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Your Morning Dump… Why rookies are so valuable

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While picking up his travel luggage, Finley tweaked his back bad enough
that Celtics trainer Eddie Lacerte phoned coach
Wednesday to alert him that the 37-year-old swingman might
not be available against Toronto. But, not only did Finley play
Wednesday night, he scored 14 points on on 5-of-7 shooting with a
quartet of 3-pointers in the win.

"It's amazing, going into the game, Eddie called me and didn’t think
Mike could play because he strained his back in the room, picking up
luggage," said Rivers. "That’s when you know you're old. But Mike went
out, warmed up, and said he felt great."

ESPN Boston

If Lester Hudson was still with the Celtics, this injury wouldn't have happened. The oldest guy on the team uses the rook to carry his bags.

The Raptors have some greyhounds, but they weren't able to stop our graybeards – Ray Allen and Finley. The duo combined for 21 points in the 4th quarter.

On Page 2, Doc pinpoints the team's biggest defensive weakness.

The Celtics have a short time to
solve what coach Doc Rivers said is their biggest
defensive problem: failure to stop dribble penetration. He said allowing
players to drive into the paint forces the Celtics to help on defense
and creates more cracks in the interior.

“I think it leads to a lot of other things
when we don’t control the ball,’’ Rivers said. “At all the positions,
we end up with help half the game and scrambling. That’s where the
offensive rebounds and the 3-point line opens up. I don’t think that’s

Globe – Perkins believes its in their heads (Notebook)

Who is the Celtics primary defender on the perimeter? Gambling man, Rajon Rondo. I don't want to dump all the blame on his shoulders (because I've seen Pierce and KG get beat repeatedly off the dribble), but this is proof he needs to stay in front of his man. The guys behind him can no longer cover his ass when he gets beat.

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  • CFH

    Isn’t Landry back with the team? He can carry Finley’s bags from now on.

  • JPD985

    The pick and roll defense has been pretty bad as well.

  • Rondo is not guilty

    So funny all pundits see Rondo has the best defensive point guard in the league hands down but from what I read here Rondo is the main problem for our defensive weakness… LOL!
    Again, it’s all about PICK n ROLL defense!!
    Rondo has little to do with it!
    Tell me the name of one person not only in the nba but in the WORLD that can be picked and still stay in front of an NBA point guard..??
    It just does not exist!! So stop dreaming that Rondo can somehow stay in front of his man if 98% of the time teams are using pick n roll to into their offense…
    The topic should be how bad our bigs (KG mainly) have been defending the pick n roll compared to 2008.
    Just get off Rondo’s back on that one!
    A point guard going one on one against rondo with no help or picks has a higher percentage chance of being robbed (Rondo stealing the ball) than scoring… Not saying it never happens at all but in such situation (one on one) I rather have Rondo than ANY OTHER point guard bar none!
    Let’s face it: Rondo and Perk are the only reason we are a good defensive team this year.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah I can see what your saying but there are some times when Rondo has his main straight up and lets him go right by him so he can gamble for steals… The point of what Doc is saying is basically to tell Rondo he can’t be doing that in the playoffs because the help defense is not as consistent anymore.
    Also, on pick n roll it is the bigs job to prevent the ball handler from completely turning the corner but just enough so that Rondo can fight through the pick and recover… This is another area where you see Rondo gamble as well. He’s a great defensive player and I love him but he does gamble to much cause it puts such a strain on everyone else

  • Mauritz

    True. Rasheed needs to be mentioned here, as well. He is completely useless on the dribble penetration, most of the time he just looks at the guy. PJ Brown at least tried to do something.