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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics have really learned nothing at all

Kg knicksEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We had no focus, so I thought we deserved to lose,” Rivers said.
“The bank shot that Gallinari hit was the basketball gods punishing us
for not having great focus.”

Here was Garnett’s take: “It was the basketball gods hurting us.”

Glen Davis chose to tell a parable.
“I was surprised with our play today,” he said.

“But that’s the way
it is. If you mess with the game – if you plant bad seed – then you’re
going to reap a bad harvest.

“We took them lightly. We have to play. Pure and simple, we have to

Herald: Celtics lose focus

I feel like I'm at the point where I can start recycling old Celtics quotes without anyone knowing a difference. 

How many times are lesser teams going to beat the Celtics before the Celtics STOP taking teams lightly?  I mean… it's only been 77 games.  You'd think that, by now, you'd understand that EVERY… SINGLE… TIME… you've taken a team lightly, you go through this.

Let's fast forward a little. 

Hey Celtics:  whichever team you face in the first round is a team you're supposed to beat handily.  DON'T TAKE THEM LIGHTLY.  I don't want to be putting posts like this up explaining why we got bounced in the first round.

Coming up, Page 2… where that debacle of a last play is explained

AP Photo

“It was for a three for Ray,’’ coach Doc
said, succinctly summing up the strategy before adding a
bit of sarcasm. “You actually have to execute it to try to get it so . .
. ’’

Rajon Rondo tried
to let the play develop, but from what he saw, the defense wasn’t
giving Allen a good enough look.

“I didn’t think Ray was open,’’ Rondo
said. “I thought they did a good job, they switched out on us. I tried
to get it out to Rasheed and it was too late.’’

Allen said when he came around the corner,
he felt like he was in position to take a good shot, but the ball never
got to him.

“I don’t know
when I came off if Rondo didn’t see that I was open,’’ Allen said. “I
don’t know what he had. Right when I came off, I was ready for it. I
don’t know if he thought I wasn’t open or what.’’

Globe: Missing piece to plan

We keep advocating for Rondo to get the ball in situations where there are only a few seconds on the clock… but this doesn't help our case.

Make a move, man.  Do something. 


Any morning after losses to the Knicks and Yankees is a bad one.

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  • Donald

    Ray was open, and Rondo refused to get him the ball. This has been happening all season. Ray starts hot and Rondo doesn’t get him involved in the 2nd half. Anytime Ray has a good game it’s either Pierce or KG that is setting him up. Don’t know what Ray did to Rondo but it’s painfully obvious that Rondo doesn’t want to set him up. Also Rondo can’t defend the high screen and that’s were the D starts to breakdown.

  • CFH

    I know it’s New York and all… but I was the glad those Knicks fans in MSG got to see a win last night. They sounded like a great crowd, really urging their team home in the last few minutes.
    Meanwhile, the last time I was at a Celtics game (Houston loss), the person next to me never yelled and clapped twice– once for the Hero Among Us, and once for the cheerleaders. Couldn’t even muster up a reaction when Rondo broke Cousy’s record or during those runs in the 4th quarter and overtime. And judging by the conversation he was having as he left, he wasn’t rooting for the Rockets… The whole section was more or less like that.
    Of course, that’s exactly how interested the Celtics team is in winning, as well. So, it’s a good match.

  • Perry

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say Rondo didn’t want to set up Ray in that final sequence. They flat out didn’t execute a play. There was no spacing between the two and it appeared Rondo couldn’t get the ball to him. Ray would have never had a clean look. It’s one play in a long line of poorly execute ones. That and the lack of rebounding were the storylines.
    I agree with you about Rondo having a subpart night. There’s no reason why he couldn’t have taken that game over, but he played like he didn’t want to.
    Good analogy. I live in NY,and no matter how bad the Knicks are MSG always rocks. I will tell you from experience their are a ton of Celtics fans in those seats. You folks in Boston are second to none as a great sports town’s goes. So as Celtic fans and ticket holders I don’t discount the fact many of you are bored and on the brink of disgust. Me too. But I’m not throwing in the towel. What hurts is they are better than this. This lack of desire is painful to watch because management has done all they could to give us a shot at banner 18. They just don’t seem to be motivated and do the little things it takes to win.

  • Donald

    @ Perry
    Your right and I know I’m overreacting to the situation. However I get so pissed when Ray starts out hot and they go away from him in the second half, and I put that on our PG. Go with what is working. To many times this season this has happened and I don’t know why. Also just a quick side note. One of the first thing taught to you when you first learn the game of basketball is long shot = long rebound. Wondering when they forgot that.

  • Nate

    The Celtics have so many mental and physical problems, but Donald points out one that isn’t discussed enough, which is Rondo’s half-ass defense on the perimeter. Going forward, he’s the one guy on the roster with talent and youth, so we need to see him mature as a leader. Part of that will be improving his defensive habits, including his effort on that end of the floor.

  • Donald

    Could you pleas tell my wife that yes sometimes I’m right.

  • Ray was not open.

  • Perry

    Agreed. I don’t know why a team, which possess 3 guys over 6’10” cannot out board their opponent.
    What happened to Pierce? Used to be he was stout on the boards.
    It’s very frustrating. Their just dogging it in stretches. The focus is just not there for 48 minutes. No one fears them, and their just not good enough right now to bail themselves out when they fall behind. Even when they do mount a run, they can’t get stops. They are yielding way too many points.
    You know, if you watched Rondo last night he just settled for that elbow jumper and never attacked the paint on consistent basis. He turned himself into a jump shooter, and that’s not his strength.