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Boarding ain’t no thang for Baby

Baby thunder

I've always thought that to be a great offensive rebounder, you have to have an intimate knowledge of a teammate's tendencies… a razor sharp mind to make split-second calculations like "oh, he's fading away so if this will go anywhere, it will be short so I'd better get to the front of the rim"… and a slyness to get your body in a place where, once the ball does what you think it will do, you can got get board.

No, apparently none of that is true.  At least not for Glen Davis.

One way I feel I can help the team do that is people say I am a good
offensive rebounder. I just have a knack for the ball. There's really
no art to being an offensive rebounder, just will and possession.
Wherever you're at, you need to be in position. You have to learn to be
in the right place at the right time. I've always been good at going
and getting the ball since I was little.

Oh… well then, never mind. 

Maybe Baby's a rebounding savant.  I'd love to make an argument against his "I just kinda do it" attitude… but I can't argue with the results.  Dude just chomps glass on a regular basis.  It's kind of insane how good he is on the offensive boards.

What he does afterward… that's a different story. 

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  • Chuck

    I believe Red Auerbach once said that some guys like Russel are very scientific about rebounds, and other guys just see the ball and say, “I’m going to get it.” (I think it was in the Larry Bird Winning Basketball video.) Sound like Baby is not the scientific kind.

  • Donald

    I’ve been harping on Davis all season long. Some justified some just out of personal dislike. However I can’t deny he’s been the only consistant rebounder. So if he is going to be on the court then Doc needs to tell him to kick the ball back out and run the offense. He get’s blocked to many times and needs to realize that he’s wasting 2nd chance opportunities.

  • bleedgreen

    Where in there does it say he just does it??? He says you have to be in position which is essentially exactly what you said about making calculations. Baby’s rebounding is a positive thing, why must we always look for a way to make things negative.

  • cmoney

    Except he’s not a very good rebounder. His defensive rebounding is below average for a PF. His offensive rebounding is about average when you account for the fact that he gets about a quarter of his inside shots blocked (according to 82games) and he gathers a lot of those.

  • rebounding is one of a great asset a basketball player I admire…
    timing i guess is playing very important role for this.