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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed and Doc make up


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"It happens. It won't be the last time," said Rivers. "As a coach, your
job when a — I call it an emotional hijack — happens, your job is keep
your team focused and you can't focus on the one guy. Then after the
game, the next day, you have a conversation and get that right.
Emotionally, it's not personal. When you have an emotional hijack, you
don't get along with anybody at that moment. I understand that.

"We had a great talk. I didn't seek his apologies, but he said, 'Hey, I
should have controlled myself.' I don't know if that's an apology, but I
didn't ask for him an apology because I didn't need it."

ESPN Boston – Practice Report

Doc's wrong. He deserved an apology from 'Sheed. With that said, Wallace had every right to be pissed off at the officials. Chris Forsberg details the incident:

With 49.9 seconds left in the third quarter, Wallace got irate after
Davis was whistled for a foul against Zydrunas
. It wasn't so much the play on the court that appeared to
irk Wallace, but the fact that referees did nothing a short time before
when James barked at them for not calling a foul on a layup.

After James scored under the basket, he barked at an official about a
non-call, going so far as to slap his own arm and note, "That's my
[expletive] arm," right in front of the Boston bench. The referees did
not assess a technical foul for James' outburst.

Like Sheed, I noticed James' reaction and screamed for a technical foul. It looked as if Lebron wanted the tech (LBJ did have one tech in the game which I think came later in the 4th). This is just another example of the absurd double-standard that exists in the NBA.

On Page 2, Bob Ryan and Larry Bird on Dennis Johnson.

“I played with a lot of great
players,’’ Bird said, “but if I had to play with only one of them it
would have been DJ. I just had a connection with him. The backdoor cuts
and many other things. We never needed any conversation on the court. No
need for talking. He just always knew what we needed.’’

DJ’s résumé includes two championships
with the Celtics and one with the Sonics. It includes nine
selections to the All-Defensive team. It includes five All-Star Game
appearances. It includes the MVP award in the 1979 Finals, when, among
other things, he blocked 14 shots in five games from the guard position.
There have been many great defensive guards, but Dennis Johnson was
the only one I’d ever call destructive.

Globe – DJ was one of a kind

The greatest play I've ever witnessed – Bird's steal vs the Pistons – wouldn't have mattered if DJ didn't make the cut and finish the lay-up. We love ya, DJ.

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(Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)

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  • Alex

    Sheed really should have apologized…
    Oh, by the way, how many techs does a player need to get to be suspended for a game? Completely forgot and I’m too busy with my hw to even search, haha.

  • 16 I think

  • Perry

    I though we learned three important events yesterday that for better or worse will shape the Celt’s season.
    First, the margin of tolerance in the way Sheed’s behavior is judged by his coach is far wider than say Glen Davis. Sheed’s outburst turned momentum in Cleveland’s favor, but he’s living another day. I can’t say I blame Doc. For a guy who possess this much skill, and veteran savvy Sheed is turning out to be the Celt’s Derrick Coleman. How can you bench this guy and not utilize his size and post up game?
    It’s pretty amazing that TA was officially resurrected the day after Easter, We have come full circle. All the years that were spent drafting and trading for Rondo’s caddie, and here we are again. My hunch is we’ll see a Sam/Eddie scenario play out at some point.
    Third, and not as surprising, are the Big 3 acknowledging what many of us already knew. The fortunes of this team rest upon their health and skill set, We’ll have to wait and see if collectively they’re good enough.
    But this public admission will not cut into the egos of Rondo or Perk as some people may think. They’re both veterans and are smart enough to understand legacies are at stake, and this playoff sequence could be their last together as a unit.
    As for Sheed, he’s may not be living in the penthouse. but he’s high enough above Davis or Shelden’s room for comfort to ever be worried
    At least now we have finality pertaining to the rotation. I was curious to see if Doc was ready to go into the playoffs with a grab bag instead of solid 8-9 man substitution pattern. Unlike Pitino that’s mot his style, Only time will tell if they can catch fire and jell. Celts have a lot to prove to themselves, and to us.

