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Dancer Madness: Ashley advances to Finals

What a semifinal in the Eastern final of our Dancer Madness. Ashley (Celtics) edged out Ashley (Heat) by just 3 votes – 168 to 165.

There was an issue with the Western conference polling yesterday, so let's try this again.

In the West…

Rachel – Warriors



Jacqueline – Clippers


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  • KY Celts fan

    Complete homerism with the East voting. Ashley of the Heat was definitely hotter. But that’s the downside with democracy. For every 9 things the voters get right, they get 1 thing wrong.

  • I also used a new photo of her, which in hindsight, may not have been the best one. The one of her in the bikini was killer.

  • Alex

    Definitely homerism… Ashley from Heat should have won it easily.

  • Robby C

    I legitimately believe Ashley from the Celtics is hotter than the Miami chick, but I have a thing for hot blondes in school girl outfits.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That was a homer move in itself. She was still smoking though. The Conference Finals should have been on separate days like they wound up being and 2-3 pics of each dancer.

  • I thought the same thing.. slanting the pics in favor of Ashley C’s.

  • Lee in Oregon

    at close inspection, neither of these 2 are hot.
    Nice uniforms, Bad helmets.
    for all the plastic that Clipper gal has in her chest, she oughta do something with that nose.

  • I’d take celtics’ Ashley over heat’s anytime…anywhere

  • AP

    I bet Celtics Ashley without all the makeup looks more like a teenage boy.