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Report: Celtics waive Marcus Landry

According to Adrian Wojo of Yahoo! Sports:

Celtics have waived
forward Marcus Landry, source tells Y! Sports.

Landry played a total of 3 minutes for the Celtics since he was acquired along with Nate Robinson at the trade deadline.

Marcus may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Here's my contribution to Chris Forsberg's live chat on ESPN Boston:

Any chance Doc rests KG, Paul or Ray tonight or tomorrow? It seems
like an opportune time with back-to-back games (Washington, Milwaukee).
PS – I love the work you do on The 2 Man Game.

It's a bunch of celebrities in the chat this week! You
know, I've been wondering if it wouldn't make sense to give Marquis
Daniels, Shelden Williams, and Nate Robinson extended run tonight.
What's the harm? Let's see if these guys truly can wiggle their way into
the playoff rotation and let the starters rest up a bit for Saturday's
tilt in Milwaukee where the crowd will give that a playoff feel. Now,
this would be easier to do if Boston's starters could open a comfortable
cushion in the first quarter tonight, but even if they can't, what's a
16th loss at the Garden this year?

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  • If the guys are to make an impression, if I understand Doc (but who really does), it’s gonna come in the practices and shoot-arounds or if they get pressed into action in a game. They’ve had their chance already and if there is any team that needs to be running their playoff rotations now, it’s the Celtics.

  • greenbeand

    I asked the question if he thought Sheed would pick up his 3rd year option. A)Sometimes I shudder to think we might still be seeing Wallace do the “Groggy Gorilla” dance during peanut butter jelly time on the JumboTron in 2012.

  • who’s gonna carry finley’s bags now???

  • zippittyay

    This may be a naive question but what’s the point of waiving anyone at this point in the season except to save yourself a playoff share?

  • thetitleisours

    Wondering if they are going to grab somebody else. No matter who would probaly have a better attitude than Landry

  • Yes, but how many games will they be eligible to play?