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Did Rondo Ignore Ray Allen?

Let’s be clear on one thing right off the top: last night’s game should not have come down to a last second desperation three-point attempt for the tie.  The New York Knicks gave up on the 2009-2010 season in 2008 and were playing without several starters (Al Harrington, Wilson Chandler, Tracy McGrady).  When you allow Earl Barron to do his best Willis Reed impersonation and go off for 17 points and 18 rebounds, you shouldn’t expect to win.  Alas, the game unfortunately hinged on a last second play that Doc Rivers drew up for a Ray Allen three point attempt.  So why was Rasheed the one trying to jack it up well after the buzzer sounded at Madison Square Garden?

After the game, Rondo claimed that he didn’t think Ray was open enough and that the Knicks (yes the Knicks!) played solid defense on their play.  Ray Allen disagreed.  He thought he was open enough for Rondo to give him the ball.  Watch the highlight below and judge for yourself (watch at the 0:49 mark)

This isn’t the best highlight to analyze, but it looks like Ray might be correct, for a fraction of a second anyway.

Kevin Garnett sets a perfect screen on Chirs Duhon to allow Ray to get open for that fraction of a second:


Around the 0:51 mark, you can see that Ray is open for about 0.3 seconds, but Danilo Gallinari does a good job of denying him the ball:


Just 0.1 seconds later, Gallinari has closed off the passing angle for Rondo to work with:


One could argue that Rondo could have still made the pass to Ray.  It would have had to been a lob-pass over the tall Gallinari, with Ray being pushed out about 3 feet behind the 3-point line.  This is undoubtedly within Allen’s range, but the lob pass would A) take more time off the clock and B) make Ray catch it high and shoot an unbalanced three over the taller Gallinari, most likely falling away.  Ray is more than capable of making difficult and clutch shots, as evidenced in last year’s playoffs against the Chicago Bulls (just ask Joakim Noah).

Either way, this desperation play was executed horribly.  That’s proved to be consistent however with the way they played for most of that game.  So whose opinion is correct, Rondo or Ray?  I go with Doc: “I thought we absolutely deserved that,’’ Rivers said. “I would have liked to win, but when you play with that kind of focus, you lose basketball games. There’s other games where we just didn’t play well or whatever. Tonight, I was disappointed. It was a tough game to watch throughout. You just see it not being there. Just the defensive lapses. To me that’s just a direct result of focus.’’

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  • Donald

    I’ve been saying this all morning. This has been a problem all season. Ray get’s hot in the 1st half and then Rondo goes away from him for the rest of the game.

  • JD

    He was open for a fraction of a second, but Gallinari was right there and probably could have stolen the ball if Rondo had attempted the pass. I didn’t like the play call from the beginning. Too one dimensional. If the C’s need a three, Rondo doesn’t need to be on the court. Thats a situation where the ball could definitely be in Pierce’s hands cause if Ray wasn’t open, at least Pierce could actually get off a shot that has a chance at going in. Rondo really doesn’t stand much of a chance in that situation.

  • BigMck

    Ray would have been in terrible position to shoot. Against the Bulls, he was coming off a screen right into his shooting motion. Had he caught the pass last night, his only shot would have been a fadeaway from 27 feet.
    Sheed was open. Rondo took too long to make a decision.

  • I agree that it would have been too difficult even for Ray to get a quality look. Sheed was open, albeit the play took too long to develop. By the time Rondo went with Sheed as option #2, the clock had expired unfortunately.

  • First sentence said it all.. the fact we are analyzing this shot is a sorry state. KG had to win in MSG with a buzzer beater, we should have learned that time.
    Because I can’t resist commenting, I go with Rondo on this one and I’ve been defending Ray Ray all season.
    Similar to the Heat game, they threw it into Ray with pressure on him and he lost the ball. Whether it was his bad or tough D is irrelevant, passing into the tight coverage almost lost the game. If Rondo had to lob that pass over Gallinari I don’t think Ray pulls of the shot in time.

  • Well i think still give ot to Ray i had a better feeling in seeing Ray throw a prayer than Sheed….hopefully this is all especulation and not a serious problem between rondo and ray…playoffs are near we gotta play together

  • Uncle Leo

    If, by now, you haven’t noticed the animosity between rondo and ray when they’re on the court then I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Ray and Rondo are good friends and have a great relationship…. I think this is ALL speculation because of a miscommunication on the court and bad execution on the last play. We don’t need to be reading to far into this, Ray and Rondo are fine guys

  • Double P Reppin the B

    and also I would like to add
    This is NOT the first time we have seen Rondo make horrible decisions and panic in late game situations and not even allow his team to get a proper shot off… and you people wonder why we defer to Pierce down the stretch! He’s the money man and should be setting up the plays for Ray who is a clutch shooter

  • Donald

    As much as I respect your opinion (you always have good post’s) I can’t disagree with you more. To many times this year Rondo has gone away from Ray when Ray has the the hot hand. There has to be something to that. Even sometimes at the beginning of games he doesn’t look to get Ray going. Case in point last night. Ray only got going because of KG.

  • Better Call Saul

    Ray throws Rondo under the bus yet again. This is getting old. I’m getting a little sick of Jesus’ me-first attitude. This after he suggested that Rondo wouldn’t be as good if he played on another team that didn’t have starters at all four other positions who could hit shots (after Rondo broke Cousy’s assist record).
    He sounded like was parrotting the idiots on the Cavs and Fakers boards.
    That said, Rondo’s hot-dogging cost the C’s the game. Playtime’s over in two weeks, boys.

  • Better Call Saul

    Ray needs to get over himself.
    Call out Rondo because he missed him on a pass? Fine.
    Let’s call out Ray every time he misses a box out, loses his man on D, or throws a STUPID pass in the open court (the only kind he knows how to throw).
    He’s not Mr. Perfect by far. If he’s not hitting his J’s we’d be better off with Tony in the starting line-up.

  • zippittyay

    I can’t keep but thinking to myself “If only Rondo was a legitimate outside threat, the Celtics would really be championship caliber…” Can you just imagine ANYONE trying to guard Rondo if he possessed a legit up-fake? FORGETABOUTIT. I love Rondo now, but chriminey, take 500 jumpers a day, put him in at the 2-spot, give him the green light to launch it and who cares if it costs us a few games? Whatever it takes, the ends would justify the means.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Awesome point. Start Quisy or Nate at the point. Let Rondo play the 2. Have Ray come in to Sub Rondo/Pierce. Get Rondo running screens and shooting J’s. Once (should?) he get a dependable outside game he’ll be unstoppable. Keeping Ray around will allow him to mentor Rondo.