  • The single greatest part of this picture: everyone else’s look of disbelief as Sheed runs his mouth at Doc. Look at Pierce, KG, Brian Do, Ty Lue, and Shelden. Utter disbelief. Maybe even ashamed and embarrassed.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ha, exactly what I was going to point out. Paul and Lue’s are especially priceless.

  • cool

    the celts have absolutely nothing to prove… IMHO the “fans” dont deserve a championship this year… most have totally written this team off like they can see into the future… with that said all the boys have to do is play their hearts out in the playoffs and let the cards fall where they may(the refs control the game)… i for one am extremely thankful that management assembled this team… after years of mediocrity they brought home banner 17 amidst immense pressure and since then we’ve been competitive…watching the celts win has made some of the worst time in my life just a little more bearable. GO CELTS!!!

  • BostonChris

    i still got faith that TA will lead us

  • Jason

    “Emotional Hijack” Dibs on the band name.

  • Jason

    Yeah, if there’s ever a reason to bring back the KG Face of the Day, this photo was it. “Oh, no he didn’t”

  • Perry

    I never said the fans deserved a championship although isn’t that end game for the organization, players and the fans?
    Every player wearing a Celtics uniform has something to prove. This organization has always strived for excellence (exception: Gaston ownership). I’m not questioning the core of this team, but they have lost more home games this year than the previous two combined. Any of us could make valid cause/effect arguments as to why, but at the of the day this franchise is judged on winning titles.
    They do have a template to leverage from and they don’t have to look back two years. They were the best team in basketball for the first two months of the season.
    Pierce once said this generation of Celtics couldn’t be compared to their predecessors until they won multiple championships. It’s all about banner 18 or it’s a bust.

  • DRJ

    Doc has no choice but to “forgive and forget” what Sheed did. The team will need Sheed in the playoffs. But if I were Doc, I would not be forgetting. I’d be thinking of ways to get rid of Sheed this summer, whatever it takes.
    Sheed’s behavior was absolutely inexcusable. Not only did he cost his team a point, which could have lost the game, he also argued with and embarrassed his coach on national tv, in the middle of a game. He took a bad situation with the refs and made it much worse. That’s it, it’s over. Sheed must be officially deemed hopeless, and the decision to get rid of him should now be set in stone. He is toxic waste on this team.
    KG’s face, to me, is the most interesting. His eyes are wide open, and he appears to be paying extremely close attention to what’s going on. He senses this is a very serious event. He also seems to be thinking furiously… ‘should I get up now, or hold back?’ He wisely decided to hold back, thus protecting Sheed’s ego and saving his (KG’s) influence for later. I think KG’s instincts in these matters are excellent.

  • Perry

    KG always sits there with that stoic look on his face. It’s like he becomes another person when he’s iced down — except in Gino time.
    You think Larry Brown should be wined and dined this summer? He may be the only one to bite on Sheed’s contract.

  • Lakerhater (FD)

    Great post, I’ve been thinking about what would it take to get rid of sheed since December. I know he was the best available for this season but its only gonna get worse…buy him out if you need to Wyc.

  • mikey

    Awesome move by Sheed. Awesome. I have no idea why people want to blame Sheed for a ref’s mistake and blantant attempt to cheat and ruin another basketball game in Boston.
    What lebron did was embarrassing and you want to use Sheed as a scapegoat. Sheed stood up for what is right and destroyed the refs and garbage cavs, just like Doc destroyed the refs in Utah with the “Oh I’m scared” move which was priceless and very clutch.
    The refs are garbage, the cavs are garbage. Yes Sheed gave the cavs their 15 minutes of fame and momentum. And now it is their last 15 minutes of momentum that they will get this season. Now its all Boston Celtics. Sheed exposed these punks on both sides of the ball. The overly smirky cavs and the lying cheating refs.
    Thank You Rasheed Wallace.

  • Jason