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T-Mobile Recap: The torture continues


My 5-year-old son had the misfortune of watching this pile of crap at his first Celtics game.

He did offer this astute analysis:

"They throw the ball and then they give up," – LilMck

Box score | Recap


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  • I didn’t watch, I have NBALP broad band, but I am not sure I want to watch.
    How can this team take themselves seriously? How do they expect fans to take them seriously? Seriously the only reasonable chance they have, at this point, to win a playoff series is if their opponent comes in completely over confident.
    I officially have lost faith in this group. They have to prove everything to me from here on out.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I’ve been out along time ago, since the trade deadline really. I’ll still root my head off for them, but I checked my hopes at the door a few months ago.

  • ben

    the kid pretty much nailed the analysis of the team accurately and succinctly. If a 5-year old can see it why can’t they? This team officially scares me.

  • Spiraea

    Remember when this team being scary was a good thing? Those were the days..

  • Lee in Oregon

    Like alot of us, the C’s themselves have given up and are just going through the motions till this debacle is over. There’s nothing left of the team that won it all less than 2 years ago, there’s no pride or hunger in them.
    Tonite was just another “we couldnt give a shit” effort aginst another crap team. Extremely painful to watch for any longtime fan, I personally couldnt sit through the whole thing, they’re just not worth watching.
    The only thing left is for DA to blow it up as best he can this offseason and try and build something around Rondo and Perk. This is gonna sound crazy but they’re closer to the bottom than the top. The trade for Nate is looking really stupid now. Neither Pierce or KG are worth extending, so why not start rebuilding now?

  • Doc said in tonight’s postgame presser: “when we put that last group in, they just played harder-they had livelier legs.” You mean the group that consisted of guys like ‘Quis and Nate? Guys that have played basically tidbits lately? Guys that could’ve got some buckets when it was obvious everyone else couldn’t hit doo-doo? As you can see I’m not too happy with some of his logic lately. If anyone would like to vent, complain, swear, call me an a**hole or just talk C’s, I’ll be doing a live UStream around Noon EST tomorrow. Check my Twitter for specifics.


    An obvious need for the elephant shit pic to be aired again….ffs 47-19?? I thought that was a misprint….

  • KY Celts fan

    how about some more stuff about Scal and cheerleaders? with this team, that’s the only interesting thing left.

  • didn’t watch the game but the box score was scary… seems like the older you are the more minutes u get except for rondo. Nate had 13 pts in 7 mintes!!!! Finley had 3 in 19… do paul and ray really need to play 30 + minutes? oh yeah ‘quis had 8 points in three minutes… point is I don’t get Doc’s sub pattern at all. If he didn’t really care about those games why not just rest the older guys and rondo…20 minutes each against the wizard shouldn’t hurt esp. when the bench would be playing fanatic trying to crack the rotation.

  • DRJ

    Once again, I don’t get it. Why do you care? Why do you even watch? Why do the fans boo? What is all this, masochism?
    The guys don’t care. The Cavs don’t care either – they just lost to the Pacers. Miami lost to the Pistons. Teams are coasting. Only the ones still fighting for position care at this point. Everyone else is coasting to the next start line. Why aren’t you?
    KG cursed at the booing fans. I think he’s right. What the hell were they expecting? An all-out effort? Really?? Why? What’s the point? They gotta play because it’s on their schedule. They don’t have to like it, and they don’t have to play hard, or even well. This is the time to say “whatever”, and go do something else, something worthwhile hopefully. Come back for round 1 game 1.

