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T-Mobile Recap: The Celtics couldn’t care less


If the Celtics are going to finish the regular season with efforts like this one, Doc might as well sit the starters. And please let us fans know, so we don't subject ourselves to this garbage.

The execution in the final 36 seconds of this game was awful.

Trailing by 1 (102-101 after Danilo Gallinari banked home a deep, straightaway jumper), Paul Pierce drove to the hoop and threw a pin-point pass to Chris Duhon.

The Knicks regained possession with 28 seconds. Inexplicably, the Celtics did not foul. New York did the Celtics a favor and scored with 7.3 seconds left. 

The Cs called timeout and on their final possession… they didn't even get off a shot.

Earl Barron, a guy who spent nearly all year playing for Iowa in the NBDL, torched the Celtics for 17 points, 18 rebounds in 44 minutes.

For those following the soap opera titled "The Rotation," Doc played Nate Robinson 14 mintes (5 points, 2-4 FG) and Marquis Daniels collected another DNP.

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  • JD

    Pierce can’t do anything right at the end of games anymore, after being money for so long. And the defense is failing them instead of being their backbone right now. And that play at the end was just terrible, in every way; terrible play call, terrible execution and a terrible end to another game that the Celtics needed to win (esp. with the Hawks losing).

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Again: shame on these players. Shame on their lack of hustle, heart an will to win. They were just pathetic throughout the whole game. I’m ****** ****ed off.

  • The effort was disgusting. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I get.

  • Art in L.A

    The Final minute of the game tonight is the Celtics season in a nut shell.

  • Cath

    Earth to Doc Rivers: Pierce is no longer clutch. GIVE THE DAMN BALL TO RONDO.

  • greenbeand

    total crap performance.

  • DRJ

    Actually, Doc DID let us know, after the Cavs game, that none of the remaining regular season games mean much to the Cs. Doc said then: “I didn’t put an importance on this game (going in) but once we had that lead and lost that lead, the game became very important.”
    If there was no importance to the Cavs game, there’s CERTAINLY no importance to a Knicks game. (The difference in the standings/seedings, we know, is virtually meaningless.)
    So my solution to these remaining games is not to watch them. I missed this game, and intend to miss them all until the playoffs.

  • KY Celts fan

    Finally, someone with some persective

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Still though, backing themselves into the playoffs after a VERY underwhelming season. On top of that, no fight even for the 3 seed which would be the best position at this point. Just really not the way we want to head into the postseason and really doesn’t get my hopes up for the playoffs.

  • KY Celts fan

    explain how the three seed is any different that the four at this point?

  • Joseph

    You’re going to see the same results in the playoffs. They’re going to lose. HAHAHAHA

  • Turnovers. End of story. This last few games of the season could be ugly. Toronto minus Bosh could be an opportunity to regain some confidence, but after that, the C’s have a bullseye on them. Ya got the Wiz who DEFINITELY want revenge for that Sunday loss a few weeks ago then the Bucks (twice) who are trying to improve their playoff status and have already given us fits. And I hate to say it, but those who keep thinking that some magical transformation is going to happen in the playoffs, think again. If they can’t find motivation (or Doc can’t motivate them) now, it just ain’t happenin’. Too bad-I really had high hopes for this squad last summer.

  • KY Celts fan

    Cuz those Lakers are playing so well!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Bucks (without Bogut) then Orlando
    Miami (playing great) then Cleveland
    need anything more?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    agreed. can’t just turn it on when the playoffs come I don’t know how people think thats gonna happen

  • perry

    I took about an hour to collect my thoughts, and I’ve come to this conclusion. At this point I’m ready to say you’re right about seeding. If they play like this they’re getting bounced in the first round.
    I wish I had your discipline, or at least something better to do with my life because tomorrow night I’ll be back for more. Watching this team is akin to water boarding.
    @Double P Reppin
    Not capitalizing on Atlanta’s loss really hurts, but in the long run it probably won’t matter. Tonight they were out worked, and out hustled by a no name playing on a 10 day contract. Did you or anyone else see that play where Sheed just stood and watched as Baron scrambled for the offensive board?
    This is Sindey Wicks and Curtis Rowe all over again.
    Everyone wearing a Celtic uniform thought they could turn it on when necessary and win the game. It’s a microcosm of how this season is unfolding. They should all be embarrassed by their lack of effort and lack of pride.

