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Dancer Madness: And the winner is…

Celtics dancer ashley1

Congrats to Celtics dancer Ashley.

She dominated Jacqueline of the Clippers in the Finals of our Dancer Madness competition.

Many of you are upset because Ashley F. of the Miami Heat didn't make the Finals. I can assure you the voting was legitimate.

For those craving more of Ashley F., check out the pics after the jump.


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  • Alex

    Damn she’s hot…
    The Miami chick. But yeah, not really surprised the Celtics chick won. Homerism at its finest.

  • JD

    Is David Stern running this site, because this competition was RIGGED!
    No but really, how can we be such homers? That Ashley F. chick is out of this world.

  • Justice

    give the winner her place and remove those other pics…she didn’t win but maybe try next year unless there is an age limit on the miami team?????


    I agree with Justice. Let the winner shine
    take those tacky HEAT pictures down and let the BEAUTIFUL WINNER wear her crown.
    Congrats ASHLEY M.

  • Congrats C’s Ashley.
    But the big thanks go to BigMck. I was in Heat Ashley’s camp but if losing means we got all of these pics, I’m going home a winner. And if I get arrested for stalking in Miami, I hope T-Mobile can sponsor my bail money.

  • BigMck

    Sorry – didn’t mean to slight Celtics Ashley. As winner of our Celtics dancer competition and Dancer madness, she has received a ton of exposure from us.
    I would gladly devote an entire post or gallery to Celtics Ashley, but the Celtics do not provide as many dancer photos as the Heat.

  • ManUp

    Heat Ashley 1000X> Celtics Ashley

    WHAT we should be talking about is what we would do to Ahsley from the heat (damnnnn) in the bedroom and hopefully she would read the postings and take us up on the offer.
    ASHLEY I SWEAR baby I would lift you up with both hands and devour you in everyway…..for the rest of the details feel free to email me.. I will come to MIAMI…
    Now u see guys call it desperation but its much bette than complaining and taking a long shot at her

  • So ‘Sheed is a ball hog, huh?

  • imo, miami’s ashley is ugly and kinda fat… glad Cs Ashley won, she was reaaly better than the others

  • greenbeand

    was this really a competition? clearly she’s a total babe and prolly felt insulted to be compared to the others. is she dating or married, can we get a 1-1 interview from her?

  • Justice

    class over trash……Ashley M of Celtics got it cuz she deserved it! you are 100% right on Skitchy…..

  • Justice

    greenbeand knows his stuff…..i say take the other pics down and let Ashley wear her well deserved crown….

  • KY Celts fan

    so are you the homer who skewed the voting?

  • Amen. Not only do they practically ignore the dancers on the site, the whole C’s site is awful. One thing that’s stood out during dancer madness is when we go to other sites, how dismal the C’s site really is.

  • take pics DOWN?!
    Holy shit who the hell are you people? Suggesting to take hot pics OFF the internet? Is this still America? Red’s, can you enforce bans on people that speak such blasphemy?

  • i’m sorry but that pic of Ashley looks like someone stuck her head on backwards for some reason…