  • mikey

    Some of you so called fans are just lost. Ditto for celticblog, well over there they are just nuts.
    Nobody cares. Celtics are going to win the title this year. It is a definite.
    There is something wrong with the NBA, the refs, and the schedule and the players are tired of it. Too many guys are getting hurt and there are too many meaningless games, while the playoffs have grown to more games best of 7 every round and are more intense.
    Yes Doc could have played all the subs who would have put in more effort and could have won.
    However he probably wants to keep the starters just running around to get in there 25 minutes to be ready for playoff time.
    KG is right about the fans. The game is meaningless and the players understand that. The fans can boo, but they are only doing that because they don’t understand anything about the game.
    No. So the fans who go to the game, just don’t understand the game of basketball.
    We are getting this goddam championship OK? So the hell with the Wizards game. Don’t go crazy on these guys and start messing with their heads to make them think this game was important. It wasn’t. Not only that, they still scored 42 points in the 4th so they do respond. So you have to understand that and respect the players.
    Blame the NBA, blame their schedule. Too many games. With too little emphasis on who wins, and too much importance on the playoffs. Don’t blame the Celtics. They want to stand around, and take it easy. OK? Its not your right to say “I paid for a ticket I want these guys to hustle to the point they almost get hurt” when the game means nothing.
    If they put it in high gear, they may get hurt.
    They deserve to half ass it against the Wiz and be down by 25 early, because they are going to win the title this year. That is what we want. Not 100%, every night. The NBA makes you look like an ass if you do that every night because you won’t walk away with the trophy.
    So to hell with all the writers and announcers and jerks on espn who say you have to win this you have to win that. They don’t have to do anything at this point.
    Besides with 2 games left with the Bucks, if they win both of those they are most likely playing the Bucks and if they lose both of those they are most likely playing the Bucks. So we are going to play the Bucks anyway.
    So relax with the have to win on every play nonsense.
    They responded they were down 28 and made a game of it.
    I think after we win the title, since I am banned from Celtic Blog, there is going to be 1 comment on celtic blog after our 18th banner, and it is going to be from DRJ1 and say “Celtics are Champs” and that’s it, because too many people are more concerned with getting on the Celtics when they lose, then celebrating when they win.
    I personally, have been celebrating all season long. Its great to be the Champs.
    Our 18th banner, what a season its been.
    Thank You Boston Celtics.

  • rodger

    I like your attitude mikey.
    I’ve watched every game and if there gonna win the championship.
    Then this group is the biggest bunch of sandbaggers we’ve ever seen.
    I hope so and if they win i wont play spades with any of them.
    But i don’t think there coach is good enough.
    Doc dosen’t have a clue when it comes to rotations hate to see him as a baseball coach trying to pick his starters for the playoffs.
    If this team wins a first round game let alone the series ill be suprised.
    They don’t care I don’t know what happened but I think maybe it’s time to trade kg while he’s still worth something didnt we give up a whole team for him did evryone forget that.Nobodys gonna give us what we gave for kg no way and sheed must laugh all the way to the bank his feet rarely leave the floor lazy is the word.If not these guys need to come off the bench how bout starting glen,rondo,perk,tony,nate doc will never do it hes to loyal to the old guys new coach new ideas thats what im thinking.

  • Lee in Oregon

    that’s the most long winded pile of crap I ever didn’t read

  • mikey

    ummmm no

  • mikey

    Yes, but Rodger you are judging them by the regular season.
    Judge them by how they play in the playoffs.
    They are in the playoffs, nothing they have done up to this point means anything.It doesn’t for any team in the NBA, unless they didn’t make the playoffs.
    Blame the NBA, and blame their schedule and number of games.
    Don’t blame the Boston Celtics.
    They are going to win. They have the best team. So that’s it. Just be happy and enjoy the title.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That starting line up makes no sense. It would be a feel hood hustle team with no match up issues. Undersized at pf . Undersized at sg with Nate or no spreading the floor with Rondo at the 2 . Now I agree that last night that line up would work. As long as games don’t matter let the bench get some burn. Come post season though our starting 5 is the correct choice . The only swap I would try would’ve been TA for Pierce and let Paul be our manu. That way offence would run through Ray/ KG and and rondo drives. Should TA get in foul trouble the Truth would be the first guy off the bench. If TA plays well truth would come in against opponents’ subs and clown them.