go home. The crowd has been garbage this year. Because you are not real fans, you are a bunch of people who live near Boston. You got no problem booing KG, but the refs are so sacred and can’t be touched right?? Bunch of hypocrites.
    We are the REAL fans. OK? Because we understand the game of basketball. WORLD CHAMPS!!! ITS ALL OVER!!!

  • mikey

    And I don’t even go to the games, becuase I live kind of far away and I can’t afford it.

  • Ohio Celtic

    Few people, especially those of us who live in Ohio, the land of the ‘king’ and have to hear blather about the cavs every f’n day, get more mad at the Celtics than my wife and I. HOWEVER, we are one of the older teams in the league, and I have read enough about what I have not seen to know that several long-in-the-tooth Celtics teams of the past have played poorly, then won the whole damn thing. When our bench is on, and there have been flashes of that this year, there is no bench better. Perk cancels out Howard, Ilgauskas, and Shaq’s old legs, NO ONE can stop Rondo when he’s on, and the Big Three are still the Big Three. Our rotation could be better, but on a blog it seems we are all better coaches than Doc, right? I don’t know about flipping a switch either, but if this means they have their foot off of the gas a little, and that makes it seem worse, let it roll. Win or lose, we are the Celtics, and I’ll save my boos for the other guys. Keep the faith.

  • DRJ

    Can’t say I disagree with any of that. (Plus, how about that game PP had tonight, eh? He can fork his tongue all he wants if he’s gonna play like that! :)

  • theLPierce

    I am a CELTICS FAN from Winnipeg Canada.And win or loose I’ll still bleed GREEN.

  • the-FACTS

    Wow kg, sheed, and perk got abused by blatch in that game. i can’t understand how the hell a team like the celtics got so bad at playing defense. i think that they don’t care anymore if they win another championship, they already got their rings in 2008. now its all about making money. playing with no pride and respect for the celtics organization and the fans. what a damn shame.

  • mikey

    no. It was a preaseason game. Nobody gives a crap.