  • DRJ

    You guys are both great fans, so please read this:
    You may be right that they can’t just turn it on for the playoffs. Or you may be wrong. We will soon find out. But IT DOESN’T MATTER RIGHT NOW whether you are or aren’t right. Because regardless of what you think, the CELTICS have decided – based on Doc’s own words (quoted earlier) – that they’re not going to attach any importance to these remaining games. So the dye is cast, and that’s that. You might as well tune out, come back for the playoffs… And then we’ll find out whether or not you were right.

  • perry

    @Red’s Army
    I have a new storyline the soap opera titled “The Rotation,”
    Kill Sheed and bring back Leon.

  • KY Celts fan

    1) 5-9 in the East is still too close to call. Every spot can change in the next week. So just because the Bucks are in the 6 seed now, doesn’t mean they will be when the playoffs start.
    2) If we want to make it back to the finals, we’ll have to play both ORL and CLE. Do you really think we have a better chance if we play Orlando first? I see no difference.

  • KY Celts fan

    This is not specifically directed at you, Perry, but you were the one who brought him up:
    Can we PLEASE move past Leon Powe! Players get traded all the time! It’s the business of the NBA. Yes, he was good, but he’s gone and under a new contract. He’s not coming back. Let Him Go!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Thank you for saying this! haha and has anyone seen Leon this year? He’s nowhere near the player we had and most likely won’t be again, same with Posey!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah completely agree, it’s just so hard for me to tune out and come back in the playoffs. This team has me so concerned I need to tune it and be hugely disappointed all over again tomorrow night… haha this should be a long week!

  • jay

    ive been positive through this whole up and down thing, but sunday was a big eye opener for me. i had a flashback. 2 years ago, we would be down 18 or 20 and i wouldnt even sweat it, id think, ok pierce get a couple buckets in a row, ray-ray hits a three or two and kg gets his inside outside game going (not even needing all of these three things to happen at the sam time) but it was just no biggie, i knew we would make our run and we would and did. the roles were reversed on sunday. we were up big and cleveland was playing like dog crap, but they made one run for 4 minutes and were back in it. to me that sums it up, when we won the title, we did that to other people, not they do it to us. if we go down 20 in a game, you may as well just call it ballgame. i am praying we get some spark in the playoffs and they guys can get that defensive swagger back. it was cool when kg and paul and perk talked trash and then dominated people in the lane and no one could score on us. now we look like jokers talking trash, people drive right around us and in the lane and dunk. pierce could guard kobe, for real, he did a pretty good job two years ago, he moved his feet and was mobile, its like they won it all and thought the little things were beneath them. i just pulled out my pierce jersey though and that puppy will be on every night from here until we go down or hoist the title. lets do this!!

  • Pharisee

    At least billy walker was 2-10, you know – on the bright side.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Sunday was euphoria for a Boston sports fan: a Celtics win, the Flakers lost big, and a Red Sox comeback against the hated Yankees. Tonight (Both our teams losing to their New York counterparts)…not so much so.
    That Barron guy was the difference maker there. He’s not there C’s kill them. Sad we let a ten day guy do that. Imagine “the Rotation” soap opera if we had brought in Barron on a ten day contract? How does a 7 footer not get picked up by ANY play off contender? You cannot teach height and at worst he would be six fouls in the East for the two Supermen.


    Just a little levity in a dark hour. I personally don’t think the Celts world is coming apart at the seams because of Sheed. I was poking fun at the soap opera reference because Doc did the exact opposite he told us he would do.
    Sure Leon is gone and not coming back. Why his name comes up in the conversation so much is because he played with heart, and hustled his ass off, That’s really all I want to see whether these games mean something or not. LOL

  • Donald

    Why is no one attacking Rondo for this loss. Ray was 6-9 and lighting it up in the first half and just like previous games he goes away from Ray in the 2nd half. I don;t know what Ray did to Rondo but it’s been painfully obvious Rondo doesn’t look to get Ray involved anymore. Also when was the last time Rondo defended a high screen? That’s been the problem with there D all season. Rondo let’s the dribble penetration (ha ha penetration) happen and then because there D is all about rotating the ball swings to the open man and they get points. Doc said himself the last play was for Ray (Ray even said he was open) and Rondo failed to get him the ball.

  • Shawn-cvd

    And what do you think Baby has been doing for the past six weeks? He busts his ass for loose balls, draws charges and gets O-rebounds.
    The point is we couldn’t go forward with two undersized bigs. As infuriating as you might find Sheed comparing him to Leon is (bad) apples to oranges.