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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed is a ball hog

Sheed shooting
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The Sports Guy's new
favorite player
is theoretically unselfish, except for the part
about him being infected by the ghost of Antoine Walker and jacking up
every 3 he can possibly get his hands on. Only Baron
has taken so many 3s to so little effect, and Davis has played
nearly 50 percent more minutes.

What makes Wallace even more
maddening is that there are plenty of shots you want him to take and he
won't take them — getting him to post up has proved frustratingly
difficult ever since Mike Dunleavy was ripping out his few remaining
hairs trying to get him to do it in Portland.

ESPN Insider: Meet the NBA's ball hogs   (via ESPN Boston)

Yeah, yeah, everyone's piling on Sheed lately.  I know this is pretty much piling at at this point.

In all honesty, I'm perfectly willing to wait until the entire script is written before passing judgment on Sheed.

The reality is Sheed has spent a lot more time on the block recently.  His refusal to rebound sometimes is still an issue, but I wouldn't be shocked if he changes his game even more in the playoffs.  I also wouldn't be shocked if he didn't.

Soooo…. who the hell knows.

Coming up, Page 2… where Ray Allen is trying to set the example for Sheed

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

At the later stages of his NBA tenure, Allen is making adjustments to
his offense. He has taken an average of 1.2 fewer 3-pointers per game
this season, putting more emphasis on driving to the basket.

“I try to be as aggressive as I can
be without being overbearing in the offense,’’ he said. “When I get the
ball in my hands, if I have a shot [I] just try to get into the paint,
get to the hole and go to the free throw line…

“It’s on us as a team, guys have to move
the ball and once it comes to me, I will be aggressive,’’ he said. “I
just know how teams are playing me and they try to take the jump shot
away. Most people talk about how I shoot the ball, that being the strong
suit. I’ve played the game of basketball my whole life and I just like
to take whatever the defense gives me.’’

Globe: Allen polishing his inside moves

Right now, Ray's the #1 option.  And when he's aggressive and going to the hole or taking 10-15 footers before settling for 3's, chances are good he'll be productive.  

Quiet day in Celtics-land yesterday. 

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  • Donald

    “His refusal to rebound sometimes is still an issue”.
    He’s refused to rebound his whole career. How many rebounds did you think he was going to average? His career average for rebounds is 6. This year he is averaging 4 while playing on average 11 fewer minutes per game. For 15 years everyone has wanted him to be this inside force, and every year it’s the same thing. Why did we think he would change his game once he put on green? I do like the fact that he has been consistantly on the block over the past handful of games. However I think that is more of a product of the team being relatively heathier, and he’s finally able to do what they brought him here to do. It’s hard to explain my theory on all of this without writing a thesis, but then again I love Sheed and seem to be the only one on this site who ever defends him.

  • ben

    I love Sheed too! I love watching him play, I love his game, I love his defence, we are lucky to have him and people should stop complaining.

  • Lee in Oregon

    This offseason, the Big 3, DA, Doc, & Wyc should all get on a private jet, fly down to Philly, and convince Sheed to retire.
    There’s a week left in the season and he’s still not in shape. The guy still has some skills left but he doesnt care enough to lose the man-boobs. And he’s on the books for 2 more years!?!
    Also, what about all that crap about him being a good team-mate? He can’t even cover his own guy or box out, much less give anyone else any help. Worst move of DA’s tenure other than the Joe Johnson trade.

  • DRJ

    Did you love the way he shouted at and argued with Doc in the Cavs game, after getting a tech in a tight game, and almost getting a second?
    I don’t mind Sheed’s game, because I still think he’s likely to step up in the playoffs… but his behavior in that game exposed him, to me anyway, as hopelessly self-centered and out of control. The essential anti-Ubuntuist.
    I’m still thinking he will step up in the playoffs… and I think Doc believes that too, which is why he so quickly claimed to ‘forgive and forget’. But love him? No can do, not anymore.

  • Donald

    Obviously I didn’t love Sheed yelling at Doc in Cavs game. However if it really was about what Doc said (He was pissed about the no tech on Lebron) then it was just the heat of the moment. In his whole career he has only has a problem with one teammate (Sabonis) and always got along with his coaches. So I don’t take to heart him yelling at Doc. Stupid? You bet, but it was over the next day. Also has anyone on the team even mentioned Ubuntu this season?

  • Donald

    You know the Johnson trade wasn’t Ainge right? It was Wallace.

  • DRJ

    You know, I agree that it was a heat-of-the-moment thing with Sheed. But it was a very telling moment. It exposed an inexcusable, and intolerable, self-absorption. And the ‘momentary lapse’ excuse doesn’t always work, as we know… you can’t commit murder and claim it was a momentary lapse. Likewise, you cannot defy the refs AND openly berate your own coach on national television and then hide behind ‘temporary’.
    Sheed lost me when he did all that. I think, hope, he lost Doc and Danny too, and that regardless of what he does from now on, they’ll be looking to move him outta here in the summer (if possible).

  • Donald

    Like always you got some good points, and I can see your point of view. For me I don’t want them to move him. I guess I’m just hoping he proves everyone wrong, wins a couple of playoff games for us and the team has “I told you so” moment. Needless to say I’ll probably be drinking heavily once the playoffs start!