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Rondo named to Hollinger’s All-Defensive team's John Hollinger names his All-Defensive team (Insider access needed) and the runners-up at each position. For the stat geeks, here's the criteria:

From there, I used three techniques to choose the team. First, I looked
at the player's on-court versus off-court point differential at the
defensive end, measured per 100 possessions (hat-tip to for that one). I've included that measure for every
player listed below — the more negative the number, the better. Second,
I looked at a team's defensive efficiency; having an average point
differential for the top-ranked defense (Charlotte) is a very different
feat than doing the same for the worst defense (Toronto).

The only Celtics player to make the team: Rajon Rondo.

First team: Rajon
, Boston (-2.20)

Rondo remains the cream of the crop when it comes to defending the point
guard position in spite of a propensity for gambling that sometimes
drives Boston coach Doc
Rivers crazy. He's the main reason the Celtics are so good at
forcing turnovers, leading the league in steals and using his young legs
to save Boston's aging core from a serious speed disadvantage. As an
added plus, his arms are so long that he can switch to face bigger
guards with relative ease.

While the gambling drives me crazy, Rondo deserves this honor and hopefully he will be recognized on the official NBA defensive team.

Kendrick Perkins did receive honorable mention:

(-3.28) isn't a great shot-blocker, but he's a mean,
physical SOB who plays incredibly tough post defense. If you're going up
, then Perk is the player you want guarding him. A couple
other centers, however, outrank him as help defenders, especially when
it comes to picking up guards on the perimeter.

In another list of the top team defenses, the Celtics finished 3rd behind Charlotte and Orlando.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Rondo gets alot of steals but I’d rather see him stay in front of his man. Guys like Westbrook and Aaron Brooks just blow by him seemingly whenever they want.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Not true RE Brooks. Instead of whenever they want change that to half the time. In Houston Rondo and Nate put the clamps on Brooks. If Rajon did that night in and night out we would have won at least 8 more games this year.

  • Uncle Leo

    Sigh…Hollinger and his insider bullshit.

  • The ball-fake

    As much as I love Rondo, the guy can’t defend the high-screen if his life depended on it, or maybe he could and therien lies the problem?