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T-Mobile Recap: I Like Mike


Michael Finley scored 11 of his 14 points in the 4th quarter to lead the Celtics past the Raptors 115-104.

How hot was Finley? So hot, Doc kept Paul Pierce (20 points, 5 assists) on the bench for the final 12 minutes. Ray Allen was also clutch – 10 of his 18 points – came in the 4th.

This game was much closer than the final score. The Raptors led by two at the break, thanks to a 17-point first half by Sonny Weems.

The Celtics turned on the jets in the 2nd half (63 total points). They stretched the lead to double-digits a few times in the 4th quarter, only to have Toronto creep back to within 6 on several occasions. Fortunately for us, Finley nailed clutch baskets to stop any momentum.

Rajon Rondo had 21 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds. Ray Allen Kevin Garnett had 19 points and 1 rebound. One rebound?

KG tweaked his left ankle late in the 2nd quarter. He limped off the court, but returned a few minutes later. Hedu Turkododo suffered a nasal contusion, courtesy of an inadvertent Tony Allen head-butt. He left the court in the 1st quarter and did not return.

Marquis Daniels played 24 seconds in the first half, while Nate Robinson did not see the court. Can I go on record and say I'm not on board with Doc's rotation and he will need both of those guys in the playoffs?

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  • We are fortunate to have 2 of the most gifted shooters in the game on our team in Sugar and Finley. We really needed Mike tonight and he came through. I am also not too keen on Doc playing ‘Quis like he’s JR f’ing Giddens right now. If he doesn’t “trust” him, then fine-give him some minutes to let him prove he’s worthy. But don’t only put him in the game to rest starters for the last 30 seconds of a quarter. WTF man..

  • AMP

    With the disclaimer that I haven’t been able to watch the past two games, I must say that the bench rotation is totally puzzling. I thought the Sheldon thing was personal, and able to overlook it when judging Doc’s coaching abilities. But that was earlier in the season…now, shouldn’t every player get the max minutes that strategy allows? I couldn’t believe the rotation on Sun in the second half…both in maintaining the lead and winning the game.
    Does anyone else feel that Rondo shouldn’t be on the court in a do-or-die situation? As much as I love, love Rondo, his role as a point guard could effectively be taken over by another shooter. In do-or-die situations, all shooters! You never know what will happen, and I wouldn’t mind taking off some stress/responsibility from Pierce or Ray.

  • greenbeand

    tks for the recap. i was fighting w/drunk yankees at fenway and was wondering if the boshless raptors would make it close. good to see the 2nd half stats were favorable…still lots of questions that need to be answred 1) who is going to step up and carry this team?!? sry guys, but the knicks game is still festering

  • JD

    When the score is tied or they are down by 1-2 points, I say let Rondo make a play. But I’d agree that if they need a three pointer, he absolutely should not be on the court, because he’s obviously no threat to the other team.

  • Whatever Ray’s diet is, I want some. Man he is spry.
    Just curious, would you all say the C’s are too tight or too loose?

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’d say there’s no love lost between Doc and the players anymore. There’s been times in the last 2 months where they look like a team that’s given up on the coach.
    Tonites win was against a weak team without Bosh and they still coulda lost. Doesnt look like anyone is having fun out there. Doc’s on the hot seat, especially if they lose in the first round.
    Personally, this season is more frustrating to watch than 07 when they won like 25 games. DA is gonna have his work cut out for him in a big way. Never seen a team deteriorate so fast in such a short period of time, but they did. Props to Ray though for being solid since the deadline, a true professional.

  • KY Celts fan

    Is Doc the new Fitch?

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I agree and it’s something I noticed earlier this season: they don’t have fun playing. You never see a real smile or a power high five, all you see is worried faces and tension all over the place..
    Shelden Williams: why Doc doesn’t play him? The last time he had real minutes, he nailed real shots and real points, but then he disappeared. What’s goin’ on??

  • JK

    I felt earlier this season Doc should have went. The team should have more wins and too many games have been embarassing.
    I for one think Doc has lost control of the players and has lost trust. His coaching (if you can call it that) appears horrendous with poor rotations, except in the final minutes of games I hardly ever see subs based on matchups and his post game interviews have become a joke.
    If I read one more “we just have to get stops” quote I am going to vomit. There is a reason you are not getting stops Doc – be a coach – identify the reason and do something about it.

  • Wow, interesting comparison.

  • Fitch was tough on guys. You think Doc is tough?
    Just checked Fitch’s bio – former Marine Corp drill instructor.